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Aloha and welcome to RUSHwahine. Thanks for

Thanks for stopping in.

Women elevating women through education,

encouragement and empowerment is our

mission and we do just that through a

myriad of ways - both virtually and live.

With member benefits like

online mastermind coaching

within a dedicated accountability group

member promotional campaigns

complimentary access

and exclusive events,

We focus on shining the light on you,

assisting in generating

exposure for your business within the

proper platforms

My name is Terra Malia Foti,

founder of RUSHwahine

and my role is to help you

minimize sweat equity

and maximize results for your business

by walking you through

effective strategy

building creative, productive events

for you to grow your reach

and maintain fluid and

active engagement within our community.

Born and raised on the island of O'ahu,

my professional background is in

hotel sales, marketing,

events and real estate.

I worked an amazing destinations like

Las Vegas, Waikoloa on the Big Island

Waikiki on Oahu, traveling the globe

collecting my nuggets along the way

and now I'm able to

build my business on the island of Maui.

In 2013, I was blessed with the

opportunity to venture

into the role of entrepreneurship

and like you, I took the

lead eagerly and gratefully.

As a new business owner I felt great about my

strong suits but despair in all other

areas necessary for my business to

succeed as a whole.

Realizing I not only needed to put

myself out there generate leads,

more importantly,

I needed to learn how to

build a business from the ground up,

gaining a good grasp

on the basics of each discipline

bulletproofing my company so

that I can continue what I love,

living my best life

doing what I do

and being happy

which is ultimately

RUSHwahine's goal for you.

If you're a budding, curious

or savvy Wahine in business

seeking to expand your personal and

professional circles

with women who are

on parallel journeys, get your hustle

and want you to win,

I'm sure we'll be meeting

in the future.

Please keep in touch

and until then,

cheers to your continued success

and face to the sky.


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