Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 「あの子には内緒だよ…?」友だちのお姉ちゃんのあまぁい誘惑?【バイノーラル】

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Hello. Oh it's you.

Did you have plans for today too?

I see. He's not back yet though.

Ah you're exchanging games.


You're just coming and going as you please.

You must be really good friends.

I'm a bit jealous.

Oh it's nothing...

Anyway, did you find the game you're looking for?

You didn't?

Did you look everywhere?

I see...

I wonder...

He usually leaves his games in that box...

Wait a moment.


it could be here.

This right here

is where he hides his favorite stuff.

Dad and mom don't know about this.

But he can't hide it from his big sister.

That kid is so easy to figure out.


This might be it.

What was the game called again?

Yeah it's this one.

Here you go.

It's good we found it.


You're leaving already?

Aren't you going to hang out with him today?

You could just wait for him here.

You can play the game here too you know.

If you just took the game and left without saying anything...

I'm sure he'd be disappointed.

Come on, it's okay. Just make yourself at home.


I have something

I'd like to talk to you about.

No need to panic.

It's not like I'm going to eat you alive.

Come here.


Come on now, it'll be fine.


How is he at school?

He's not in trouble or anything?

I see..

Fine then.

That kid...

You may not know this

but he can be really soft at times.

So I wondered if he is fine in school.

I'm sure he's given you a bunch of trouble as well.

I hope you'll stay friends with him.

He's a good kid.


Unlike my brother

you have been good boy from the start.

Your face is cute too...

I'm sure other kids at school think so too.


So you don't have a girlfriend?

Anyone you like?

That so?

Boys your age really care

more about games than girls then.

I guess you have something in common with my brother.


Let me ask this.

Do you have...

any interest in these?

That expression... not yet huh.

You know, this was in his secret stash I showed before.


There's even more stuff like this.

Which one of these you'd like to see?

I'll let you choose whichever.

Why are you looking away?

There's nothing to be embarrased about.

Boys your age

every one of them has things like these.

That's right.


It's not something you talk about though.

But everyone does it in secret.

Could it be

even someone like you

dont' have these yet?

Nothing wrong with it.

But everyone's leaving you behind on this.

It'll be fine.

These things...

You need to know these these things

if you want to become a fine adult.


You want to become one right?

Well then...

you know...

before he comes home...

Let's take

the first step towards adulthood.

You will be way more adult

than the other kids.


Alright, which one shall we watch?

You see, you can't become a fine adult

if you have no interest in girls.


What are you squirming about?

It's embarrassing?

Seeing girls like this?

I wonder what's so embarrassing though.

I'll show you.

Why seeing these kind of things

make you so restless.


I will teach you

all you need to know.

But remember.

Don't tell him.

This will be our secret.


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