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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Oops, We Gave 'Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch Trust Issues ? | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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are you kidding me my gut was right that time

I'm fine I swear hi I'm Madeline petsch and I'm here playing expensive taste

test with Cosmo the rules are easy they're gonna give me two of one thing

and I have to figure out which one is more expensive before we begin make sure

to subscribe to Cosmo because they make amazing videos like this one I am

attracted to the finer things sometimes but I also love like a good $35 massage

down the street you know

oh man how am I gonna figure this out this is actually I was like I got this

when I walked in here but now I don't think I do okay lets figure out consistencies

here the one on your left is silky a little bit stickier so on that I'm gonna say it's

the one right here the left one noooo that's probably just hurt your ears so bad im so sorry

wow really I mean like I you know that doesnt surprise me at all how could I know the answers that so

I'll take the L thats fine

we've got some lashes here for you I'm gonna Vanna White them for a second

this is gonna be tough because my natural instinct is to go with obviously

the more fluffy ones however I have a trick up my sleeve and I was told the

lashes are particularly hard because I'm not what you would expect so I'm

gonna go opposite of my gut just naturally but I'm gonna feel them first

ooh these ones just feel more rough they feel like they already have mascara on them

I feel like I need to go the opposite of my gut because I was wrong last time. I gonna go with these. Are you kidding me?

gloss lip gloss brown is not a gloss color usually lip gloss let's see how am I gonna try

this one is like very natural smelling like it's got like a

couple different oils in it this one's like fruitier I have

literally no idea I'm not like a lip gloss wearer ooh don't feel strange

that's sticky okay she's a sticky one and she's very matte now

it's like do I go with my gut do I not go with my gut I don't know anymore I'm

very like I don't know I want to win it I'm not gonna win the last one of

these I watched a girl about every single one right I'm gonna go with a

stickier one the pink one take that yes gotcha

we've got some water here and I suspect this will be the most difficult one it's

one like tap water is the idea. trying to poison me. kind of like chlorine but again who knows

with my guts right so I'm just stressed I

I just spit that back on my finger

okay I don't know if this is the more expensive one but the one that I would

drink is this one so I'm hoping that the expensive one and it matches my outfit

face mist I'm so scared of putting things on my face so let's start

with smell some out one is a strange color

smelled you before I know you that smells of something you should be eating

on a hot summer's day it frozen this one's like a popsicle and I'm always

like I always feel like the more natural ones are expensive this popsicle thing

is strange but I'm going to try one more tactic here

I'm gonna go with this one more expensive oh my god this one I thought I was on a roll I thought this was a streak

this one, I should have known the gold

here is a world I know nothing about you guys hair extensions. How do you even like

are these used they smell like hair spray, the wheeze is great

great now this just smells like something you'd get at Spirit Halloween

It also got like black hairs in it, is that normal to have mixed color hairs and

what do you call these. Hair extensions right now though look at this one's sew in

right and once clip right no let's do feel, lets feel them this is luxurious. Lets feel my hair

hair ok , very similar. hmm a little straw like I'm gonna go with the brown ones whoa ok yes having

the hair on my body makes it easier to know how it should feel

now you don't really look like now that I've got a wet hand this should work

fantastically let's see getting that thats a good shot. She is glowing

know they're both pretty great in different ways so again whichever one is

less expensive still fantastic oh my god what if I inhale it it's not exact this

smells like oregano maybe I'm hungry im not sure and this one smells more like

make up I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with this one

I shouldn't jinx myself because I still have a couple more so let's just let's

just keep on going and see what happens I'm sorry it's your entry table cloth

now this is something I know about watch me get it wrong but coffee cold brew to be

exact which is my favorite this one see I told you I know about coffee I would not

recommend this one I do drink Starbucks every day so

that's two vegan leather bags here well I need to know your brand it's certified

vegan which is exciting hardware I think is a really good tell on whether

or not a bag is she urban expressions and some questionable hardware I know

you wanted to zoom in there it is okay and then I've got then holes housing

which sounds hard to get so that gives me a little tip and then it's like very

luxurious feeling but I feel like you could be trying to trick me watch this one be $10

since we'll be 600 I'm gonna go with vanhousen as the expensive one yeah yeah baby that's

how it's done how many did I get right tell me I said

okay did I expect myself to do a better job I think I did but you know you keep

on you fall back down you get back up again they say so I think Mila Mendes

would be incredible at this so I challenged her to expensive taste test

and subscribed to cosmo to see if she doesn't

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