Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Morningstar - Kunal Kapoor

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Morningstar has a deep relationship with Primerica.

We've worked together for many years.

I like to think that we have a shared mission of helping

individuals, and that's why our relationship

is as strong as it is.

Primerica is trying to help individuals

with many of the things that Morningstar cares about,

such as saving for retirement, being a better investor,

thinking about how to respond to financial emergencies.

People are taught that investing is complex,

it's not accessible.

And the reality is that it is.

So, one thing we try to do is make it fun

and we actually do that in many ways with Primerica as well

in the way we think about the solutions

that we bring to market.

Because the reality is, as with other things in life,

you're going to have more success in helping people

hit the goals they want to hit if you actually

make the process somewhat fun for them.

There's many reasons why I'd say that Primerica

is a good partner to work with.

The word that comes to mind right now,

though, is disruptive.

And I know that some people react differently to a word

like disruptive, but I mean it in the most positive way.

Primerica is willing to try things

out, think outside the box, and be a first mover

in many instances.

That's not a quality you often see in the marketplace.

A lot of people are followers by nature,

but we found that with our relationship with Primerica,

they're willing to push the boundaries

and it makes it a really rewarding partnership.

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