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Ylvis, you're back with a new show. The last season was an adventure for you, which brought you out of the country too...

..."Ellen show" and Youtube hits and all that. Are you afraid you raised the hurdles to high, that expectations now are sky high?

- No. - We're expecting it to happen again this year.

We hoping for an adventure which will bring us back to the country again. That will be nice.

You know what. That just happened.

Things like that happen all of a sudden apparantly, and then it will never happen again and all is well aware of that.

- Do you ever get tired of each other? - No. Never. We never get tired of each other.

- Yes. We do get tired of each other. - Yes.

How do you notice that your brother is getting tired of you?

No, I don't think it's like during the day, it's more like overall. We get tired of each other but we're very professional.

We don't hang out together during our spare time.

We've got our strengths and weaknesses. Like I bring the window and Vegard brings the putty and then we build a house.

So you don't hang out together on your spare time?

- No, we rarely do. But we've got kids who are related. - Got kids together, I almost said. At the same kindergarten.

It's a lot of driving them back and forth.

- Do you have any vacation plans this year. - At home.

- Bård is going to Italy. - Calle is staying in Norway, but I'm not telling you why.

- Why are you staying in Norway, Calle? - I'm...

He doesn't need to answer that. I've started to work as his manager.

- You don't need to. - But... but may I ask...

He's getting married.

But can I ask you, Bård and Vegard are spending their vacations in different locations.

But are you spending your holidays with Bård or Vegard?

Do you have to choose? Are you like children from a broken home that you've to choose one of them to spend the summer with?

We've got two weeks with Bård and two weeks with Vegard. It will be nice.

I'm going to Italy with Bård first and ... Where are we going Vegard?

- We're going to Tuscany. - Tuscany. Not Italy.

I've got one week with Magnus. In Middlesbrough. That's where will go.

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