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[SuperM] [Midterm] [The exam starts]

KAI : Okay! I don't even know the right answers to these myself

KAI : so I'll give points according to my own discretion

Okay okay


[Confident] KAI is easy

[Huh?] Easy?

[No~] I'm not that easy to find out about~

Let's start now, guys


[Go go!] Let's start KAI!

[Tiger teacher] If you get lower than 3 points

you will get smacked on the butt

[6th period - KAI section]


Argh oh no I forgot

I failed

His current weight

[Hint] For the Short answer question number 6

There's something I've been doing these days

So I'll be strict on grading it

- [Oh!] Strict? Okay~ - Strict, yes

[Will accept suggestions] For number 8, I'll hear your answers first

[Reason] He doesn't know it himself

[Thinking hard] Argh~ It's a bit hard

This is hard

[Hehe] Write down what he does as soon as he gets up in the morning


[Sad] Argh~ this is hard

[What was it?] KAI's role model?

Me [Me me]

[Hey] Don't say it's you for everything

TAEYONG : I think I heard who KAI's role model was

[Scratching head] So hard

[Is he scared of anything?] What is KAI scared of?

[Sharing the answer] Nothing



[He! He! He! Hehe~]

I'll listen first

to what you said

[Curious] I want to hear first

[Curious] what you guys think of me

[Could he be...] Is he open to any answer?

[Open] I'm an open minded person

[Wide open] I want to be generous with the scores

Great, great

[NO pain] I don't want to feel hurt

after seeing your scores

[Thank you] Okay!

Even for the birthday

[Even for birthday???] I'll go easy on you

My birthday is

[So cool...] whatever you think it is

[Touched] [Wow]

[Rejecting his kindness] No

I know his exact birthday though

[Haha] I do too

It's quite soon

[Yay] [Done with exams]

It's over

- It's over - Oh wait

I'm so curious

[Short answer question1 When is KAI's birthday? 1point] When's my birthday?

[Con! fi! dent!] February 14th

[No!] January 14th

[It's right] February 14


[Sad] You said you knew the exact date

What happened?

[...] [...?] January 14th?

[Answer : January 14th] It's January 14th


- January 14th - [Argh] So close



- January 14th [Answer : January 14th] - February?


It's not February

[Hahahaha] I think LUCAS got the wrong information

[Short answer question2 What's KAI's nickname? 1point] What's my nickname?

- Nini - Nini Nini

[Sorry...] Honestly, I don't know this one


[Okay] I'll say they are both correct

Bear [Answer : Bear / Nini]

Bear and Nini


[?-?] By the way, what's Nini?

- Jongin - It's a twist on Jongin

Jongini turned into Nini [Kim JonginiJonginiNini]

[Got it?] It's a nickname my fans gave me

[Short answer question3 write KAI's real name 1point] My real name

Kim Jongin

[Sparkling sparkling] Kim Join

Kim Jonggin, Kim Jonggin

[???] Correct

[Reason] In English

- [ㅋ-ㅋ] I made my passport - Aha Jongin

[ㅋ-ㅋ] The foreigners called me Kim "Jong-gin" [Hahahaha]

[YOU] "Kim Jong-gin" [Jongyi]

[But still] It's Kim Jongin to be precise

[Short answer question4 What's KAI blood type? 1point] Blood type

- A! - Type A


- Okay [Answer : Type A] - It's type A

[Hehe] It's A, I know this one

[Short answer question5 write KAI's body sizes, 1point, 3points, each] Height

- 180 - 182


184 [Raising hand]

It's 1, 1

I'm so sorry but it's 180, I shrank [His height is free to change]

[Height : 180cm] [Haha] I shrank

[He got shorter!] Yay!


[Got shorter] That's right, it's 180



- 65 - 64

- 67 - 68 68

[... ...] 69

- 63 - Honestly, 65

I tried to keep it at 64

But now I'm 67


- What? - Wait, 67?

Everything from 66 to 68 is correct [Weight : 66~68kg]

[Nice!] Okay okay

[His weight changes freely] It's because it keeps changing

[Okay!] Tell me my shoe size

- 270 - 275

280 [Same answers]

[His shoe size is free] I'll choose one I like

280 [Looking for the shoe size he likes]

[Eliminated] 280 is too big

[Then] 275, 75

[No] 270, 270


[I like your confident] But you are wrong

[Please] 70, 70

[Shoe size : 265~270] It's in between 65 and 70


Nothing else works [Resolute]


[Short answer question6 What's KAI hobby? 1point] Tell me what my hobby is

[Each saying what they want to say]

[Putting things in order] Wait, TEN go first!


Eliminated [Waiting number1]

Grilling meat [Cooking, grilling meat]

Elimi... [Tempting]

[Now is the time] Grilling yummy meat!

Right, right [Answer]

Grilling yummy meat

Good, correct


[Flustered] What?

[Waiting number3] LUCAS, go

Working out



[I'm serious] KAI, learning dances

[Haha] Eliminated

Game, game

[Nope] [It's my turn]

Watching horror movies

[Wow] Correct


But I wrote Lego [Answer : Lego]

- [My friend's business] Lego is for show though - Lego

[Please show more interest] Lego is my hobby

Please remember that

[Short answer question7 KAI's favorite food? 1point] Food, tell me what I like


- Meat - Meat

- Beef - [I got a lot to say] Honestly! KAI

No no, KAI



[????] [Porridge?]

Porridge is my favorite food?

Meat [Answer : Fried chicken]

It's fried chicken

[Huh?] Chicken is meat

I feel so sorry [He feels sorry so much today...]

Meat won't work? [Can't understand this]

It's fried chicken

[By the way] KAI hates meat

[Doesn't get it] Why?


He hates meat

but eats them for protein consumption [It's just a means for an end]

[Right right] I eat it because it's protein

But I wrote meat


[Short answer question8 Food KAI hates the most? 1point] Food, tell me the food


[I know!] Salad!


- [No!] None - It's cucumber

[Food he hates] Food with protein

[I know!] Western food

Greasy food [Blink blink]


[Nom nom] I like eating cucumber so much I eat it with soybean paste

Salad, salad

Oyster, it's oyster [Answer : Oyster]


[Short answer question9 KAI's favorite color? 1point] My favorite color

Black! [He'll bet it all for black]

Brown [Hmm...]

Brown and black [Answer : Brown / black]

- Both answers are correct - Yes

[Short answer question10 KAI's role model? 1point] Role model, who is it?




KAI : I heard what TAEYONG said before

KAI : He said he heard this from me

KAI : But I have no role model

[Awesome!] Wow! I said it! None!

[Very-pleased] Role model

[Question] Can you say yourself?

[Resolute] No, I don't consider myself my role model

No! [= That's not it]

I have none

[Short answer question11 What is KAI scared of? 1point] What am I most scared of?



Bugs, bugs, bugs


[Answer : Mom] I'm most scared by my mom

Ah... [Ah~.... T_T]

[What] Bugs for you! [You are scared of them]

[Hmm] Bugs

[I'm right] Isn't that the correct answer?

[Scared of] [Bug <<<<<<<<< Mom] My mom is scarier

[Short answer question12 Which member's part of Super One] [is KAI most jealous of? 1point] Which part?

[I know] Song

[I know] BAEKHYUN's high notes


[Answer : None] None, I have none

[By the way] I wrote KAI's high notes, is that okay?


I have none

KAI : I think everyone is perfect for their part

[Open-ended question1 write what KAI does] [as soon as he gets up in the morning 2points] What do I do as soon as I get up?

[???] Wear a panty


[Hahaha] Change panties

- Look at the phone, look at the phone - Wear glasses

Change panties [Hahahahahahaha]

[Right?] Cell phone, cell phone

Wearing glasses

I know, deadlift [Deadlift as soon as getting up in the morning]

[Deadlift] [Hahahahaha]

- That's not it - [Reckless] Taking out a diaper

Oh! Wearing contacts?

[Answer : Wearing contacts] I wear contacts

As soon as I wake up

[Hey panty guy] Excuse me

Changing panties.. .

[Hey diaper guy] Taking out a diaper


[In despair] What? Diaper?

Fine let's make it a right answer

[Just kidding Haha] Cell phone, cell phone

Right, cell phone

[No] To see the phone, I must wear contacts

[Open-ended question2 Write what you think] [makes KAI a heart throb 2points] Why am I a heart throb?

Dancing on stage

- [I know] Skin, skin! - Smile, smile

[Talking nonsense] Armpit hair, armpit hair

Cuteness [Kim Jongin is cute] [Cutie]


[Hahahaha] Armpit hair!

[Hahahahahahahahahaha] [Decided] Okay armpit hair

Lie down

[Unnecessary information] It's because his armpit hair

won't grow at the top but only below


[Hahahahaha] Right

I'll make it the correct answer

[Proud] I'm proud of my armpit hair


I wrote body

[Too bad~] You're eliminated then

On stage, on stage [Answer : Skin]

I wrote skin


[Argh T_T] I should've written skin

KAI : Show me the affection level


- Eliminated [TEN got eliminated] - 3 to 5

3 to 5


Why! [TAEYONG is eliminated]

- 1 to 5, 1 to 5 - Eliminated

[LUCAS is eliminated]

Eliminated [BAEKHYUN is eliminated]

- Eliminated [TAEMIN is eliminated] - This

Wow~ Correct

1 to 5?


KAI : It's because when I see people for the first time

KAI : I don't like them or hate them

KAI : Did anyone get 2points?

[Haha] 2points?


[Haha] Isn't it 1?

[2points, come out] Come out and you must fight me

[Pleased] I'm probably 1st place

[So cool] Wow wow wow

[KAI section] Who got 1st place?

- How many points? - 10points

[Good job] Wow great

[Sad] I was close, I got 7points

[Average] I get either 6 or 7 points for everything

KAI : Okay TAEYONG is last


KAI : TAEYONG will come up

[Good luck] I think I know a lot about TAEYONG

[KAI section] [TAEMIN 10points, TEN 5points]

[BAEKHYUN 7points, MARK 6points] [TAEYONG 7points, LUCAS 5points]

TAEYONG : Okay then with permission from myself as the teacher

[Please give permission...] may I go to the bathroom?

[Okay] Run

You may go


[Came back]

- Argh - Okay Okay

[66] I should cheat a bit this time

[7th period - TAEYONG section] Okay then now 2020 TAEYONG section will start


[Cheating even before writing the name]


[Wait] Wow... What was it?

TAEYONG : Okay, guys, 2 minutes left

[Thinking hard]

KAI : What could it be?

[Silent for the first time] [Having fun]

[Sigh... sigh...]

[Wow] It must be hard, I hear sighs

[Tired] It really feels like school right now

[Done] I Got It

- [Done] Good good - Okay

[Okay] Great, let's start right away

Okay, let's go! [Let's Go!]

Sounds good

[Short answer question1 TAEYONG's birthday? 1point] When's my birthday?


[Answer!] July 1st


[Accurate!] It's a day before MARK's birthday

That was close

[Huh?] October?

July 1st [Answer : July 1st]

- [That was close] I said July 7th - [Hehe] BAEKHYUN knew the exact date

[Short answer question2 TAEYONG's nickname? 1point]

- Tyong, Tyong - Tyong, Tyong, Tyong

[Has the same answer] Yong


- Okay - Good

[Answer : Tyong] [I'll score myself too >.<] Correct

[Short answer question3 Write TAEYONG's real name 1point] What's TAEYONG's real name?


[He's our] Lee Taeryong, Lee Taeryong


[Short answer question4 TAEYONG's blood type? 1point] My blood type?


O, O, O

Type O

[Answer : Type O] [What??] It's O?


[Short answer question5 Write TAEYONG's body sizes 1point, 3points each] My height

- 175 - 173

- 174 - 174

[Correct answer] 174

- [What~?] 4? - 174

[Look at this guy] [Hehehehe~]

Please bro, please

174 [Height : 174cm]

- [Think harder] It's 5, it's 5 - 174

[No] It's 5

[Pleased] 5 is correct!

- 5 is correct! - Okay


- 58 - 57

[... Murmur...] 60

58 [Let's say it's correct]

58 is the answer [Weight : 58kg]

[Oh my goodness] You are too skinny

[T_T] Too skinny

[Awkward] He's same as me

Shoe size

[Shoe size] 270

[Shoe size : 270mm] 270 Wow

[Huh?] It's 270?

[Haha] You know me pretty well

[Short answer question6 TAEYONG's hobby? 1point] My hobby is


- [Game or] Rap - Fish, fish

[Writing] Fish, fish

Fish is correct [Answer : Raising fish]

I should've said fish

[That was close] I was going to write that

[Short answer question7 TAEYONG's favorite food? 1point] My favorite food?

[Rapper] Dried sweet potatoes

[Serious] Sweet food

- Bread, bread, bread, bread - Salted mackerel

- [Passionate] Delivery food - [Off the screen] Jellies, jellies, jellies

[Feat. Dried sweet potatoes, sweet food] [Answer : Desserts] Dried sweet potatoes, sweet food, correct

What about salted mackerel?

[Salted mackerel hahaha]

[Sir] How about bread?

[No to bread!]

[Can you see this!!] I know LEE TAEYONG the best!!!!!

[Short answer question8 Food TAEYONG hates the most? 1point] Food he hates

Salted seafood

Salted food, salted food

Beondegi, beondegi

You are all wrong

What is it?

Instant food, instant food [Answer : Instant food]

[Hmm] Wasn't it salted seafood?

You like beondegi?

- [Hahaha] I do hate beondegi though hahaha - [Hahaha] I think TAEMIN

[Right?] writes beondegi whenever he can't think of anything

Beondegi [Haha]

[Short answer question9 TAEYONG's favorite color? 1point] Favorite color?

- Black - Black


Pink is correct [Answer : Pink]

[What~?] Pink?

[Hehe] I remembered it

[Short answer question10 TAEYONG's role model?] Who's my role model?


Me, me


[Hehe] Ah~ It was tempting but it's Lee Sooman

[Answer : Lee Sooman] Lee Sooman?

[I knew it all] I knew it

[Short answer question11 What is TAEYONG scared of? 1point] What am I scared of?


- Ghosts - Loud noise, loud noise


[Cry cry T_T] That is right but

I wrote auntie [Answer : Auntie?]

[Cracking up]

TAEYONG :Okay! I think everyone will get this right

[Short answer question12 Which member's part in Super One] [is TAEYONG most jealous of? 1point] Short answer question number 12

One, BAEKHYUN's part

[Correct!] [Wow~~wow~~~]

- BAEKHYUN - BAEKHYUN's high note

The high note, high note

[Answer : BAEKHYUN's high note] BAEKHYUN's high note is correct


[Song] [Wait] Song is wrong, song is wrong

[Open-ended question1 Write what TAEYONG does as soon as] [he gets up in the morning 2points] What does TAEYONG do in the morning...


[No] Cell phone

[Confident] I know

[Cry cry...] Swim with an underwear

Fish [Startled]

- Fish - Going to the bathroom

[Correct answer] [Answer : Going outside without shoes] No?


LUCAS : How about just fish?

That's correct too


[You can't do that!] Fish doesn't work!

Fish doesn't work

- [Fish] He said it - I did not


[Open-ended question2 Write what you think] [makes KAI a heart throb 2points] Okay, what makes TAEYONG a heart throb?

Honestly, your pinky toe

[Argh] Pinky toe...

[I approve] [Someone save TAEYONG] What?

[I approve] [Be honest] Right? Right?

Honestly this is the correct answer

[Cry cry T_T] He should agree to that

Pink toe is correct

[So] What is it?

What makes you a heart throb?

Eyes, eyes, eyes

[Answer : Eyes / pinky toe] Okay, eyes for me


[Calming down] What's this open-ended question number 3?

[Huh?!] Why didn't you do it?!

[Huh?!] I did it

I did it

Why is it so faint?

It's faint, it's faint

[Jumping] Why so faint?

It's faint, it gets faint in the middle


- It's faint - Okay, okay

I'm looking, I'm looking

Wow~ This is hard

[Passionate] Wow, look how passionate TAEMIN got

The line went all the way there

[His passion] [Hahahahahaha]

[Earned points for his passion] TAEMIN got it right!

What about me?

No, yours didn't go out much

It's too faint

[Let's see] Let me see yours

TAEYONG : I said here check first

- Okay, okay - TAEYONG : I was going to look and decide

[COOL] Did I get it wrong?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

[I admit] You got it right too honestly

- Okay, okay - [Wow!] Did I get it right too then?

- Everyone gets this right - Everyone's correct, everyone's correct

Nice [Everyone got it right]

But be honest, you do swim as soon as you wake up

[What do you mean?] No, I don't

[The best score yet] I got the highest score so far

Wow! [High scores]

I got 7points

[Hahahaha] That pinky toe was legendary

TAEYONG : For the pinky toe,

TAEYONG : if you watch the SuperM reality show,

TAEYONG : you will get the reference

[Focused] I got 1st place

- What did you get? What did you get? - [Best score] I got 14points


That's almost the best ever

[TAEYONG section] [TAEMIN 10points, TEN 7points]

[BAEKHYUN 14points, MARK 12points] [KAI 10points, LUCAS 9points]

Wow but I expected it

[No Haha] Actually I didn't expect it

[Hahaha] You expected it?

[No Haha] I didn't, I didn't

[Feeling insecure] I'm last place, right?

Tell us the scores

[Powerful and bold] I'm last

[He knows it] Right, you are last


[1st place] Who could it be?

[1st place] BAEKHYUN

[1st place] I think it's BAEKHYUN

BAEKHYUN got the highest score

[Humble] No no I'm 2nd place

[1st place] It's right, you are 1st place

[What?] I'm 1st place?

[Nope Haha] BAEKHYUN is 1st place

Wow you... [Argh]

He's the leader of SuperM indeed

[Congratulations, Thank you] [Nice nice]

This look very nice

- So cool - He's the leader of SuperM indeed

So awesome

BAEKHYUN : For the other members,

BAEKHYUN : I kept getting 6 or 7points, or 7 or 8 points

Here's a gift card for Korean pork

Great [Prize : Gift card for Korean pork]


I'm jealous [Congratulatory performance]


- Pork, pork, pork, pork - It's right that the leader gets it

It's because

[He's a good leader] he'll share it with all of us



[Congrats, congrats] BAEKHYUN since you got the Korean pork, please say how you feel

BAEKHYUN : First off, I feel honored to receive the prize

BAEKHYUN : Since I'm the leader of SuperM

- BAEKHYUN : I've looked at every member with more care - I'm proud of you

So cool


BAEKHYUN : I think that was why I did well

BAEKHYUN : in the game

[Feeling icky] But that armpit comment was weird

BAEKHYUN : Actually the armpit hair

BAEKHYUN : KAI's arm pit hair looks very pretty

BAEKHYUN : It only grows at the lower part

[Really?] I'll show you when I get a chance later

BAEKHYUN : Okay so why don't all the members

BAEKHYUN : say something briefly

BAEKHYUN : and let us wrap this all up!


BAEKHYUN : You got to know more about the members, how was it?

How was it?

TAEYONG : It was so much fun

TAEYONG : I've never done

TAEYONG : anything like this before

TAEYONG : It was so much fun

TAEYONG : and it would be nice to do something like this again in the future

TAEYONG : BAEKHYUN, congratulations



TEN : I think I need to get to know

TEN : the other members better now

- It's fine - Now

It's good, we are getting to learn about each other more

- It's fine, we are getting to know more - TEN : We need to take it slow

- Good good - TEN : But now

- TEN : I should make it faster - Right



KAI : I thought I'd get last place

KAI : but it was shocking at I got 2nd place [3rd place]

KAI : I think I got to know the members

KAI : more accurately

KAI : so we should do more things together

- KAI : so there's nothing - [Copy and paste] I did?

KAI : that we don't know about each other

KAI : Anyway, good work today [Taking a bow]


LUCAS : LUCAS got last place

LUCAS : Honestly, I got last place

LUCAS : but it doesn't matter


[Kidding] Nothing matters to him

He's a mean friend

LUCAS : It's fine as long as you treat each other sincerely


- LUCAS : Right? - That's right

[Nodding nodding] Right, right

[Nodding nodding] Right, right

LUCAS : If you do that, this doesn't matter


Sounds good

[Oh!] But it was a bit weird

[for everyone's role model] you wrote yourself as the role model

It's fine

Role model, me [Role model = me]






MARK : First off, it was so fun

MARK : I hope we get to have a lot of fun

MARK : making videos

MARK : like the one for today

- Okay - MARK : Also

MARK : the leader's proving himself as a good leader, I liked it!

- Okay - Okay


TAEMIN : This show was so fun

It was great

TAEMIN : I laughed so much

TAEMIN : Also, it gave me some time

TAEMIN : to look back

- and feel sorry about the members - [Right?] You wrote beondegi too many times

TAEMIN : I didn't know as much as I could

It's fine

TAEMIN : I'll memorize their birthdays at least

- Okay - Great

Anyway, so that's it

BAEKHYUN : for the time getting to know each other more

BAEKHYUN : Everyone, please watch

BAEKHYUN : all the Super M members

BAEKHYUN : grow and learn

BAEKHYUN : There will be more things about SuperM to come



[Final result] [1st place BAEKHYUN 50points] [2nd place MARK 49points]

[3rd place KAI 47points] [4th TAEYONG 36points]

[5th place tied TAEMIN, TEN 35points] [7th place LUCAS 24points]

[SuperM] [Midterm]

The Description of SuperM 중간고사 | SuperM Midterm Exam : ✏️KAI ✏️ TAEYONG