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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 5 FREE Language Learning Resources in 2019

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hello and welcome to real English with

real teachers today I will be giving you

my five best free online language

learning resources of 2019 and if you

stay till the end I will give you a

bonus resource how about that this video

has been sponsored by PDF element by

wondershare but I will tell you about

them later

you're watching English with real


real teachers so number one is called

young glitch it's a website for sentence

examples if you've ever had a word that

you want to learn and you want to know

how to collocate it into the right

structure of the sentence how you want

to use prepositions around it how to

pronounce it even but also maybe even

see the difference between the British

American and Australian versions of how

to use it then this is a great website

so it takes a huge amount of YouTube

data and responds to any keyword that

you put in so if you're learning a word

like fussy this means to be picky to be

difficult to be pleased I am a fussy

eater I don't like most things I am

fussy if you're learning a word like

this you type it in to young glish and

then it will provide you with British

American or Australian as an option and

you could do all if you want and then

you will be given probably about fifty

to a hundred sentence examples with that

key word being shown depends on the word

if it's really really specific it might

struggle but if it is a general word it

is really really powerful so you get to

see these subtitles really clearly and

you get to skip back to the beginning of

the entry or you can even skip to the

next one if you don't like the example

that they're providing you so not only

does it give you subtitles it's

obviously a video so you get to see the

person using it you can then go on to

look at the whole video of that if you

wish but it's a really good way

of giving you examples because it's real

English is being used in the current day

and you can even rewind if you didn't

catch it the first time so young glish

is my go-to sentence example website for

2019 going on to number two this one has

been around for a good few years I

started using it at the beginning of my

language teaching career about five

years ago and it's still providing

really valuable content you've probably

heard of it but I'm going to give you

some extra tips on how to use it really

well for language learning this is Ted

calm Ted if you haven't heard of it is a

website full of presentations or talks

from people who are leaders of their

industry normally it can be more junior

positions but it is certainly people who

are inspiring ideas about their niche

about their area of work now this is

fantastic for general education but it's

also really good for language learners

and because you are learning English I'd

say you have a small advantage over

people who are learning other languages

there is so much content out there that

is spoken or written in English and that

means that you can connect with an idea

that inspires you that in flames

motivation and passion whilst learning

English so if you like to learn about

meteors in space if you like to learn

about the nature in Africa if you like

to learn about politics in New Zealand

then there's probably that for you on so let's go into the features of

the website firstly you get to slow the

speech down if it is too fast for you

you can slow it down and enjoy a more

comfortable speed secondly you've got

subtitles now most websites have

subtitles as an option but because it is

quite a selective website they don't

just allow anyone to upload it is

controlled and they spend

of time on making sure that the not only

the subtitles but the transcripts are

accurate so it's very powerful for a

language learner because if you don't

know a word you'll always be able to see

what the word is in the subtitles or the

transcripts and moving on to those

transcripts there is an option to go

directly to the whole transcript to read

on your own if you just want to do some

reading practice or you could simply

read along as it highlights the line as

as it goes through the speech but I use

it in lessons a lot of the time to read

with a student and paraphrase and to

create conversation throughout the

transcript so transcripts subtitles and

the fact that there is a huge amount of

topics there makes Ted calm my second

choice for online language learning

resources all right on to number three

my third online language learning

resource that is free it does have a

premium version but it definitely has a

free version that is very very capable

is grammarly now I use grammerly even

though I'm a teacher

I'm a native grammerly is your writing

assistant your digital writing assistant

and it helps improve your grammar within

your writing it does spell checking and

it also introduces really smart

suggestions for why you made a mistake

so it started as a web editor but now

it's pretty much available on all

digital devices in all areas as well you

could integrate it into your emails

Facebook Messenger

even your social media posts and

obviously on your Word documents and

anything online so it's covered pretty

much all areas and the app that you can

download onto the desktop has a really

nice user interface that allows you to

go through the mistakes really really

easily and identify why you're making

those mistakes and give you some

suggestions one thing I do want to say

it is a machine so it's not perfect I've

used it many times to point out my

errors and

is definitely correct but occasionally

it will highlight something that is it's

definitely right but as I said for a

language learner it would be really

really useful and it would probably

highlight a lot of your common mistakes

that you can learn from so grammerly is

number three before we go on to number

four I want to say about the sponsor

which is PDF element by wondershare now

I personally get very frustrated with

PDFs in general when they come to me and

I start using the basic editor that I

have I get frustrated I can't edit what

I want and then it often doesn't save

and I lose a lot of time but this one is

really well designed when I went onto it

it felt understandable instantly and I

was able to edit a lot more things and

save time in general so if you get

frustrated with your current editor

check out this one because it could

probably save you a lot of time and

hassle and it'd be a lot more enjoyable

so if you want 50% off hit the link

below and you can enjoy editing PDFs

much more easily okay number four it's

time for number four which is all about


you obviously know that English is not

pronounced how it reads the letters

don't add up they don't make sense god

help me if only there was a website that

had locals recording their voices and

uploading them to a database for you to

search a word and have multiple accents

and dialects at the click of a button

well for vote dot-com for vote is a

website that has exactly that so loads

of people have been uploading their

pronunciation of each word in English

dictionary and it's not just words it's

also phrases and idioms so you could

probably learn quite a few phrases

around each word that you search but

what I really like I love about this one

is that you get to see the exact

location not the address not the

postcode but you get to see the area at

which that person is from so if you type

in a word

you'll be able to see if it's American

or British or other it separates them

nicely and then if you scroll down you

get to see the map and the map shows you

if they're from the north of England if

they're from right in the middle of

London if they're from south down

Cornwall area so you really get to

understand where that person is from and

how that word is pronounced from that

area which is really powerful

considering the variety of accents and

dialects that we have in the UK there's

another feature on this website that I

quite like it's called the events site

and it puts all of the pronounced words

in to correct events that are happening

at the moment so right now I think

there's a Halloween event so you can

learn how to pronounce all of the

vocabulary around Halloween there's also

sporting events and then there's even

pop culture and TV like how to pronounce

Game of Thrones names correctly so

there's a lot in the events section and

finally there's also a for vote travel

app that gives you useful travel phrases

to survive in the country that you're

going to so if you're also learning

another language this would be really

useful for you and it goes into specific

regions like the Basque Country it has

its own specific useful phrases for

traveling to the north of Spain in the

Basque Country so there we go that is

your fourth for vote is your fourth

recommendation from me all right time

for number five we've used it quite a

lot in our channel actually I don't know

if you've noticed but we provide

flashcards for people to revise the

vocabulary from our videos

this is Quizlet Quizlet is an online

flashcard system so you remember those

days where you used to write a word and

then the definition on the back and then

you'd flip that card round and try to

remember remember it there are a couple

of powerful features of Quizlet this is

this is why I like Quizlet so much for

language learners one you can create

your own pack so you can revise for a


by putting in the word that you learn

and then you can define it but they also

include an auto-fill which is not just

like a standard dictionary but it's a

human created definition so if somebody

has also done the same before you and

there are a lot of users on this now it

will autofill with a really memorable

way of learning it you can also add

pictures to the definition to increase

your likelihood of remembering it and if

you're feeling lazy you could type in a

topic like holiday vocabulary and it

will probably have a lot of Quizlet

flashcards already created by other

members because you usually put your set

as public so other people can access it

on their own account so it's got a great

community around it so you can benefit

from that community's hard work by

searching the topic and then downloading

that pack now it's gone further than

just the traditional flip the card over

and see if you remember the definition

it's got the controlled exercises like

that up to multiple choice quizzes and

then all the way to free practice where

you have to type in the definition

yourself and play some crazy interactive

games that allow for variety that

enables you to continue learning in a

fun dynamic way so there we are your

five free online language learning

resources in 2019 I hope you enjoyed

them I hope they were useful for you

because you've got here I'm gonna give

you a bonus one it's unfortunately not

free although it has a trial period but

I really really believe in it and it's

great for listening practice and this is if you're like me and you

like listening to books then audible is

really really good audible is a really

powerful extensive library for you to

choose from and again connect your

passion to language learning and they

also have a feature on the app of

slowing the speed down or speeding it up

so you can get through

the content at your own pace which is

really nice they also have originals

audible originals that give you access

to more content if you have the

membership I would just suggest the

30-day trial it's free and you get one

credit I think and then at the end of

that you can quit but yeah give it a go

for 30 days the link in the description

it is an affiliate link so don't kill me

but I have tens of different books on my

I've used it for years and I think every

language learner could benefit from this

so yeah check out audible and all of the

other five so to recap we have English

for your sentence example for

your listening and reading in the

transcript number three was grammarly so

that helps correct your digital writing

it can't do paper analysis although if

you were listening you could probably

use the OCR technology and then get it

on your computer edit it with PDF

element and then get onto grammerly

number four was for veau that is all

about how to pronounce words and be

specific to the region or the country

and number five was your online

flashcards with Quizlet so there we go

hope you enjoyed that video I know it

was obviously a different type of video

to our standard real English with real

teachers we will be keeping the

conversations going between me and Harry

he will be coming over to Australia soon

and we will be doing our first Australia

residential course and there's also a

link in the description box for you to

sign up to the newsletter letting you

know when we will be doing it and where

it will be all right that's enough from

me for now just remember to like this

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