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Hi guys! It's Sandi and in today's video I'm going to be sharing some of my Nail Art Kit

Essentials. Whether you're new to nail art, or it's a big hobby of yours, it's always

important to keep your polishes and tools organized. You can store all of your stuff

in a train case like this one, in a drawer, or in a decorated shoe box! I really love

to use this train case though because it's really sturdy and great for carrying when

you're travelling to a friend's house.

So obviously, if you're doing nail art, you're going to want to have a variety of different

nail polishes. A top coat and base coat is vital, and after that, it's a good idea to

have at least one of every main color, a metallic gold and silver, some fun glitter polishes,

and also some stripers for creating lines.

Other than the polishes, some other necessities are nail tools. Let me show you what I have

in here. The first thing is a cuticle cutter, but I just use this solely for removing hang

nails for a clean and neat look.

A nail file is always essential for maintaining nail length and switching up your shape.

Nail art brushes are a huge essential for creating your art. Here is a striper brush

for creating lines, I use this fan brush for some nail art techniques and also for brushing

away excess loose glitter, I use this brush for cleaning up around my cuticles with liquid

nail polish remover, and finally this little brush for tiny detailing.

I never cut my cuticles. Instead, I just moisturize them with oil, and then I use a rubber cuticle

pusher to push them back.

Dotting tools! Probably the first nail art tool I recommend to anyone for getting into

nail art. They're just so versatile and used in so many different nail art designs. By

the way, I'll have links and tons of info in the description box below on where you

can find everything shown here in this video.

This is a new find for me--- pointy, slanted tweezers. They're awesome for picking up gems,

studs, and other 3d decorations and placing them on your nails.

A nail clipper. Again, like the nail file, great for maintaining nail length and creating

your perfect nail shape.

Toothpicks are awesome for nail art. You can use them to create so many different designs

in place of dotting tools and even nail art brushes. They're also great for picking up

little nail decorations.

If you want a perfect gradient or ombre nail, makeup sponges are your key to success. My

favorite ones are the porous ones that aren't super smooth. I find they create the best


A buffing block is the way to smooth nails. This little one from Sephora is my favorite

because it works wonders and it's the perfect size for travelling.

It's always a great idea to practice nail art designs before you try them out on your

nails because as cliche as it sounds-- practice makes perfect! And I love to practice nail

art on these plastic nail art wheels.

If you're using a lot of glitter on your nails then you're going to want a quick and effortless

way to remove it that doesn't dry out your cuticles. No Rub by Nail Aid is my favorite

way to do just that! It's found exclusively at Walmart. I did a whole video on this product

so if you'd like to learn more, then just click the little box in the upper right corner

or follow the link in the description box. To use No Rub, all you have to do is dip your

nail into the gel, wait 4 minutes, wipe it off with a paper towel, and then rinse!

One of my favorite ways to decorate my nails right now is with 3d decorations. There are

so many design possibilities with these and they come in thousands of different shapes.

You can stick them to your nails using a top coat, or if you want a much longer wear, you

can use nail glue. I really like this one from KISS because it has a great applicator

for applying the glue to your nail.

Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized is key to having them neat and healthy-looking.

Here are some cuticle oils that are my favorites and one of my all-time favorite hand creams

by OPI.

Next up is clear tape. Like the dotting tools, this is another huge product for creating

nail art. There are so many possibilities from creating lines and shapes, to placing

it around your nails to protect them from polish during certain design techniques such

as marbling and splattering.

And last, but not least, I have a bunch of different stamping plates. These are a great

way to quickly make some fun nail art over your nails. They come in thousands of different

patterns and are easy to use.

And that's it for my Nail Art Kit Essentials! I hope you found this video helpful and dont

forget to check the description box for even more info. Take care and I'll seeya next time!


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