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are you rolling Oh Hola everybody, hola bonitas(sp?) I'm here in Barcelona

welcome to this beautiful wonderful city Barcelona is like literally known as a

gay tourism destination around the world there are so many gay venues here they

have an entire gay travel industry in Barcelona which to me is crazy

I mean London doesn't even really have a gay travel you know industry quite in

the same way I walked past on the way here this entire shop that was just set

up as a gay travel destination it's quite incredible I walked across so many

gay venues there have been rainbows everywhere and it's wonderful to see

this city is so beautiful and it makes me feel so at home it reminds me so much

of California and I think that it is absolutely beautiful so if you are

considering where to travel I highly highly recommend Barcelona here in

Catalonia in Espagne it is fantastic

this is a little bookstore that I found in Barcelona and honestly this is one of

my favorite parts of the entire visit seen an lgbtq+ bookstore in another

country is just an incredible experience it's so cool seeing books that I know

but in other languages and seeing books that are about Spanish lgbtq+ culture

specifically it's one of the coolest things I love seeing international

celebrations of Audi be gq+ experiences because they're often very different

from our own and we often don't take the time to explore other cultures so this

is another third lgbtq+ bookstore I've had the chance to go to outside of the

UK in my Paris vlog last year I also got to cover an lgbtq+ bookstore called

Lemuel bouche I got this really cool Pride bracelet there and it'll

definitely stay with me as one of the highlights of the albeit very brief trip

gracias poor watch for watching ticket gracias

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know my Spanish is terrible my hablo muy poquito espanol necesito

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