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My experience at the MFit Fitness Center has just been wonderful because its the right-sized facility for me.

Theres great equipment here, its always in good working order

and you always have the opportunity to work out on machines that work well for what you are trying to do.

This is a center where people come to work out;

there are all ages, shapes, and sizes

and you can come here without feeling any embarrassment about what level youre at or how you look.

Youre just here to take care of yourself, so its a comfortable place.

They have the weights; they have the mats;

they have the classes that they run for members with no additional charge.

You can usually get your whole workout in

without having to sacrifice some of your valuable time due to overcrowding,

so I think thats really important.

I feel that I can go there and ask any question that I need and receive help.

The MFit fitness center staff are just amazing people.

Theyre all very friendly.

Theyre very focused on safety.

Please do not be afraid, because I could barely get on the floor.

I kind of have to roll to stand up and that can be very embarrassing.

But you can feel safe at MFit.

You do not have to worry about what somebodys going to say.

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