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Oh hi, everyone!

I was just having a tea party with my friends

and coloring in this brand new coloring book.

my mom bought it for me, and she got me a brand new box of crayons.

I started coloring a picture last night

I just have to finish one more thing

Here, I'll show you!

It's a kitty cat with a fruit basket on its head.

That's silly!

All i have left to color is the banana.

Do you know what color a banana is?

That's right! It's yellow.

I should color the banana yellow.

Sometimes I have trouble trying to stay in the lines.

But this coloring book is great because it has really big thick lines

It makes it easier for me to color

There. Perfect!

What do you think?

Hey, I have a great idea!

Why don't you ask your mom if you could color a page?

Then she could put it up like on the refridgerator

And everyone can see how beautiful it is!

You should have your mom take a picture of you with your artwork

and email it to me

I could put it up on my website

I can't wait to see your beautiful pictures

Thanks for coloring with me today, friends.


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