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And for you who think of living from

drawing but don't know where to start

don't know how much to charge these

doubts is natural for those who are starting

to enter this area thinking about winning

some money with drawing is about that

that I want to talk about not responding to

today's subscribers stay there

with the


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little of that and showing the step-by-step

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be a challenge that i will be launching

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I will perform on the live and then I will

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people will have all

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through this video, finally I will talk more

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January, just stay tuned here

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video talking about this live beauty? Good

let's go to Cdie gas's question "Congratulations

for helping us to be like you "

I don't want anyone to be like me

"I would like you to give some tips

how to make the customer buy our

drawings at a fair price or price

fair, here where I live people want

drawings, but only want to pay 20

or 30 reais ", complicated, in Santana at

Bahia well I don't know where you draw,

but I also when I started selling the

my drawings I sold for 10 reais and

I had to draw a lot to be able to come

some money but it's part

of learning is part of the whole

path that who's starting but a

tip I want to give to you who is

starting this is it

is the right place where you show your

design, because the value added to your

drawing is totally linked to the place

where you expose, that is, if you expose

your drawing in the mall the people who

pass through the mall's corridors

and come your drawings are people

different from the people who pass the

city ​​boardwalk 6 hours from

late leaving work tired and that

is not in the mood to see any art,

so it's different, there you will have to

charge a price, at the mall you can

charge another price it happened to me

at the time that I drew on the streets, in

squares I charged the amount, on the boardwalk

I charged another amount and at the mall

look well in a mall I charged a

certain value so let's

put numbers here to get more

easy to understand say in the square

I charged at the time, that's about ten

years ago or more

I charged R $ 100 a

drawing A3 30 for 40 um

simple face R $ 100 rounding

the values ​​just to make it easier to

understand in the square, on the boardwalk I

charged 80 in the square also depends on the

square suddenly if it were in a square where

had an art fair, handicrafts to

people who go there is because they enjoy art,

so theoretically they will value

plus my work I charged R $ 100 in

boardwalk where I was dealing with

people leaving the service, people going

have lunch, people passing by to go

working or leaving work anyway,

the person gets there, sometimes it doesn't even work

importance right what are you

just asking questions like that well

rude "how much do you charge to do this

then "I charged a little less,

because I knew that if I spoke 100 or

the more the person would find expensive ok. When I

went to a mall a certain

mall that bigger mall, that

mall where more people go charging

150/130 depending on the location line

mall where I stayed if I went to

another mall, that other mall

where the people go a little richer,

where parking is paid anyway,

where you have those things you don't have in

shopping where the people go I charged

200, because I know that the power level

acquisitive of those people who

attending that mall will be more

high consequently they value

a little more culture, art and go

also appreciate my work "ah,

but what if my job is not so good? "

first that if your job is not

so good you won't get a space

to exhibit at the mall, because nobody

going to open the doors for someone who has

a job that is not legal, so it is

cool you go through the boardwalk phase,

the street, the square, because there you go

getting the hang of it understand? You

will get there to talk to

people to put their price on

feel what people respond to

in relation to their design will praise themselves,

are going to like it a lot, if you're really going

please when you start making the

orders, however

is an important tip is that before

you start picking up order from

drawings make drawings for you, assemble

a portfolio when you assemble that

portfolio you'll notice if your

work is getting better, sometimes you

starts with the purpose of making ten

drawings to build your portfolio

you do the first today and do it

doing, as it is time consuming work

let's say you take a month there to

finish the tenth drawing when you

finish the tenth drawing you look at the

first and feel that the first is bad

you'll already realize that you have to

improve the level of the drawings as

you are doing, that is, that

first drawing you will already feel like

take it out of the folder and put a better one,

cool because it will show that you

evolved now it's cool to see this

evolution in your designs for you and

not in customers' drawings, because at

you make a drawing today and then

tenth customer that you deliver

the drawing was cool, but the first one

took the drawing that was not so cool,

that is, the

your work people will find that

your work is not good and then the value is

associated not only with the place where you exhibit,

but the quality of work that you

presents, so before thinking about

make money from your work think

to improve your work,

professionalize your work let

something that really makes an impact and not

keep trying to draw skin texture

old people, beard, messy hair,

wrinkled clothes these things that take

a long time and impress but not

bring financial returns, draw faces

easier babies, young people anyway, faces

easier to shade and that you don't

it takes so long and you assemble one

beautiful portfolio and in a short time, or

that is, for you to make money with

drawing is not just about drawing,

but it's being smart to know what

draw and where to show it to

right and so you will achieve a

faster result, another thing that

doesn't work is you being motivated to

show someone your ability the

like "Now I'm going to the street too

I will make a lot of money from it,

because my father doubted that I draw

well now i'm going to show my dad the

so much that I'm drawing well I will win

a lot of money everyone is going to have to me

respect "man it doesn't work like that

then it only works for you to start

angry things and then its no use, its

you better do for yourself, not for

prove anything to anyone, it's because you

like, you like what you do, you do

with dedication, with care and if someone

undervers your job his problem

you don't have to prove anything to

nobody just do your job and already

was it, beauty? Well I think that's it

Cide gas in Santana, Bahia, there

it really is a more difficult region

although Bahia is rich in folklore,

culture and everything else has this side of

suddenly on the streets you will be

reaching people with purchasing power

lower and that suddenly will not value the

your job, but it's also up to you

ask "Is my job

really impressing someone? Why

if not my friend, then it becomes difficult

charge the amount you believe it

worth, then you have to have this

consistency between the quality of work

and what it is worth not only for you,

but the impact it has on people,

big hug you there next

video thanks.