Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jenny Chinchilla

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[Jenny Chinchilla, IEP student]

I am Jenny Chinchilla. I am from El Salvador.

I have improved so much. For example, speaking in public...

... writing also, listening.

So I think these are the skills I have improved.

All my teachers are very kind.

And one of the things I have enjoyed so much...

Here, I have the opportunity to call them by their names...

...not like a teacher or professor, so calling them by their names...

...makes me feel more confident.

The places here I like because they are accessible.

People with disabilities, we can study here.

For example, this desk it doesn't have a standard design.

So people that use wheel chairs, we can use this desk because they have different designs.

The accessibility I have enjoyed so much because this means inclusion.

One of the things I can say to my friends, to my family is that...

Oregon, and Eugene, especially Eugene is a nice place

respects so much the nature, the right space for diversity...

And for the respect of any people.

It's a nice place to learn about other cultures...

because Eugene has people from a lot of places, and a lot of countries of the world.

[American English Institute]

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