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'This story could have happened anywhere...'

'May be in your hometown...'

'Even in your friends circle...'

'Somewhere in Tamil Nadu'

Your proposal is the best we've received so far

Engineers like you go to the US Don't you have such ideas?

A friend of mine went to the US with 2 Suitcases

He's scared of losing his job at any moment

he hasn't even unpacked the 2nd suitcase

These days they are coming all the way here even to sell groceries

Why should we go there?

- That's correct - Not just that

Facebook and Emails are great to be in touch with friends,

It won't work with families

If I go to America, I can't enjoy mom's Coffee

I cannot play with my nieces and nephews

Moreover, there is a lot to do here

I've just started my own company

I need to develop it, provide employment for a lot of people

Ok, sir I will get going


- What time is the flight? - 2 o' clock...

Call me after you land in Chennai

I'll get the approval from the Head Office by then

Ok, Sir Thank you

What is this, such a big scratch on a new car?

Some school kids have done this while the car was parked

- What's that? - Some Strike at a Factory...


- Hello - Mom

Have you left?

My flight's been cancelled The next one is only at 7

Oh! What will you do till then?

I'll reach the airport in 2 hours

I don't know what I'll do

I've made fish gravy for you You'd better eat dinner at home

Don't eat there because the Air Hostess is beautiful

Mom, I am taking an Air India flight

They are likely to be your classmates I'll come home for dinner

Please stop

Reverse the car...

Hey, remember Shanmugam, he studied with us...Yes, him...

What's his hometown called...?

Do you remember?

Isn't it some place with initials?

Yes... T. Vennur... I am near the place

My flight has been cancelled, the next flight is only at 7

I'll go there and check where Shanmugam is now

We haven't heard from him since college

He didn't even come for the Alumni meeting

I'll call you once I see him

Go inside the town

Please stop the car, let's enquire with that boy

Do you know where Shanmugam's house is?

He studied Engineering in Chennai

Hello, kid...


Did you say something?

Sir!!! When are the elections?

The Elections...? Didn't they just get over?

Aren't you an Election officer?


- Give me money for a drink, Sir... - For a Drink...?!

What to do, Sir?

A man like me makes money only during Elections

For the last 3 months, I've become used to Biriyani everyday

They wouldn't have seen so much Biriyani even in Pakistan

And in the evening, we'd get our drinks

I am used to that now

My hands are trembling Sir, please give me some money

I am looking for a person called Shanmugam

Shanmugam!? You'd better meet him fast

He's going to die in my hands

Oh my God! He's a nice boy

A boy...? He's my father, Sir...

He called me a wastrel and threw me out of the house

Oh! I am in search of another Shanmugam

Another one...? That's fine, Sir...

No election... No Biriyani...

Please give me money for a drink

- Wait, I'll give it to you! - Please, Sir, help me

He's a very good man!!! Thank you, Sir!!!

I've got money for a drink!!!!

I think they'll even kill the MLA just to have Elections again

Looks like we're off to a grand start!

This is terrible!! We could have won easily

If a spinner bowls the last over, won't they hit it?

As if they didn't score off the fast bowler?

2 Sixes... 2 Fours...

This is all fixed

They've taken money One guy pretends to hit it...

The other guy pretends to catch it but lets it slip

It's all about money

You talk like you helped them share their booty

As long as fools like you exist, they'll continue being that way

Hello, I am looking for Shanmugam...

He studied Engineering in Chennai...

Who are you?

I studied with him I came this way on work

Can you tell me where his house is...?

Shanmugam is not here...

Is that so? Where is he then?

We don't know that He's not here, please leave...

This village is surrounded by cremation grounds

Outsiders shouldn't stay here this long

Please leave

Get going!

Sir, just follow me...

- Please follow that man - What happened, Sir?

I don't understand

I know of villages only through Director Bharathiraja's films

This is very different Anyway, go ahead

What is this? I only asked about Shanmugam's house

One person is getting angry while another talks about cremation grounds

- Shanmugam is not here now - Where is he then?

No one knows that Even his father doesn't

He was working in one of the factories here

- Is that so? - Yes

He eloped with a girl all of a sudden

What are you saying, Shanmugam...?

Yes, Sir...

He's my cousin You know the caste we belong to, don't you...?


It's all about caste here

Right from our homes, to the Tea Shop, we've been kept away

Are these things followed even today?

Yes, Sir! That's the problem...

The girl Shanmugam eloped with is the daughter...

...of a very important upper caste man

- Who is this man? - Pasupathi...the girl's father...

- When did all this happen? - Around 6 months back...

What about Shanmugam's father?

He's around He's alive that's about it

He worked hard to give him an education

He's the only Engineer in this town

He merely left behind a letter and ran away

Can I meet his Father?

Why do you want to come to our place, Sir?

No, I must to see him...Please...

Please come This is our Colony

Only our caste people live here...

- What's it, Selvi...? - Did you see Pottu anywhere?

He will be around

He hasn't eaten anything since morning

- He'll come! Don't worry - Good day, Sir...

Let's go! This is where Shanmugam was born...

...he grew up here, studied here


- What is it, Maasi? - He was Shanmugam's classmate;

he was passing by and wanted to look him up


- Did you tell him? - I did

Do any of you know where he is?

Should an educated man have done this?

He has lost a place to belong to...

But, I've lost a son...

Why go through all this?

He hasn't even checked to see whether I am alive or dead...

He told me he was working a night shift at the factory

and that he'd be back in the morning...

But, I just got a letter the next morning...

I didn't know what to do...

When I knew who he'd eloped with, I trembled

This place has seen huge caste clashes 7 years back

Fearing another one because of my son, I rushed to the Police with that letter

The Inspector kicked me on my chest with his shoes on

It was that good man, Pasupathi, who saved me

I fell at his feet and asked him what I should do

He said he'd forget he had a daughter and told me to forget my son as well...

But I have not been able to

He was 2 when his mother died

What did I not do for him?

Being a man I couldn't nurse him, I gave him everything else...

- Son, can you do me a favor...? - Tell me, father...

Please find my son for me He needn't even come here

I'll be happy knowing he is fine somewhere

I beg of you, find my son for me

I will surely do whatever I can

He hasn't committed a crime to live in hiding like this

He would have told one of our friends about something

I'll ask them! Please be brave...

Uncle, he is says he'll do his best! Don't cry

See...this is why I've lost respect for Shanmugam

He's an irresponsible guy

Wouldn't he know the repercussions this village will face?

He has seen everything that happened here 7 years back...

- Wonder what education does for them!! - What happened 7 years back?

It was something very lame

It started because of a Statue, it got politicized

They ransacked our houses and killed people

Nearly 15 people were killed They set huts on fire...

Selvi, the girl you saw now, her father died because of that

Damn! Do such places still exist?

Many of them! That's how it is here

As you say, Shanmugam hasn't done anything illegal...

But, being born in a lower caste is a mistake in itself

You'd know that pain only if you experience it

I came here to see Shanmugam I've seen every other thing but him

Shanmugam is a nice guy No one expected him to do this

He has not even told...

What's up Siddhar? Have you downed drinks already?

He is our guest Don't scare him

Go away...

His name is Siddhar He sings very well

He is a fortune-teller

He can look at a person's face and predict his future in a song

Fine, Maasi! I'll leave

If you get to know anything about Shanmugam, give me a call

- Yes, Sir... - This is my number

"There lies a village..."

"Its fields wear green..."

"Where men live in fear..."

"There lies a village..."

"Look at the stiff ridge built in those hearts..."

"Who is the one that divided Men based on their birth?"

"I wonder who!"

"There lies a village..."

"Its fields wear green..."

"Where men live in fear..."

"There lies a village..."


I can't believe Shanmugam did this

Yes, buddy I can't believe it either

I was shocked

Where could he have gone?

Should we check if he has informed any of our classmates?

I've been doing that since yesterday No one seems to know

Let it be! He's probably scared of the people back home...

...and hence hiding somewhere He'll be back after some time

Those villages aren't as simple as you imagine them to be

It's all about caste

Tea shops have 2 different sets of glasses

People from lower castes have to stand outside and drink Tea

Shanmugam can't even dream of getting back even after several years

Even if he does, they'll kill him

I feel sad for the old man

Venky, I am thinking of going back there

- Will you come along? - Why?

Let's go there and enquire

What's the point? You say he can't come back

This is for his father Poor old man!

He was about to fall at my feet

I was moved to tears I couldn't sleep

I feel bad too But, what can we do?

Let's try

I am sure Shanmugam has some friends there, let's ask them

We'll find out where he is and tell his father

I will be happy to see a smile on his face

Not just that, it is terrible to be treated like an outcaste at that age

Look at us! We are carefree, happy with our life at home,

...our jobs and our weekend parties

We must do something

We must find Shanmugam and if possible, get his father across to him

It looks like it will take 6 months to get back

No way! It will take a week at best

- Think of it as a Picnic - Is this even a Picnic?

But, yes, the place is breathtakingly beautiful

You've been bathing in a bathroom so far,

but there, you can bathe in a river

Fine, you are not going to let me refuse! Let's go

'One week later'

Hey, old man, how much longer are you going to read that Paper?

He isn't reading

It has Ileana's picture in there

He's been looking at that since morning

He's a step away from his grave, but there's no stopping his desires

Everyone's has to go to the grave

The world's nearing its end

The End began when Man started moving away from Nature

Man is the only creature that wears slippers,

goes to the Doctor when he is not well

Does a Bear wear slippers? Does a monkey visit a Doctor?

Or does it drink free Tea like all of you?

- Hello, Maasi!! - Sir!!

Why is he still loitering around?

What are you doing here? Did you come here on work?

Yes, about Shanmugam This is my friend, Venky

Hello, sir

Maasi, we need a place to stay...

- Over here...? - Yes

You have to go to the neighboring Town even if you need a reasonably good place

We don't want that, we want a scenic and breezy place

Show us the place... we'll take care of the rest...

So, you've come back I knew you would

Wow! You managed to fleece him!!

Get lost, you pauper!!!

Did you see that?

He begs in English but abuses me in chaste Tamil

However long it takes, I won't die without knowing the truth

The boy who stuck posters for me can betray me,

...but can you - my wife, betray me?

You better know this

I swear! I will not rest until I know the truth

You can fling anything at me, you can try

Who is this man, Maasi?

His name is 'Single Vote' Subbaiah...

He contested the Panchayat Elections last time

He got just one vote

All right, but what's his problem with that now?

He wants to know who his wife voted for...

That's fair

His wife says she voted for him only

She says it was he who got drunk and caste an invalid vote

This is a routine problem between them

Why are you bringing us through the woods?

- It's a short cut - Stop the car

What happened, Sir?

Sir, why did you stop the car here?

Not here, Sir

Let's stop a little further away from here

We're not looking for a shooting spot

Oh, my!! This is an unsafe place

I took this route, only because it's still day

I wouldn't have, had this been night...


Can you see a temple in ruins there...?

They say Chandramukhi haunts this place post 6 in the evening...

I've only heard of a temple for Khushboo, there a temple for Jothika as well?

- I haven't heard... - Stop kidding, Sir

A lady hung herself there many years back

They say her spirit haunts the place...

This place is called the haunted temple

Do you believe this...?

The whole town believes it Why should we risk it?

I'll show you a place that is much better

Let's go, please...

Hang on, Maasi We'll click a photograph

We'll find another place, Sir...

You said she comes after 6, we still have time

Oh! My god!!! I can hear the sound of anklets

That's the jingle of coins in your pocket

Please don't fool around, Sir

Why can't people jump into lakes or rivers to commit suicide,

...why choose temples?

It's not like rivers or lakes have water now

Wonder what her hurry was

Which deity did you have at this temple?

Can't be some fancy goddess, it is obviously a burly village deity!

She could've changed her location at least after turning into a Spirit

Has anyone seen that spirit?

Maasi, you said no one comes here

Look there

That's our Pottu... Hey Pottu... Go!!

Who is he?

I asked him for directions when I came here the first time

He just kept staring vaguely without replying to me

He's a boy from our Colony, Sir... His name is Pottu Kannan

Didn't you meet Selvi that day, it's her younger brother?

He's mentally challenged She is the one taking care of him

- What does that girl do? - She works in Pasupathi's house

A lot of people in our colony work for him

At home, at the rice mill, in the fields...

Please, let's go

Fine, let's go, he might cry

Silly people!!

What is a dead person going to do you?

You must be brave! Look at me!

Sir, these are boys from our Colony, please stop

Catch them

Kill them

Who are you? Why are you beating them?

Hey!! Let them go!!

Don't do Let them go


Get lost!

Who are all of them?

What happened? Who are they?

We went to Town to watch a movie

They were seated next to us and were saying things about us

While getting out during the interval, he accidentally stamped on his toes...

They immediately hurled abuses at us citing our caste

He also shouted back at them

They got out saying they won't sit next to us

That made them come back and beat us up

What the hell is this?

Will they beat up people for a mere accident?

We'd only heard of these things Now, we're seeing this first hand

Anyway, take them...

Maasi, should we go to the Police?

Not necessary These things happen here

If we make a big deal of it, it'll only get worse

Let's leave this as it is

Take them

Let's go


All our text books have a foreword that says 'Untouchability is a sin'...

Untouchability is not a sin, touching us is

It's fine if they don't touch us

Touching us while beating us up...

...or while raping our women is no sin, I guess

Does that happen as well?

A lot! I can tell you what happened to Selvi

Some men took her away and raped her

They had attacked her like rabid dogs

The poor girl, she was hospitalized for 2 months

This will never change

These problems follow us from our cradle to our grave

Welcome to T Vennur!!

But this is out in the open... How will you...

We have come prepared for all of this

Wow... The air is so pure... we can't find this in Chennai...!

Sir, don't find fault with Chennai...

I was wondering if you belonged to this place

- You seem to have a Chennai accent - Yes, Sir! I'm from Chennai

I ran away from here when I was 10 years old...

- Sounds like an interesting flashback - Nothing great!

When I was in school one day, the Teacher abused me citing my caste

I whacked him on the head with the writing Slate

He fell I got scared thinking he was dead

I ran away and managed to reach Chennai without a ticket

My god! Without a ticket!!

With not a penny in hand, I landed there as a 10 year old boy

Chennai took care of me like a Mother

For 30 years, I lived the life of a King

In all those years not one person asked me what my caste was

That's so true

What a life that was

I would eat at Hotels, leave a tip and keep going...

But here I can't even enter a small Tea Shop...

In my life, it's Chennai first and my mother only next

How poetic!!

This is super!! Even better than my house!!

- What's going on there? - I don't know

Are they playing a game of Rummy?

We can never trust these guys, don't go too close

Sir...There's been an accident

It was a hit and run...

Can we please go to the hospital in your car...?

Oh yes... hurry up... quick...

Brother... Hurry...

Hurry! Come on!

Be careful! Come!

Hey! Go and open the door

Be careful...

Start the car, sir...

Be careful

- Thank you very much, Sir - It's fine...

Is this what they call a Hospital?

Hey... look at him!

Good Morning! You're dressed well!!

This is nothing I used to be better dressed in Chennai

That's a place where even torn things are in vogue!

Am I ok, Sir?

Yes, but why don't you wear shoes as well?

Come on! It's only now we've been allowed to wear slippers

If I were dressed like this earlier, they'd whip me

I thought you'll come to the Colony, why did you ask to meet here?

Oh! That! Something unexpected happened

- Anyway, let's go - Where to?

You must understand something...

We can look for someone who is missing...

Not for someone who has run away, he'll keep running...

I am suspicious because he hasn't contacted anyone for the last 6 months

What do you want me to do? The boy and girl are majors...

They have each written a letter and gone away

Look at this...

This is what the boy wrote... This is what the girl wrote...

Both families have said there is no need to look for them and to leave it at that

Can I get a copy of the letter, sir?

For what?

You come from a place where you can even demand for a free pizza if it's late

You won't understand all this

These are very sensitive issues

A small spark can set off a huge fire

You'd better go back That's best even for you

- No, Sir... that's... - You may leave...

He is grumpy

He will hit us even if we go there to file a complaint

Does Pasupathi have only one daughter?

He has a son as well His name is Saravanan

He's married and has a child

Tell me the way to Pasupathi's house

Selvi, you never take notice of me

See you

Good day, Mam

We've come from Chennai We want to see Mr.Pasupathi

Please come

Come in

Good day, sir

Sit down

My name is Arjun He is Venky

We're from Chennai We studied with Shanmugam

- Tell me - We came in search of Shanmugam

What do you want us to do?

- We heard some things... - Look here...

Saravana, wait...

What you heard is true

Each family will have its honor to uphold...

We treasure it as much as our ancestral riches

Respectable families like ours are sometimes...

...subjected to humiliations like this

Women throw away strands of hair that fall off while combing,

they don't try fixing it

Similarly, as long as the girl is a part of the family, she commands respect...

If she runs away, that's the end of it

Didn't you search for them?

Yes, we are searching...

For our honor...

Not for the disgrace that was once our family

But, it's been six months

We're telling you we don't know anything...

This is something that is done and over with...

Please don't restart it

If you keep enquiring about this in town, will lead to unrequired problems

We are just recovering from that shameful incident

Please understand...

We'll take your leave...

The older man is a very nice person His son is a little hot tempered...

- That is why I was a little scared... - Who was the other man?

That's Pazhani! He is the right hand man for both, father and son

Pazhani's father was very close to Pasupathi

Even when Pazhani was a little boy, his parents passed away

Ever since, Pasupathi has brought him up in their house

He is like family to them

There seem to be several stories within a family

If you add a widowed mother to this plot, will be a stereotypical family drama

Isn't anyone else in town talking about this problem?

There is a man called Soundarapandian in the neighboring town

He is a Trade Union leader Whenever we face a problem, we seek his help

You know his house, don't you?

You've grown up in a City You will find these things shocking

Things have changed a little these days

Earlier, it was an unwritten rule that people... the Colony should not have male dogs

Because, those dogs would possibly mate with the female dogs... the Upper Caste streets

They have 2 castes even within their colony

They fight with each other claiming one is superior to the other

They won't marry someone from the other community

Isn't that true?

Despite all this, thanks to the quota system...

...or because of their own hard work

Some of them have managed to do well and become IAS or IPS officers

But they don't acknowledge their backgrounds...

...or the communities they came from

It's only the people who are in Politics who mention their caste

Democracy is merely a lip service

It's funny to see slaves celebrate Independence

How did you get hurt?

One night, when I was coming back home on a Scooter,

...a truck dashed into me and sped by

I am glad I was spared with just this

Was this an accident or...

I have my doubts as well

We union leaders have more enemies than friends

This is quite a routine thing in our lives

Hey, the 'cow girl'...

This is my daughter Yazhini...

We're the ones who... the the morning...

The calf has been admitted

Oh! Thank you very much You came at the right time

Guess you've met earlier

There was a calf that got hurt in an accident

I sent it to the Hospital in their car

Oh... She has studied Law...

She works with a big lawyer as his junior

Just when she decided to start her own practice, this happened to me...

She has stayed back to take care of me

- Will you have Coffee? - No, it's fine

Dad, why you didn't have your milk?

I slept off

I woke up and saw It has become very chill

Why do you behave like a kid?


This man Pasupathi from Vennur village...

They've come here about that incident with his daughter...

They studied with Shanmugam

They've come from Chennai to find out the whereabouts of Shanmugam

Rajeshwari studied in my school Shanmugam studied his +2 there

But none of us bothered about them

I just happened to come here 15 days ago

When I met Shanmugam's dad,

...he broke down asking me to help find his son

I thought I should do something for him

I enquired with my friends in Chennai No one knew anything

I came back with hope that I'd be able to find out something

I realized we couldn't count on the local Police

Can't we move the Court asking them to find Shanmugam?

Isn't there a term for it?

- Habeas Corpus... - Yes, that!

We cannot file for that Shanmugam's father can...

No! That will be a disaster!

If I get to know anything about Shanmugam,

I'll inform his father and get going

You can count on me for help

Thank you so much We'll leave now

Fine, see you

- I've always had this doubt - What is it?

To become a lawyer, is it enough to merely buy these books...

...or do you have to read them as well?

You spoke to your father in some other language...


My mother's Bengali my dad worked in Calcutta when he was younger

He fell in love with mom and married her

He is quite a man!!

He made time for love amidst all these protests

If you get any information, do call me This is my card

Bye, madam

Don't get me wrong I really like Coffee...

When you offered Coffee today, he refused...

If we are here the next time, please give us Coffee without asking us...

Certainly! I will cook a meal for you...

What happened?

Where is my daughter?

Even if she was dead, we could've done her last rites and moved on...

I don't know where she is or how she's doing

I am not asking you to forgive her or bring her back

Just tell me where she is

Other people are looking for her

Can I not know where my daughter is?

What do you want me to do?

Your bore this sin for a mere 10 months...

But, I have to bear this disgrace all my life

Even our future generations will have to bear this ugly stain

You have me to lean on and cry...

Who do I have?

Hey, Venky, this girl, Yazhini...

Who... that 'Cow girl'...?

His father has a beautiful name for her

What about her?

Isn't she brilliant?

Don't even go there, buddy,

...else I might have to camp in some other place looking of you

- Come on, what did I say? - This is how it all starts

Get lost!!

That old lady looks familiar

She must be your Facebook friend!

Should I ask her?

Hey, Pottu, what are you doing here?

Show me that Let me have a look

Look at this...

That's me and this is you...

He has drawn it in such detail


He is possibly Autistic

Hey! Look at this...

When I came here the first time, I'd asked him for directions

He has drawn that

He has even drawn the scratch on the car

You draw very well

We should consult a good doctor for him

We are starving ourselves... All we need now is a guest!!!

Hey! That's the 'Cow Girl'!!!

Ok!!! Lawyer!!

- Wow! A surprise visit! - Are any animals hurt?

Oh, no! I came to see where you live

Did you pitch this tent by yourself?

Yes, learnt it from NCC and Boy Scouts

I do this quite often

Oh, yes! If only he had a Lion or a Bear with him,

...he could well run a Circus!

That would mean trouble with the Blue Cross

That's why I have just him

- I've bought some food for you... - That's not really necessary...


I thought we should enquire about Shanmugam in a few more places

The Idly and Coconut Chutney!

We'll leave after you've eaten

'Registrar's Office'

Is that so? Did you check it thoroughly...?

There is no wedding that has been registered... the names of Shanmugam and Rajeshwari

Can we find out if they have registered their marriage... some other place in Tamil Nadu?

That's very difficult The system is not fully computerized

We use hand written Registers in several places

- That will take a lot of time... - It's all right if it takes time

This information will be very useful to us

Ok, I'll try...

See you...

Am sure you'd know This involves a VIP's family

Deal with this carefully...

Did you get to know anything?

Sir, one minute!

Can you see that man in a black Shirt?

That is Lakshmanan

They were supposed to get Rajeshwari married to him

He belongs to the same place He is also related to Pasupathi

But because the wedding got stalled, Saravanan and he got into a fight

The families don't talk to each other anymore

Even I live around here, how come I'm not aware of these things

You have better things to do

Let's go!

Thanks to you, my long pending wish has come true

What's that?

I've always wanted to be driven around town in a car

That has happened...

Just that I don't have a pair of Sun Glasses like these

If I did, I'd be on cloud nine!!

Is that all? Take this

- Super, buddy! - You look superb, Maasi

Sir, please stop the car

Can you see Siddhar there... He seems to be in a great mood

Let's go

"He made a ball filled with mud and placed a dot on it"

"And on that dot he put you and me and made it go around"

"He made a ball filled with mud and placed a dot on it"

"And on that dot he put you and me and made it go around"

"For life to blossom, he poured water..."

"For our hair to flutter, he threw in a little air..."

"To pass his time, He created them"

"But they created God and confused even Him"

"The Future is a preset equation"

"Whoever tries to change it will become mad at best"

"The Future is a preset equation"

"Whoever tries to change it will become mad at best"

"He made a ball filled with mud and placed a dot on it"

"And on that dot he put you and me and made it go around"

"You saw him and asked who he was"

"There's no lid to his heart!"

"He seems to be wandering, searching for something!"

"He shouldn't be here, yet he builds a tent"

"He has never seen the world, yet he plays blind-folded"

"He has a job to do and he is aware of it"

"The perfect match for him is right here in this town"

"The Future is a preset equation"

"Whoever tries to change it will become mad at best"

"The Future is a preset equation"

"Whoever tries to change it will become mad at best"

"Did you see that girl, did you hear her story?"

"Fair skinned, she glitters and radiates beauty all around,"

"When she dons Black, she does lie a bit"

"She's unafraid, will pounce like a Lioness"

"And for true love, she will lean towards the truth"

"Who has the guts here, to profess his love for her?"

"A brave young man has come here to do just that"

"The Future is a preset equation"

"Whoever tries to change it will become mad at best"

"The Future is a preset equation"

"Whoever tries to change it will become mad at best"

Please take this, Thank you very much

I don't want it You can keep it

Is it because I've worn it?

No way!

I gave it to you because you liked it, but, you're embarrassing me

I was kidding, don't get angry

- Look at this - Let's get going

Yes, I am very hungry

I can smell some tasty fish gravy!!

Selvi sent that to me

Won't you invite us to eat with you?

Son, how will you eat at our house?

If you say such things, we will insist on eating here

- What say, Venky? - Of course!

- Sir, aren't you a vegetarian? - Did I tell you that?

Why does everything look dim?

Take off those glasses!!

Be careful

You can't see clearly, you might spill things

Your vision seems very strained, can't you wear glasses?

They're broken I have to get them repaired

Selvi, haven't you taken your brother to any Doctor?

We have

There's nothing that can be done He stays aloof

He sleeps at the Temple at night, and comes back promptly in the morning

I was scared initially, but I got used to it

Siddhar said he is God's child and that nothing will happen to him

He says he is the Guardian Angel of the village

We stopped worrying about him after that

Is this a sea flower or fresh water flower...?

He's asking you if this is fish from the sea or from fresh water...

You seem to be on a roll, Sir!

Did you know that in West Bengal, fish is considered vegetarian?

They call it an 'aqua flower'

- Really? - You can check with her

I started eating fish...

...only after watching Sivaji in the film 'Mudhal Mariyadhai'

Right! And after watching a Raj Kiran film, he started eating meat...

Please eat... it's been ages since we heard laughter in this house

It is Shanmugam's birthday today...

Karupasamy, check on the water

The boys who came that day...

They've enquired at the Registrar's office today

Registrar's office?

To check if any wedding has been registered...

They've done this despite us talking to them

They're just some young boys searching for their friend

- Let them be - How can we, dad?

Our names will be brought up as well They're digging up the past

Do our words have no value then?

Soundarapandian's daughter has gone along with them

Tell our guys to whack them and chase them away from here

Hey!! Why do you want to do all this?

They will look around; they'll leave when they find there's nothing

That's not the point, Dad...

Saravana, don't do anything hasty and help them dig up things

Don't you dare do anything against my orders!

Get to work

Instead of searching for Shanmugam,

...we might as well search for a coal or a petrol reserve

It will at least serve the country

Wonder how he managed to hide his love story in such a small village

He'd never speak to the girls in class

Rajeshwari would hardly speak to anyone herself

She was close only to her brother's wife

Wonder where they met...? How did they fall in love?

You only need petty reasons to fall in our out of love...

Writer Jeyakanthan has said this

Love, according to me, is the highest form of selfishness

Once you're struck by the damn thing, you forget everything else

I am Rajeshwari's friend I want to talk to you...

Please come in...

I study in Coimbatore...

Last June, I'd come home for my holidays and was taking a bus back

It was 8 at night The bus stand was crowded

The bus ahead of us was leaving to Chennai...

I saw Shanmugam rushing into the Bus Stand

A girl ran in right after him

Her face was covered with a Dupatta

And suddenly when her Dupatta moved, I could see her face, it was Rajeshwari

The two got into the bus in a hurry

Before I could make sense of anything, my bus started moving

Only later did I hear about all that happened

I didn't want any trouble, so I didn't tell anyone about this

A friend told me you were enquiring about them now

That's why I came here to tell you...

We are looking for him here, but it looks like he is in Chennai...

- What are you doing? - Making Chappathis...

I've got interesting information...

Tell me...

You were wondering where the two would meet and where they fell in love...

They apparently met at the Library

Oh! That's why one must read books...

Why? Don't you read books?

Not as much as you do

How do you know I read a lot?

Didn't you speak about Jeyakanthan...

Petty reasons can make one fall in love or out of it...

Isn't that true?

I haven't thought about it so far, but now I think it is true

Petty reasons can either cook or ruin Chappathis...

I am sorry!!

I'll make another one

What is this? You guys are educated

I thought you would understand what we were saying...

You've gone to the Registrar office to enquire...

Not just that, you've been checking with several other people

Nothing ever happens here without our knowledge, it's not too late

You'd better vacate this tent and get back to your homes right away...

We're just trying to find our friend, that's all...

But you're also looking for our girl along with him

Each time you mention her name, people from our caste are getting angry...

If there is some kind of a flare-up tomorrow,

...the entire colony will get wiped out

We are the ones searching for Shanmugam

This has no connection with the people in the Colony

We may buy your explanations...

But the others here won't...

I am telling you this for the last time...

This is something that is done and over with...

The couple who eloped will be leading their lives somewhere

That is exactly what we want to know We will leave once we know that

We have been talking to you very politely, yet, you are adamant

Who are you? Why should you do this?

Are you related to Shanmugam?

He is our friend!

What's the big deal about being a friend?

It is a big deal, bigger than being a relative

Since you are so determined, I'll tell you this

They are in Chennai

How are you saying that?

The two of them, wrote a letter each, of that,

...the letter my sister wrote came from Chennai

From where in Chennai?

We don't know that

Nor do we need to know it

If you want to search for them after this, go to Chennai

Do you get that?

If you ever meet them, tell them they should never come back

That's enough

Let's go back to Chennai tomorrow

Are you going back?

What a surprise to find you home?

This is for you, take it

That's his treasure chest All his drawing books are kept there

He doesn't like anyone opening it without his knowledge

He'll kick up a fuss

Shanmugam would buy him books too

Please come


One moment...

- What happened? - Hold this

How is it?

It is only now that I can see your face clearly

We're thinking of going back to Chennai

Shanmugam is in Chennai

And you are?

- Ok... I'll come there... - Who is it?

He worked with Shanmugam He wants to see us immediately

We'll be back! Let's go

I was the one who called you, sit down

Tell me

Shanmugam and I joined the Factory together

He was close to me

He was very disturbed for the last 10 days

I kept asking him about what was upsetting him

He said he was in love with a girl back home...

...and, that they were making wedding arrangements for that girl

But he never told me who that girl was

Finally, on the 23rd he told me that he was going to Chennai on some work

Did he say where in Chennai?

I asked him several times

He only said he would call in 2 days

He was very worked up

I couldn't control myself I called him the very next day

But I couldn't get through to that number

It was only after 2 days did I get to know that he ran away with that girl

Why did he disconnect his number the next day,

...after telling me he would call in 2 days?

But, what I am most scared about is that,

he'd asked me to keep his degree certificates safely

They are still with me

How will he find a job outside without these?

Each day I wait for him to call me and ask me to send his certificates to him

But now, I've lost that hope

Why is it such a mystery? We thought he is in Chennai

No... Think about it...

Had he been in Chennai, wouldn't he have contacted anyone in our circle...?

I checked with everyone and only then came back here

That's true too, but don't know where we need to go next & whom to enquire with

Yazhini, you said Rajeshwari was close to her brother's wife, didn't you?

- Yes - Where can we see her?

Greetings to you!


Please don't get us wrong

They have not come here to pose a problem

We've heard Rajeshwari was very close to you

We just came here to find out if she told you anything

We won't disclose anything you tell us... It's a promise

Can we step aside and talk?

What you heard is true

Rajeshwari was closer to me than to her mother

She told me about being in love with someone

I was very scared at first

I even advised her against this

But, she was very determined

That's when her wedding got fixed

She couldn't do anything against her father or her brother's wishes

She cried saying she would commit suicide...

...if that wedding was to happen

As the wedding date got closer, I was scared

They planned to run away from home

At that point, it was I who...

I spoke to my friend in Calcutta...

I sent them there...and asked them to stay there for a few days

Are they in Calcutta now?

She called last to say they were in a Bus...

...that was going to Chennai and that it was leaving

I don't know what happened after that

Neither did I get any call from her

Nor did she go to Calcutta

If my husband gets to know of this, he will kill me

When Rajeshwari left, she gave me all her Jewellery

Shanmugam told her to do this, he didn't want anyone to say he took her away for her money

I realized she was going away with a good man...

...and sent her with a lot of hope

But now, I don't know what happened to her,

I am unable to say a word to anyone

I am dying inside each day

This looks more complicated than we thought it was

Let's not delay this any further Dad knows the DSP well

Let's fix an appointment and meet him tomorrow

Venky, call Ravi and find out Shanmugam's email id

- And then... - Find out his password somehow

Maasi, where is the Jail here?

Am thinking of getting in there on my own


What's this? An outsider has taken this up to the DSP

What were you doing all this while?

It was Dad who asked us not to act in haste

He felt they'd hang around for 2 days and leave...

He stopped us from doing anything...

Why are you discussing non issues?

Go there, dismantle the tent,

...whack them on their heads and they will run away

What is this, Muruga? Why aren't you doing anything?

These boys are from the city...

They could be from influential families...

What if I do something and it lands up triggering a problem...

That Colony boy, Maasi is with them So is Soundarapandian's daughter

Good day, everyone

Sorry about coming here un-invited...

You are aware of the humiliation... family faced because of the bride eloping

Why discuss unnecessary things now?

What is unnecessary...?

A girl from your family has eloped... And that too, with whom?

You should've got her back, killed, then buried...

...her and planted a sapling over that soil

Or you should have died instead...

How dare you say that!!

Let go, come on!! Listen, guys!!

I am only speaking the truth and you're pouncing on me!!!

- Look at what he is saying!! - Why are you guys fighting?

What else should I do? I am just trying to forget this humiliation...

And here we have outsiders walk in and rake up the past...

They don't have the guts to chase them away, instead he wants to pounce on me

We are just discussing that...

This is not the Cauvery dispute to keep discussing it...

I came to ask if you can handle this, else, should I?

We'll take care of it

You don't worry, whatever has to happen will...and it will happen tonight...

How dare you guys plant a bomb in Mr.Pasupathi's house!

- What's this? - I don't know

Hey! Who are you?

I should have killed you the other day!!

Aren't you ashamed to raise your hands on an old man?

Are you asking me to hit you instead?

Get lost!!!


What happened, sir...? Did they come there as well?

We are all right, what happened here?

Someone planted a bomb in Pasupathi's house

They attacked us claiming we were responsible for it

- Saravana!!! - Why did you come here?

I want to see Saravanan...

That's not possible... you can leave...

- Saravana!!! - Hey... I am telling you...

How dare you come here and cause a commotion!!

You have a problem with me, why are you causing trouble at the Colony?

At the Colony...? Why are you questioning me?

Don't act!! This has happened on your instructions

If they plant a bomb in our house, will our people stay quiet?

You planted a bomb in a conked out car yourself and are putting up an act now?

Why should we act? You are responsible for all of this

Didn't I tell you the other day... to let bygones be?

It may be bygones to you, but we need to know where our friend is

We won't stay quiet when you humiliate us...

Haven't you disowned your daughter?

Then, where is the question of humiliation?

What are you saying?

Please leave this town immediately

Go search for your friend wherever he is...

- Don't cause trouble here - I've told you where they are

I am not willing to believe that

Sir, you are someone whom everyone respects

Tell me the truth...

Don't you want to know where your daughter is?

No need, we don't need to know

Can you ask your mother to say that...

If you stay in this town any longer, you'll never go back

I can't stay here any further, I need a place to stay

You can stay here

If I stay here, they'll get to know

Why don't you stay at the Colony...?

No, I'll make alternate arrangements

Venky, you can go back if you want to


You were beaten because of me

This is hardly anything I've even handled your cooking

We came here because there was some ray of hope

We shouldn't go back without finding him

I am not going back

After all this, why are you leaving us out?

- I am the cause of this... - No way, we will be with you

We are really hungry after all the action... can we eat?

Let's go

You go ahead, I'll join you

What happened, Arjun?

I am thinking of what we should do

Not just that...

We can handle whatever happens to us, what if something happens to you?

Nothing will happen to me

We started something together...

Everything has an end Let's see what that is...

For heaven's sake, don't say such things again...-

Who are they?

They are people who have studied with him

Thank you for honoring my request to come here

We haven't come here to sensationalize or politicize things

We've come together with the sole purpose of finding out...

...where Shanmugam is That's our struggle

Shanmugam shouldn't think he has no one with him

He should be able to come here with the faith that... many people are there to support him

Whatever happens, we cannot leave this place...

...without finding an end to this


He's Manmeet Singh

I sent him a mail and he's here all the way from Punjab

Shanmugam and I worked part time at a book shop

This is Prem

He gave a love letter to a girl... the very 1st hour of the 1st day in college

On the very 1st day...?

What's better than following what your heart dictates...?

Not just that, she was beautiful...

Some guy would've given her a love letter in the next 10 days anyway

I got ahead of them

And even now...

Shut up!!

He has actor Gemini Ganesan's photo as his profile picture on Facebook

He says it's an attempt to woo a Bengali girl

- This is Bhavani, the College rowdy! - Don't believe him

This is Navin

He joined movies as soon as he finished engineering

He works with Director Gautham Menon as an Assistant

He even acts every now and then

Didn't you watch 'Nadunisi Naigal'? He was one of the four dogs in it...

I am going to whack you!!

What's all this?

- What is happening here? - Nothing, sir...

We studied with Shanmugam...

Fine! Why have they come here?

I searched for Shanmugam by myself, now, we're going to search for him together

We've already told you What more do you want?

No, sir! We tried our best, but we couldn't find Shanmugam

Now, since so many of us are gathered here,

Shanmugam may come forward without fear

If a caste clash breaks out because of you guys, who'll be responsible?

Do you know you need permission to gather as a crowd like this?

Then, give us permission...

Else, you can arrest all of us if you want

We have come here, ready for everything...

Don't you have to think about the safety of the girls here?

Can't you tell them?

They will stay in Town

They'll leave at night and come back in the morning

No one's going to stage a black flag protest or go on a hunger strike

And, they are not jobless...

They're engineers earning good salaries

Many of them are from very well to do families...

Are you trying to threaten me?

This is an unauthorized gathering...

You don't seem too bothered about organized crime

Don't talk too much

All you want is Permission

That's not a we'll get that

The Media is here

When they come, ask them to take an interview of his

What do you want me to do?

There are close to 60 boys and girls

The Media is also gathered there

If we do something in haste, the Media will rip us apart

Do you want us to just watch?

This country does not have as much news as it has News Channels or News Papers

They are craving for sensational news

If we do something silly, it will get out of control

Are you saying you won't be able to do anything...?

Fine, leave it... I'll take care of it

God!!! What can I do if he gets angry unreasonably?

I have my limitations

Can I shift the Police Station to your house?

Fine, I'll talk to Saravanan

Call me and keep me updated on everything

A small village in a remote corner of Tamil Nadu... the talk of the entire nation

The reason - A big group of friends...

...who're here to look for their missing friend...

Will their peaceful protest meet with success...?

The entire nation waits anxiously to find out...

Many senior leaders of our country...

...have married outside their caste or religion

We've accepted them as our leaders, as people who rule us

But when this happens in our house, some people still oppose it

Not just that...

Many people think youngsters are irresponsible,

...merely eating pizzas and burgers

They are wrong, we are responsible too

We are going to show the world what we can do...

...if we come together for a cause

As the eloped couple fear a possible threat to their lives...

...the youngsters have gathered here to express their support for them

Their voice of support echoes in every nook and corner of this village

Found it!!!

- Eureka!! I found it!! - What is it?

I've found out Shanmugam's email password

Super! How did you?

I was struggling with this for a long while

That's when I thought of a poem I read on Twitter

What is that?

A girlfriend becomes a wife only for a lucky few,

But for most others she becomes their password

Yes, I just typed 'Rajeshwari' and that was the password

I'll get the details you need in just one hour

So many people have come here in search of your daughter

Sorry, they've not come here in search of my daughter

They've come looking for their friend

If your daughter comes back, will you accept her?

That is our family affair I don't need to tell the world about it

Never the less, it has become a subject of public discussion now

It hasn't become one it has been made into one

Ask those who made it that way

- Sir, just one more question!! - That's enough!! Leave!!

Don't you understand? You can go

These friends, who've made the country, take notice of their missing friend's crisis

They've submitted a petition to the Police and District Officials today

In that, they've sought formal permission for their peaceful protest

They've also assured that they will not cause any law and order problems

Further,they have requested a fair Police investigation into this matter

Looking at these inspiring youngsters... seems like a repeat of last year's people's revolution against corruption

The country eagerly waits to see if their friend will get in touch with them

My name is Rajan

We studied with Shanmugam in the neighboring town

You've come from far to fight for Shanmugam

We are right here, we can't be mere bystanders

Will you let us join you?

"As we come together,"

"Fresh energies will surge"

"And then on, everything will change"

"At this moment of coming together,"

"...the fires soaring in us will melt the world"

"We've come seeking truth We're here to take this head on..."

"Miles away, yet, thoughts united us, my friend"

"Miles away, yet, we were enraged about the same issues"

"Thoughts unite as anger brings us together, today, my friend"

"Even if all the dew drops join together,"

"And form a wave, there's no point in that..."

"Only when waves rise like a mountain and attack,"

"The stone hearted will change his mind"

"Even as individual embers, Join together and shed light,"

"Will they just show the way and fade out?"

"Will they die out?"

"Let's come together like a block of fire!"

"At this moment of coming together,"

"The fires soaring in us will melt the world"

"We've come seeking truth"

"We're here to take this head on..."

"At this moment of coming together..."

"Back then, we saw problems and shrugged our shoulders,"

"We ran away saying it's not ours..."

"Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder alongside Truth"

"And search for the answers, we do..."

"The internet, which was a mere pass time,"

"Has now become a tool for revolution..."

"You sow a small seed there and it'll grow like a forest"

"And spread everywhere"

"And there's no one to stop this"

"We lived our lives in theaters and beaches"

"And forgot life's true purpose..."

"We have understood now our capabilities and strength"

"Let's now churn the seas and see what we get..."

"At this moment of coming together,"

"The fires soaring in us will melt the world"

"We've come seeking truth"

"We're here to take this head on..."

"At this moment of coming together,"

"The fires soaring in us will melt the world"

"We've come seeking truth"

"We're here to take this head on..."

"At this moment of coming together..."

Why do you want to go to the temple suddenly?

It's my grandfather's death anniversary

Mom asked me to complete a ritual at the temple

I'll be back in 2 minutes

I don't know if you know me

I was Rajeshwari's fiance

Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to marry her

She disgraced me by eloping with that boy before the wedding

It's been humiliating If only I could find her...

What do you want?

What do I want?

As if I've not been humiliated enough,

...a reporter came home to question me yesterday

Who do you think is responsible?

Are you going to bring them here and set up a home for them?

Where will you bring them from?

Will she dare lead a life with another man in front of me...?

Will we let her?

Get out!!

Why is everyone threatening me?

Are you the only ones with respect and dignity?

Is it enough if you like the girl?

Don't you have to know what the girl wants?

Don't you have brains!

You are neither worthy of dignity nor respect

Do what you can

You'd better get off the car right now!

What's this? The villain makes an entry in the smallest gap available

Oh, yes!

You have more villains here than in 'Mankatha'...

Just that you don't find any 'Item girls'...

This news would have travelled across India

All channels would have carried this

Yet, Shanmugam has not contacted us...

I don't understand that either

My mother...


What is this? You haven't called us...

Have you forgotten us?

I thought I'll call you later, but you called before that...

I saw your interview on TV Who is that girl next to you?

- Her name is Yazhini - She looks very beautiful

One minute Ya, now tell me

I said the girl looks very beautiful

She is our legal advisor

If you want to fall in love with her, please go ahead, I am ok with that

What is this, Mom? We're dealing with such a huge issue here

That can go on I just felt like telling you this

Fine, I'll call you later

My mom's a jovial person, this is how she speaks

Do you wait for your mother's permission for everything?

No way! Not for everything!

- What happened, Maasi? - I don't know, Sir...

Hurry up, come on!!

Go that way

I have a feeling this must be Lakshmanan's work

If we make a big deal of this, they'll use this as an excuse to get us out

Let's not even acknowledge this

This is why I warned you right at the beginning

You didn't listen to me Look what happened

What happened, sir?

The constable told us you wanted to meet us, we're here for that

We don't understand what you're saying

Are you playing the fool?

Why should we? I really don't understand what you are saying?

Didn't someone hurl petrol bombs on your tents last night?

Oh, my god!! What is this?

Nothing like that happened

A cooking gas cylinder burst and tents caught fire, that's all

Do you think you're being smart?

We cannot provide 24 hours security for you

We never asked you for that

Did you get any prior information about a possible attack like this?

Nothing ever happened

If something does happen, we'll file a complaint ourselves

Please don't believe rumors

Come in, sir

He has been coughing all night That's why I brought him here

Please sit down

They are saying so many things on TV

I am a little scared

We'll find Shanmugam, won't we?

We'll find him...

But even if Shanmugam were to come back, I am scared to think of what will happen

Nothing will happen He is known all over Tamil Nadu now

If someone tries to hurt him, all of India will know

Don't worry

You take care of your health, I'll come back later

My Father...


That's his way of saying he is 'no' more

What happened, Arjun?

When I asked Pottu about Shanmugam the very first time...

...this is what he said, 'No'

We cannot come to a conclusion based on what he says

Buddy! He knows something

Else, he wouldn't say this He has seen something...

And if he's seen something, he would for sure...

What are you trying to say, that this is Shanmugam and Rajeshwari?

- We need to figure that out... - How?

I've seen this place somewhere

He has just drawn something, you...

No! Take out all the pictures we clicked when we came into town

Open the next folder

It's not this one either, open that one

Hey!! Zoom in that...

Look at this! Do you remember Pottu sitting on this?

Zoom to the left

Do you see that?

The haunted temple... What do we do?

Should we go to the Police?

No, we have to find this out ourselves Let's go there tonight


Make way

Listen to me Go...go away



Oh, my!!!


Look at that...

Did you see this...?

This is unbearable...

There has been a sudden and shocking turn of events... the Shanmugam - Rajeshwari case

Two corpses have been unearthed at Vennur village

The bodies have been sent for a forensic test...

However, Shanmugam's father has identified his son's remains...

...based on the clothes worn

Based on cuts on the bodies,

Forensic experts have confirmed death due to physical attack

We have also come to know that the girl's right hand has been cut off

What is all this? Who killed my child?

What did she do to deserve someone cutting her hand off?

Despite all of you being around, I had to lose my daughter

Pazhani, this is a girl who grew up in your arms

She died like an orphan She was so fond of you

Did she not tell you...?

They keep talking about losing their honor all the time...

...but now life itself is lost

Who killed my daughter?

Who did? Who killed her?

Oh! We've lost our son

Are you crying, Uncle...? Go ahead, cry

Everyone must cry

Everyone can take turns to die We can keep crying...

We belong to a caste where death is not the only thing that makes us cry

We must cry only for a normal death, when they murder us we must get angry!!

Are you drunk?

What else do you want me to do?

Everyone will drink when the body arrives

- Maasi... - Sir!!!

None of you should have come here...

We'd be content thinking Shanmugam was alive somewhere

How much longer? Shameless people!

When are we going to hit back?

If we hit them, won't blood come gushing out,

...won't their houses burn down if we torch them?

Maasi, what happened to you?

You stay out of this... You won't understand it

You are the one who does not understand

You know how hard it was to find out everything

What did we find out?

All of us got together to finally find his dead body

Did you see him...?

My younger brother, Shanmugam...

An engineer... Did you see how he lay dead?

So...are you going to kill people too?

The entire place will turn into a Burial ground

Let it turn into one It's not any different now

Don't talk like a fool!!

Sir, you are going to pack your bags and leave

What hope do we have?

What are you saying?

Will you say anything you please just because you are drunk?

Did any of you even think of doing this?

They've left all their work behind, and are living in tents & fighting for you

What else do you want me to say?

Who is going to take responsibility for all the atrocities here?

Everyone is enraged

They're standing up for you only to ensure this doesn't happen again

There is nothing left to happen

Didn't they take our girl, rape her and destroy her life?

Look at one is even willing to marry her

Why don't you marry her? They destroyed her in 10 minutes

But this lot of you has been destroying her life for the last 7 years

You're talking about others, did you ever think of marrying her!!

Come on, tell me!!

Come on!!! Tell me!!!

Forgive me, sir... I couldn't control myself...

I didn't know what I was saying

Let me say this now, in front of all you

If Selvi agrees, I will marry her

I promise to marry her

I've seen several incidents like this, yet, this shocks me

When I came here first...

...someone told me this village has cremation grounds all around it

But the entire place is one

It is only thanks to your struggle, this has been unearthed

There is a lot more left to be dug out

We will not let this go

Our job is not done with merely unearthing the body

We will find out who the murderer is

We have to first arrive at people...

...who could possibly have the motive for murder

My suspicion is on Lakshmanan...

During the problem, he'd threatened Saravanan...

...saying he'd kill his sister if he ever saw her

We cannot jump to that

I think the answer to this will be available in Rajeshwari's letter

We can file a petition in court asking to know if that letter is an original...

With the evidence we have in hand, we can go to a good lawyer and...

What? A Good Lawyer...

What are you saying, Yazhini?

All of us have our hopes pinned on you,

...and you're talking about going to someone else


We can find an experienced lawyer for this...

You've been with us right from the beginning

What more experience do you need? You are our lawyer...

Congrats, your first case is going to take Tamil Nadu by storm,

...but don't ask for a huge fee

Your Honor: Shanmugam last went to work on June 23rd...

The letter written by Shanmugam has been...

...posted from near his factory on 23rd

It reached his father on the 24th

Shanmugam's email shows...

...he has booked 2 tickets to go to Calcutta from Chennai on 24th

But they have not taken the flight on the said day...

Shanmugam's phone has been disconnected since the 23rd...

Neither Shanmugam's email nor bank account has been operated since 23rd...

These are the pertinent documents

Hence, there is a doubt that they could have been killed on June 23rd...

Whereas, the letter said to be written by Rajeshwari...

...was posted from Chennai on 25th

It is in the form of a computer print out...

...with just the signature being hand written

If this murder had happened on 25th or after...

...why would they come to Vennur to bury them?

Hence, to verify the authenticity of this letter has to be sent for a forensic test

Further, I humbly request the Court to shift this case from the local Police... a special team or to the CB CID

The judge overseeing the petition has ordered...

...that the letter be sent for a forensic test

And has also ordered for a special team to handle this case

This comes across as an important turn of events... these youngsters' fight for justice

We also hear that the bodies of the couple...

...will be handed over to their families today

"There lies a village..."

"Its fields wear green..."

"Where men live in fear..."

"There lies a village..."

"Look at the stiff ridge built in those hearts..."

"Who is the one that divided Men based on their birth?"

"I wonder who!"

"There lies a village..."

"Its fields wear green..."

"Where men live in fear..."

"There lies a village..."

Selvi, why did you ask us to come all of a sudden?

Please go there...

Son, I need a favor from you, I asked Selvi to tell you to come here

I understand your fear

My son will not get to know of us meeting

You can trust him

Please tell us what you want

She was my only daughter

I brought her up to be a young girl and then lost her unfortunately

She is not going to come back...

But I want to know why she died and who killed her

I am neither willing to trust the Police nor the Court...

But I trust you

I don't know why

I cannot ask my son this...

But he is as much a son to me

He will do anything for me

I'm asking you this because I think of you as my son as well

I don't know what gives me the right to ask you this...

Will you promise not to give up this fight...

...till you find out who killed my daughter?

Pazhani, you need to make a promise as well

That you will do what you can to help them find out...

...who killed our Rajeshwari

Will you do this for me?

The Vennur Protest that began with 50 youngsters... now turning into a huge Student Movement

Today, students in and around Vennur are engaged in different forms of protests

Hence, schools and colleges have been closed indefinitely

They say their protests will continue...

...till the Shanmugam-Rajeshwari murderers are arrested

The days ahead will decide if the Police will hasten the arrest of the murderers,

Or whether this Movement will spread to other parts of the State

- How long have you known to him? - About 2 years, sir

How much is the value of these fields?

2 lakhs, sir


Who are you?

My name is Mani I have come here to surrender

Which case is this?

I am the one who killed Shanmugam and Rajeshwari

What happened?

His name is Mani...

He has surrendered saying he killed Shanmugam and Rajeshwari

Who is he? Why did he kill them?

Don't know He is in Police Custody

They are enquiring him The SP has just come

I was angry with my sister for having run away...

That's why, whenever you enquired about her, I got angry with you

But, because of you we got to know the truth

I apologize for everything that happened

I don't know, sir Who is he?

Where did he come from?

Why did he kill them? I don't understand anything...

But the only good thing is that Saravanan finally apologized to you...

He understood things at least now

Selvi, what happened to Saravanan's wife?

Poor thing! She fell unconscious all of a sudden

It's been 2 days...

She hasn't gained consciousness she's still in the hospital

This was such a happy family,

...the older lady's grief stricken, the younger one is in the hospital

It's very sad to see this

Mani claims he killed them for the jewellery


He says he saw Rajeshwari and Shanmugam that night

He has given a statement saying he killed them for Rajeshwari's jewellery

What about that letter?

He says that was with Rajeshwari and he took that from her and posted it

What is this?

- Was all this a mere robbery? - No! This is totally untrue

What are you saying?

When Rajeshwari left home...

...she handed over all her jewellery to her sister-in-law

Saravanan's wife told us this that day

That would mean...

Mani, the surrender All of this is a lie

A set up, an attempt to mislead this case

I said this before and I am saying it again

This is Lakshmanan's work

It's not enough if we suspect it

We need to prove it with evidence

The man who surrendered has cooked up all kinds of stories

That he had 2 more men with him...

...and that they cheated him and ran away with the jewellery

We heard you were in the Hospital

I got discharged this morning

What's going on? I heard some stranger has surrendered

We were just talking about that

The jewellery is still with me We shouldn't hide this any longer

But, I am scared of talking to my husband about this

I thought I'll talk to Pazhani, but he hasn't been around for 2 days

That's why I came here to ask you what I should do

Where has Pazhani gone?

My driver told me he has gone out of town on work

But, I heard my husband and Pazhani got into a huge fight... the Mill 2 days ago

I heard Pazhani fell unconscious...

...and that my husband took him away in his car

I don't understand what is happening

Pazhani's not been all right for a while

He seems dazed...he sits all alone and cries all the time

Whenever he sees my Mother-in-law or me, he moves away

What should I do?

Come what may, should I go to the Police and tell them everything

Let's not do that now

Who would know about where Pazhani is now?

My husband or my driver would

- Where is Pazhani? - I don't know

Come on, tell me!!!

Have you gone mad? You are in my house now?

No one can do anything to you?

It's wrong, Muruga

She was my sister

No one should betray my mother, it's wrong

Listen to me

No one should wrong her

Who is this?

Let me go

Where are you taking me? Who are you?

Who is that? Open the door

That's enough Pazhani We know everything...

We even know where Rajeshwari's jewellery is

The moment we saw you in the Inspector's house, we understood everything

Even your driver is with us

Hope you remember the promise you made to mother

I will tell you, sir

I will tell you everything

That day Shanmugam and Rajeshwari boarded the bus separately... avoid any suspicion

But to their bad luck...

...another bus dashed into their bus and the glass broke

The passengers were asked to get down, to shift them into another bus

That's when one of our men spotted them and called

We asked him to bring them to the Mill

Don't hit him, brother

You think you deserve my sister?!

Don't hit him, brother

Saravanan was seething with anger

He intended to kill Shanmugam and take Rajeshwari back home

Brother, don't!!! Please let him go

Please let him go

Ask him to let him go, please

Brother, don't do this

Please don't beat him up like this

Let me go!!!

Stop, madam

Just because you're educated you don't become equal to us

Don't hit him

The wedding is just ten days away, how dare you do this?

- Is he more important to you? - Yes!!

I can't lead my life the way you want me to

I want to live my life with someone I love

Rajeshwari argued with Saravanan, he was getting increasingly angry

That's when...

I will live my life only with him

Seeing that, Saravanan lost his mind and...


Before we even realized what was happening...

He had killed both of them

He had killed both of them

He had killed both of them

How did he escape? Were all of you sleeping?

That's enough, Saravana Pazhani is right

- It's best you surrender - Why?

He is saying mindless things, why are you saying the same thing?

Why should I surrender?

Your anger has ruined everything...

What do I do? Should I have got her married to that boy?

Would it not be a disgrace?

Tell me, father! How could we have walked with our head held high?

Do you think I wanted to kill a sibling?

It's about our honor that we've guarded for years

I did this only to uphold that

I didn't kill her because I wanted to, I just killed...

What would you have done, if you were in my shoes...?

Tell me, father

That is exactly why I hadn't done her last rites

I hosted feasts when she was born

How well I raised her... I had great plans for her wedding

Suddenly, you tell me you killed your sister...

Did I have one child to kill my other?

You didn't kill her because you wanted to...

but with each living moment, I am dying

And thanks to your mindless rage, I am scared I will lose you as well

None of you need to worry about me

They should have killed that outsider by now!!

What the hell are our people doing?

That's enough

No one can now rescue anybody else

There is no other way but to surrender...

What are you saying, father?

Did I struggle all along to surrender?

Despite this, if I've to go to jail, I will

But there's one more thing I will do before that

At that point, I gave the idea of burying them at the haunted temple

Saravanan, our driver Muthu and I, were the ones who buried them

I didn't realize anything then

But when I saw the girl I raised as a mere skeleton...

...something inside me died

When I made a promise to mother, that nailed me further

I told Saravanan we should surrender

He got angry with me and hit me

Because I was drunk, I fell unconscious

When I woke up, I was at Inspector Velmurugan's house

- Is Pasupathi aware of all this? - He is

Based on Pazhani's confession statement,

This Court is of the considered opinion that...

...Pasupathi and Saravanan have direct links in this murder

Accordingly, the Court hereby orders the Police... arrest the Accused for further enquiry

- Lakshmi... - Don't touch me

What wrong did my daughter do?

She eloped with someone she liked...

Will you kill her for that?

If you were disgraced by that, you should have died

That would've been honorable...

As a little girl, when we gave her something to eat,

she'd fondly keep it aside for her brother

How could your son kill her?

He murdered her to uphold the honor of our Caste

You hid it for the sake of honor

What you did amounts to murder as well

What do you want me to do?

Enough is enough...

All these years my life revolved only around the children and you

But I can't stay here any longer

My daughter-in-law and I are leaving...

Please don't look for us

Or find us and kill us as well...

We came in search of a friend, but all we could find was justice for his death

They call this killing 'Honor killing'...I don't understand...

...if Honor comes out of one's birth or from the life one lives

But I understand one thing

If ordinary people like us come together to fight for something,

And if that fight is for a just cause, we will surely win

Yet, we are unable to celebrate this victory;

...we leave this place with a heavy heart

I'll take your leave, father...

Son, keep visiting us

Shanmugam won't be around when I die

but if you come then, it's as good as him being there

Yazhini, if we were to fall in love, will the village have a problem?

Not at all...

What stops us then?

The Description of Gouravam