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Hello everyone and welcome to the Psychology Applied channel.

In this video we will be talking about 5 different signs that can help you see if someone is

a fake or a real friend to you.

Let's get straight into the video.

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you called your friend and someone you thought

you could trust?

Although we cannot stop people from doing such things to us, we can identify real and

fake friends and then decide who will continue to be a part of our life.

It doesn't matter if you are testing your childhood best friend or a completly new friend

that you've met few days ago, these 5 signs will certainly help you realize if your friendship

is the real deal.


Mostly one-sided communication between the two of you.

This is a very sure sign that your friendship might not be as real as you think it is.

Ask yourself, are you the one who makes the contact first, all the time?

Even if that person is an introvert, they should initiate a conversation from time to

time to let you know they care and want to talk to you.

Have you noticed that they frequently ghost or ignore you?

We have to understand that sometimes, life happens and we can find ourselves overwhelmed

with different responsibilities and lack of time.

Sometimes even your work schedule can interfere with your social life, so you can't spend

time with your friends, but if someone constantly cancels plans you've made with them or they

ignore your messages and calls, it might be a good idea to start investing your time and

effort in your other more valueable friendships and relationships.

Always remember, that you deserve the respect and attention that you give to others, too.


There is more drama, than support in your friendship.

If you are a type of person that has a very low tolerance for drama, then it would be

a good idea to evaluate if you can see yourself growing and developing with someone who enjoys

stirring up trouble and gossiping.

A good and solid friendship is about having fun with someone and providing a space full

of support and safety, where both sides can confide in one another and trust each other.

Always keep in mind that if someone talks smack with you about your other friends and

people you know, then it's pretty safe to assume, that person will talk smack about

you too when spending time with his or hers other friends.

Ask yourself, is person like that even worth keeping around and calling a friend?


They use you more than they enjoy your company.

Perhaps it happened to you, that they were the ones who approached you, then you had

a good conversation and shared a few laughs.

And that's how your friendship started.

But, after some time has passed the mask falls off.

They start to make excuses to avoid hanging out and come to you only when it's conveniet

for them or they need you.

Or you will simply notice that they are constantly asking for favors from you.

It is normal to go through some harder periods in your life, where you will require assistance

and support from your friends, but if someone is asking you for favors all the time, then

it's probably best to distance yourself from such person and end that friendship.

Relationships are give and take, so are friendships.

If you want to find out if someone is your true friend, ask them for a favor too.

If they help you out in your time of need, they are worth keeping around.

If they start making excuses that don't make sense, then it would be a good idea to find

a new friend who will appreciate you.


They make everything about them and them only.

Have you ever met someone that makes everything about them?

This is the person who just has to constantly interrupt you with whats going on with


They will usually manipulate a situation to bring the focus to them and their troubles.

This happens because they are always attention hungry and they want to be the center of everyone's


This is pretty much self explanatory and you would be better off, removing that kind of

person from your life, because they will never celebrate your victories or help you in your

hard times, because all they know is to steer the conversation and the focus to themselves.


They are secretly competing with you.

This last sign that we will be speaking about today, is the hardest one to detect.

This is especially the case if we are dealing with the passive-aggressive type of person.

Make sure you keep a close attention to how they will react to your progress, achievements

and victories.

Do they congratulate to you with a smile on their face, but have a burning desire to beat

you on the inside?

Are they known to be a very jealous person?

A good way to identify this kind of person, is to pay attention to the fact if they copy


Copying is just an attempt to steal your identity.

Basically, they want to become a ''better version of you'' .

Even though that sounds flattering, you should really be cautious around people like those,

or better yet remove yourself from their life.

That wraps up our video today.

Thank you for watching and let us know in the comments is there any topic that you would

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