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Hey there, welcome to the video. Are you using CBD oil or are interested in it, but don't

know how much you need to take? Then keep watching, because I will tell you everything

you need to know about dosing CBD oil.

Before we look at the amount of milligram you should use, let's take a look at HOW to

take a certain amount of CBD first. For tincture oils, 1 way to do this is by knowing the amount

of CBD in each drop. For some brands this exact information is on the bottle, but not

always. Some brands only show the total amount of CBD in the bottle and the total amount

of drops in the bottle. In this case you simply divide the total amount of CBD by the total

amount of drops. When you can't find the total amount of drops in the bottle, you can assume

that 10ml of oil is usually around 200, to max 250 drops.

Because the size of a drop can differ, depending on how hard you squeeze, there's another technique;

by looking at how much mg is in 1 full dropper. For a 30ml bottle, which is the most common

size, a full dropper usually contains 1ml of oil. You first calculate how much mg of

CBD is in 1 dropper, by dividing the total mg of CBD by the total ML of oil. Then, to

get a really accurate amount, you fill a full dropper, and count the exact amount of drops

you can drop back in the bottle. Then you divide the mg of CBD in 1 dropper

by the amount of drops you've counted, so you know how many mg is in 1 drop.

If you don't want to count drops but just estimate your dosage more roughly, you could

take like a half or a quarter of the full dropper, when the amount of you mg you need

is close to that amount. 1ml in a dropper is very standard, so bottles

that are smaller or a bit bigger than 30ml will most likely also contain 1 ml in a full

dropper, but keep in mind that sizes can differ, so for example very big bottles; like a 100

or 120ml, can contain 2ml per dropper.

If you REALLY want to calculate the EXACT amount if CBD you're taking VERY accurate,

you could buy a separate dropper that has ml marks on it. For vaping you need to look

at the amount of puffs instead of drops.

Now you know how to calculate a certain amount of CBD, let's take a look at how MUCH you

should take. The first thing you need to determine is the reason you're using CBD, because every

condition requires a different dose range. Getting this right dose range is REALLY important,

because just like you can take too little, you can also take too much, which causes the

CBD to work way less effective or even not at all for your condition. So more is not

always better. For example, low to moderate CBD doses reduce anxiety, but the anti-anxiety

effect disappears at higher doses. So it could be possible that the CBD doesn't work for

your anxiety because you're taking too much, so you need to take less of it to work. And

for epilepsy, a much high dose is required, so at the dose for epilepsy, the benefits

of the lower concentrations may be lost. After you've determined your reason of use, the

next step is looking at the most common dosage ranges for that condition.

For the most common reasons of use, here are the most common dose ranges: For anxiety,

depression & pain, between 10 and 40 mg should be the sweet spot. Don't go TOO far above

50 mg, because then the CBD could lose most of its anti-anxiety effect for most people.

You can take 1 dose a day, which will last 4 to 6 hours when taken sublingual, 2 doses

a day when you need the effect almost all day, or EVEN 3 doses, like when your condition

is chronic and very severe. Just try & see what works best for YOU. If you're using CBD

for sleep, the dose for anxiety should work when anxiety is keeping you awake, but if

you have REALLY severe insomnia, a higher dosage could be required, so above 40, up

to even 160 in the worst cases, taken 30 min. before bed. And for epilepsy, between 200

and 300 mg is very common. Most people DIVIDE this amount over 2 times a day, or sometimes

even 3 times. If you're using CBD for a totally different reason, you should check the most

common doses for that condition, or leave a comment so I could help you.

Because everyone reacts differently to CBD, the severity of the condition differs for

everyone, and there are for example a lot of different kind of pains and so on, it's

very hard to give a very specifik dose for everyone, for some people just a little is

enough, and for others WAY more is required. SO, to find YOUR perfect dose, the FINAL step

is the following: Start very low, so at the lowest point of this range I just mentioned

or even a bit lower. Wait a couple of hours, check how you feel, and up your dose a little

bit each time, until you've found the dose that gives you the desired effect. So ALWAYS

start very low, and build up in SMALL steps, so you don't overshoot your sweet spot. If

you eventually got to the max of this range, and STILL don't feel the desired effect, you

should try above this amount, but always start low first.

Make sure you're leaving the oil under your tongue for at least 2 minutes when using a

tincture, and swirl it around a bit before swallowing, since its absorbed way better

under your tongue than swallowed.

And if you're vaping CBD instead of using tinctures, a bit less mg is required for each

condition, about 20% less, since the CBD is absorbed more effectively that way, as explained

in another video on my channel called "tincture vs vaping".

Besides the right dosage, it's also very important to use a good brand with high quality. I will

put the link to the brand I use myself in the description, together with a 15% discount

code that can be used always and by everyone. This brand has very high quality, and is even

affordable as well. I've tried out many CBD brands, and this is the best one in my experience.

On my channel there's a video explaining what makes this brand so good, as well as a lot

of other CBD oil videos, so check them out as well if you're interested, and subscribe

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