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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The History of the WWE Hardcore Championship: 24/7: Part 1

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JR: How high up is Van Dam?

JERRY: Is he crazy?

JR: Oh, my God!

JERRY: Whoa!

JR: You talk about a career-shortening match.

How far will these hardcore matches go?

JERRY: Shane, what are you doing?

JR: Shane McMahon, with the belt, 50 feet!

MICHAEL: This is not an old-fashioned wrestling match, this is No Holds Barred.

JERRY: He's locked him in the freezer!

HARDCORE HOLLY: Nobody tougher than me, nobody meaner than me.

JR: The only title defended twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


CRASH: See, I'm the greatest Hardcore Champion.

JERRY: He may feel the effects of that match for the rest of his life.

RAVEN: I'm the greatest Hardcore Warrior.

HEYMAN: That's what hardcore is all about.

NARRATOR: And now, for the rambunctious bunch

who will be hosting this collection of the most knocked down,

dragged out, in your face Hardcore Championship matches of all time.

He introduced hardcore to the masses

as he became christened the first ever Hardcore Champion.

Hey, Mr. McMahon may have given me that title, but I deserved it.

NARRATOR: Straight out of Mrs. Foley's womb...

Right here in this post-apocalyptic paradise.

NARRATOR: The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.

And from the inaugural Hardcore Champion to the last.

Thanks to this guy.

This guy.

NARRATOR: The Hardcore Title was merged with the Intercontinental Title

when he defeated some handsome devil named Tommy Dreamer.

Handsome for a devil, maybe.

NARRATOR: He is Mr. Monday Night.

Rob Van Dam.


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome.

This would be a great time.

Maybe the best...

NARRATOR: And now, last in your heart,

as well as mine...

Shut up.

He has won the Hardcore Championship more times than any other competitor,

with a whopping 27 reigns.

I won it 39 times.


I got to park my ride.

FOLEY: There you go.

I always thought the shopping cart was a shortcut, huh?

FOLEY: Uncle Scotty.

What's up, man?

Hey, who was that guy?

The Fink?

Lilian Garcia?

I'm still... I'm sitting here

with Rob Van Dam...

Yes, you are.



Who I may interchange as Scotty.


Either one works for you, right?

Are you Scotty 2 Hotty?


He's definitely not too hot.

The reason we're sitting around this table, we're known for being

hardcore guys, hardcore matches, and we're celebrating

the WWE Hardcore Title.

Now, these Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere Matches, right?

They've become an accepted part of WWE.

We even have an Extreme Rules

pay-per-view, but at one time like the concept of having a hardcore match

in WWE was almost unheard of.

It was totally unheard of. When I was here originally back in, like,

'92, I mean, that was the furthest thing from, you know, anybody's mind.

Yeah, they used to have the rules,

uh, when we did the invasion thing with ECW,


they had the rules on the wall,

maybe for us 'cause we were outsiders looking back at it.


That was probably for us, but you know, they had to tell us don't hit the guardrail,

don't fight through the crowd, don't bring a chair in, no furniture, you know.

And, you know, that's what we were used to, that was, like, in ECW we had no rules, so.

Yeah, what's wrestling without a pizza cutter?

Or a cheese grater?

Yeah, I was a big practitioner of the cheese grater.

It used to the way, it was a really, really big deal back then.

Because I remember when I was in ECW, watching WWE, one of the wrestlers, like,

whacked one of the other WWE Superstars in the back,

and he went down, and I was like, what?

'Cause I've seen this guy take chairs to the head and ladders to the face.

You wanna see?

Is there a ladder that... Let me... Would you mind?


You're used to it now.

Well, I remember going back into the '90s, not sure if it was '94 or '95.

Like, Jerry Lawler attacked Duke "The Dumpster" Droese with his own garbage can.

MONSOON: Oh, just rattled him with his own garbage can!

Almost like a public apology that that type of thing was forbidden,

but I think that WWE saw what we were doing in...

RAVEN: Yeah, absolutely. ECW.

Well, they should have recycled for sure.


But then, we... I think... I think

Mr. McMahon rightfully saw that if he didn't start adapting, you know.

I think it was when you brought out the puppet, I mean, the clown.

I think that's what triggered it when you... What was the clown's name?

The clown's name was Yurple.


Yeah, yeah.

I think Yurple was the trigger.

Hey Vinny, how are you doing?

I came to make you feel better Vinny.

And no way am I saying that I came up with all the stuff,

but I would see things along the way.

Oh, you were an early practitioner.

Yeah, because when I first showed up in ECW,

I remember Shane Douglas going to me, "You're not in Kansas anymore."

Like, it was just such a... Just, you know...

Different. was the Wild Wild West, you know.

And he... I've been through quite a bit, and I'd never seen anything like it.

Well, plus, when you were in high school,

you weren't the heavyweight

wrestler in the team because Kevin James, the actor was.

Kevin James, and then he went down with a back injury,

I filled in... I filled in nicely for him.

That's just great.

FOLEY: Yeah, I did pretty well had it not been for those, uh,

adventures in the basement of Ward Melville wrestling room

I wouldn't be sitting here, right here in this studio.

That's it right here.

If you would've had...

If you would've had a cheese grater on Kevin James, you would have

been the number one.

He wouldn't have stood a chance.

Hey, so you're saying that Paul got the idea for the hardcore style from Japan?

I think partly.



I think Paul is a brilliant guy.

He would see what was working, adapt it,

I would go over, I would make these Japanese... These trips to Japan,

and like, oh, we use thumbtacks for this to work,

and then we can...

Also in Memphis, also in Memphis.

Memphis was big, yeah.

I mean, with the Concession Stand Brawl in Tupelo.



You could say that may have

been the first ever, like, true hardcore fight,

but I'm sure there are guys like Harley Race that will go,

"I remember back in Kansas City."

Well, they even had like a 6 man with a barbed wire cage.

I remember seeing with like The Sheepherders, The Fantastics or something?

VAN DAM: Yeah.

FOLEY: Yeah, I think the difference is,

over the course of time, like we really saw these things as not matches to get out of.

To get in.

They were matches, like, how can we get in there?

How can we create as much havoc

how can we use use these things as creatively as possible?

For me, it was like those featured, uh,

hardcore matches once in a while especially

the story line will build up to the Cage Match or whatever,

Yeah, yeah.

but when I was first exposed to ECW,

that was like the first that I'd seen it, for sure in the United States

where the whole theme and the whole vibration is just the extreme, and...

It's revelatory.

Um, we're gonna have to look that one, is that...

Can we get a... Can we get a ruling or a dictionary?

And that...

As unlikely as it may seem, it was a bedside visit

to Mr. McMahon in a hospital in Lansing, Michigan.

With Yurple.

Yeah, with Yurple the Clown.

Vince was... Mr. McMahon rather was hooked up to a heart monitor...

Lansing's right here.

...and a respirator for a bruised ankle bone, because that's the way we roll.

And that event led indirectly to me being given,

bequeathed the first ever WWE Hardcore Championship.

Golf clap.


Good job, Mick.

Thank you.


JR: What are they saying?

I want something.

You got it.

Well, you don't even know what I'm gonna give you much less what I'm asking you.

It doesn't... It doesn't matter, you've got it.

All right, but I'm asking you not to interfere in this next match-up with

Ken Shamrock and The Rock.

Do you promise?

I will not be a thorn in your side.

You give me the present and I'll do anything.

You don't even know what this is, you trust me?

It doesn't matter, I trust you.

I have it for you.

This is the WWF Hardcore Championship Belt.

And Mick, you've earned it.


I love it.

You've earned it.

I got to be honest with you, I love it.

Just one thing,

in some respects, I think I lost a son tonight, but

maybe I gained another one.


Gee, thanks, Dad.

What's up?

We have it under control, but listen, tonight,

you just think last week was special...

I signed this thing.

...when you became the Hardcore Champion.

It was special.

What's going on?

Tonight, you defend the Hardcore Championship


Against Ken Shamrock.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, I'm no closet champion.

Hey, let me tell you something.


Falls Count Anywhere. This is your...

No Holds Barred, Mick, it's your kind of match.

Hardcore match.

And you know what?

This is only the beginning, there are more titles where this one came from.

Congratulations, Mick.

Wanna throw me a hint now?

Well, let me tell you this, if you're gonna be somebody...

I wanna be somebody.

Then you got to look like somebody.

Well, who do you want me to look like?

Well... We got a little makeover coming.

I'm versatile.

Let's... Let me take you on a little journey here.

You're a wonderful man, Mr. McMahon.

I know, that's right.

You got a real daddy here.

Tell you what, no doubt about that.

You got a real daddy.

Here we go.

All right.

Great to be a part of the family.



JR: Falls Count Anywhere, no disqualifications,

Anything Goes when Shamrock

will attempt to fight

the Hardcore Title

bestowed on Mankind last week by Mr. McMahon.


JERRY: And I can't wait to see him after his makeover now, it's obviously completed.

Oh, look at him.

CHIMEL: And his opponent, he weighs in at 287 pounds...

JR: He's got a tuxedo on.

CHIMEL: The Hardcore Champion, Mankind!

JR: Mankind, looks like from this...

From where we're sitting, he's had a shave.

I've never seen Mick Foley shaved before.

JERRY: He's got a cummerbund on.

And it matches his tie.

And his hair is combed.

JR: Well, folks this is for the Hardcore Championship Title,

not the Intercontinental Title.

JERRY: You realize what this means?

Look, he's made the transition.

He's a... He's a corporate.

He's a corporate Champion.

JR: Everybody in the business wants to be the WWF Champion.

Wait a minute.

Well, the boos, there's some nice designer shoes there, but

the man that is no stranger to designer apparel, Mr. McMahon,


on the scene here to witness this carnage.

And don't think it won't be carnage here ladies and gentlemen,

between Shamrock and Mankind.


JR: The rules, Falls Count Anywhere, no disqualification,

Anything Goes for Mankind's Hardcore Title.

And I still would love to know

why everybody in the tournament

at the Survivor Series this Sunday

has an opponent but Mankind.

JERRY: Mankind has an opponent. How many times I got tell you, JR?

JR: Well, I wanna know who it is.

JERRY: Well, it's a mystery opponent,

and that's the mystery of it, because you don't know who it is.

JR: But why does got to have a mystery opponent?

I don't understand the purpose of that.

JERRY: Oh, boy.

JR: Shamrock on the other hand will take on Goldust.

And we saw the wild side of Goldust already here tonight with Jeff Jarrett.

And these two gladiators Mankind and Shamrock...

JERRY: He has the... He has the shoe, he has the shoe.

JR: Anything goes here, that shoe's just as legal as a wristlock.

JERRY: What's he doing?

JR: Well, there's Mankind coming out of that tuxedo,

and he'll use that and anything else he can

to, um, to defeat Shamrock here.

For what Mick Foley is,

he's endeared himself with that Hardcore Title that

Mr. McMahon gave Mick last Monday night.

JERRY: Yeah, normally, Mick would be a fan favorite,

but not here tonight in Dallas.

I think the people have sensed that he's aligned himself with Mr. McMahon.

JR: Well, maybe not.

I'm not sure about that.

Maybe McMahon has aligned himself with Mankind.

Mankind, you know, sometimes don't get...

JERRY: Oh, look out. Oh, my gosh.

JR: Shamrock hanging upside down,

and that is a bad, vulnerable place to be...

JERRY: You know...

JR: ...with a man like Mankind.

JERRY: And you're right. Speaking of...

JR: Oh, look out here.

JERRY: Speaking of Shamrock...

JR: I don't like this.

JERRY: I think just last week McMahon

aligned himself with Shamrock, didn't he?

JR: Yes, it looks like cradle...

Here on the floor right in front of us, King.

I'd feel a lot better if they got back in the ring, these two,

Shamrock and Mankind.

JERRY: Yeah, we're in kind of in a dangerous, vulnerable position right over here.

JR: Hell, it's no man's land.

Look out. Uh-oh.

JERRY: Watch it!

JR: Anything goes here in this Hardcore Title Match-up.

JERRY: He's hit him with a shoe!

JR: Mankind just took a seat.

Shamrock kicking Mankind and...

JERRY: Not that belt.

JR: Oh, my God, he got him right in the face with that Hardcore Title Belt.

Good God Almighty.

CROWD: (CHANTING) Socko! Socko!


JR: Look out here.

I don't think even Socko is gonna help Mankind now.

Go and get him in the ring will you?

Shamrock again measuring Mankind.

The barroom brawl here.


JERRY: Look out!

JR: Good God!

Look out!


JERRY: Hey, hey, stop!

JR: Get up, come on!

JERRY: Come on!

I gotta do it.

JERRY: Come on, Shamrock!

JR: Come on, come on.

Be careful.

JERRY: The shoe.

JR: Get back in the ring.

Well, finally, Shamrock back in the ring, but it's not over.

JERRY: Look at... Look at this shoe!

Who would wear...

JR: Mankind beaten right out of his shoes, but he doesn't care.

The steel chair in the ring... Well, that's a weapon, and oh!


JR: Mankind backdropped.

Kidneys first, right on that steel chair.

This match is for the Hardcore Title,

not the Intercontinental Title of Ken Shamrock.

Mankind's Hardcore Title is on the line, Falls Count Anywhere.

There's no disqualification, Anything Goes.

And the owner of this company, Mr. McMahon is looking on.

And you got to wonder why.

JERRY: And look at the makeover that Mr. McMahon has furnished to Mankind.

He's obviously grooming him to be some sort of corporate champion.

He's come out here in a tuxedo and these shoes, JR.

JR: And I still wanna... Oh, look at Shamrock. What a collision.

What a collision there.

I still wanna know who's... Who The Ra... Oh, look out.

Falls Count Anywhere here.

Who the Rattlesnake's gonna strike tonight,

because Austin is right here in Dallas, Texas.

And will this be the last night we ever see The Rock in a WWF ring?

That huge story is still developing and will be decided tonight.

Oh, there they go, Mankind and Shamrock

out near the front row.

JERRY: And all of these people...

And, you know, you're talking about The Rock later on that's a good way for Mr. McMahon

to get to these people tonight, through The Rock.

Look at this!

JR: As Mankind looks and finds the Mandible Claw.

JERRY: And we also guarantee you will see all of the pay-per-view this Sunday.

Oh, no!

JR: Oh, Mankind's face with a crunch right on the steel ring steps.

JERRY: Oh, man.

JR: I mean, from... Oh, my God.

The carnage in this match-up.

Both these men look like they've been in a car wreck.

JERRY: It's hardcore, JR.

JR: Well, I tell you what this is, the only

place you'll see this kind of action.

Well, I tell you what, these two guys

having trouble just merely standing here.

JERRY: And Mr. McMahon watching from the top of the ramp,

he said, "I'm glad I'm not in this, but I'm enjoying watching it."

JR: Oh, look out.

Belly-to-belly suplex.

And Mankind just got planted

right on the floor by Shamrock.

JERRY: Well, Falls Count Anywhere, he's gonna try to cover him.


JERRY: Uh-oh.

JR: Shamrock may be snapping.

And oh, man, low blow

right in front of the referee, but remember, no disqualification.

JERRY: Yes, snap this. (LAUGHING)


JR: Oh, you got... You can hear that.

Right in... Right in the spine of Shamrock.

Oh, these men are punishing their bodies.


JR: DDT on a chair!

JERRY: Hardcore, hardcore!

JR: Good Lord.

Man, I tell you what, you can look high and low,

you're not gonna see anything like this anywhere else.

One, two...

JR: Oh, he got him, no, he didn't get it.

JERRY: What? What?

JR: My gosh, that was close.

Oh, that was close.

This is getting ugly.

And it's getting uglier by the moment.

JERRY: Watch it.

JR: Mankind's going to use that chair.

JERRY: Missed him.

JR: Shamrock...

JERRY: Missed him. Get him!

JR: He's got to stay away from the steel.

JERRY: Get him away from Mr. McMahon.

JR: Shamrock and Mankind

fighting up the rampway, this is solid steel here, folks.

This has... This has... Don't have the

the safety features of a wrestling ring.

Oh, no!

JERRY: No! Oh, man!

One! Two!

JR: There's a cover, it's got to be over.

He kicked out.

JERRY: He... How did he do that?

JR: How does he do that?

How does Mankind do that?

JERRY: Look at the courage Mr. McMahon is showing,

that close to this... To this hardcore action. Look out! (SCREAMING)

JR: Oh, Shamrock elevated right on the steel.

JERRY: He almost fell on Mr. McMahon.

JR: And McMahon's associates,

along with the Big Boss Man,

making sure that the boss is protected here.

Shamrock reaching for that chair.

JR: Look at all the... Oh!

Man, I was gonna say look at all the dents in that chair.

You can add another one now.

JR: The Boss Man with a nightstick...

JERRY: What?

JR: ...hit Shamrock right in the face.

I don't think Mankind even saw it.

JERRY: I didn't see it.

One! Two! Three!

JR: That's it.


JERRY: What... What happened?

JR: The Boss Man just knocked out Shamrock with that nightstick.

CHIMEL: Here is your winner and still Hardcore Champion, Mankind.

JR: Will that be what's gonna happen to Austin this Sunday on pay-per-view?


Could that be a prelude of what we can expect

when the Boss Man and Austin get it on at The Survivor Series?

And it was just... It was McMahon who used

Shamrock to screw The Rock last week.

JERRY: Look at this.

Look at that, look at the look of joy on the face of Mr. McMahon.

Here you go.

I did it, Dad. I did it.

JR: Is that disingenuous or what?

Ain't that wonderful, Mr. McMahon?

JR: Look at the look on McMahon's face.

You're the best, man.

We love you. You're the best.

JR: And we are back live here, ladies and gentlemen, on RAW.


Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler here at ringside in our

Hardcore Championship with Ladder Match Rules

is scheduled next, the Boss Man against Mankind.

And of course, the commissioner, Shawn Michaels

for some reason, accompanying the Boss Man.

JERRY: Well, because this is a huge match.

I mean, this is really big, a Ladder Match?

We haven't seen a Ladder Match since, uh, well,

guys, we haven't seen one since SummerSlam.

CHIMEL: ...from Cobb County, Georgia, weighing in at 312 pounds,

the Big Boss Man.

JR: You know, it seems to me that Mr. McMahon is so determined

to take the last thing, the Hardcore Championship,

that means anything to poor old Mick Foley.

You know, McMahon loves to control, and then to destroy people's lives.

It's being proven each and every week right here.


CHIMEL: And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by the J.O.B. Squad.

He weighs in at 287 pounds,

the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion, Mankind.

JR: Mankind being escorted out here by his buddies from the J.O.B Squad.

We've seen Mankind in recent days with leaf blowers.

JERRY: Yeah.

JR: He was even gonna give that to his

surrogate dad, Mr. McMahon until the divorce happened.

JERRY: Well, he had a leaf blower last night on Heat...

Wait a minute now, we got...

JR: Shawn Michaels is pushing his weight around here.

And the Boss Man out there with a nightstick.

Shawn Michaels dispatching the J.O.B. Squad back to

the locker room area.


JR: And it's the Big Boss Man

with a huge early advantage here on Mankind as the Commissioner...

JERRY: Mr. Commissioner, what do you need?

SHAWN: You know what, I'd like to have a little card,

so I could grade what Mr. Foley

"Mankind" cactus-mactus whatever he is doing,

because you know, he's gonna try to outdo the Heartbreak Kid, but King Lawler,

as you said, I am gonna be here and see how things are.

JERRY: Did you see that?

JR: This is so physical.

Well, we got a volatile situation right here.

And remember, Stone Cold has... Is still looking with

shovel in hand for The Undertaker.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

JERRY: Oh, no!

JR: And the guys in the white coats are looking for Kane.

And somewhere, their paths may cross.

JERRY: That was a -2?

SHAWN: Well, I mean, come on.

HBK, been there, done that, come on.

All right, do a little something, come on.

Why don't you do something like, you know, toss himself off the top of that cage?

Ooh, can't wrestle for 45, 50 minutes like I did,

so he throws himself off the top of the cage, big dumb lug.

JR: You... Shawn, you think that folks are...

JERRY: Look at this, look at this...

JR: ...the disappointment a lot of folks have...


JR: ...with you selling out to Mr. McMahon, Shawn?

SHAWN: Hey, I think sell-out is a pretty strong word, don't you?

The fact of the matter is the Heartbreak Kid is his own man,

always has been, I'm here

just to make the best decisions I can for the fans,

and the best decisions I can for myself.

JR: So, you're not gonna be influenced by Mr. McMahon?

SHAWN: I'm not influenced by anybody.

Nobody tells me what to do. Did you hear him?

Full power. And I don't have to answer to him.

I never have.

But now, he has told the world that I don't have to, and that I got all the power.

JR: Mankind climbing the ladder to get his Hardcore Title, it's on the line here.

JERRY: Oh, get your pen ready, Shawn.

JR: No pinfalls in this... Oh, man a clothesline right off the ladder.

No pinfalls, no disqualifications in this match-up,

only one way it can end, and that's for someone to climb the ladder and grab that belt.

JERRY: What about that move?

SHAWN: We'll, I mean, you know.

Ooh, that was real...

You know, I mean, hey, he's the Hardcore Legend, okay?

But the fact of the matter is, you know who he ain't,

and that's HBK, king of the ladders.

JERRY: Uh-oh, wait a minute. What's he gonna do here?


JR: Oh, man, Mankind dropping the elbow

right across the Boss Man, what a dangerous situation.

JERRY: That was a big one.

JR: The position the Boss Man is in.

All right, all right. I'm gonna give him a...

JERRY: A six?

You know, got to hand it to old Mick, he's dumber than a box of sticks, isn't he?

JERRY: He's going for double sixes.

JR: Mankind will...

SHAWN: Well and good, he will do anything.

JR: Yeah, he'll do anything and he's gonna have a chance to be the man

on December the 13th on pay-per-view.

It's at Rock Bottom, Mankind and The Rock for the title.

It's Mick Foley's chance to climb to the top of the mountain

like he's trying to climb to the top of this ladder here tonight.

SHAWN: He will probably try to follow the footsteps of

The Heartbreak Kid, his hero who he always copies for the

World Wrestling Federation Championship.

JERRY: Look at this.

SHAWN: But the Corporate Champ ain't gonna let it happen.

JR: What a shot there by the Boss Man,

preventing Mankind from scaling that ladder to the top.

Downstairs, and a double-arm DDT.

Has Mankind bought himself enough time here to climb to

the top and get his belt, to get the Hardcore Title?

SHAWN: Drag that fat butt up that ladder.

JERRY: Get up, Boss Man.

JR: Mankind is climbing to the top of the ladder.

There you see in the middle of your screen...

JERRY: Watch it!

JR: ...the Hardcore Title on the line here with the Ladder Match.


JR: On a night that Stone Cold is looking for The Undertaker back in the locker room area.

That's inevitable in my view. On a night that X-Pac

will defend the European Title against Ken Shamrock.

It's not title versus title,

thanks to our beloved commissioner

who is seated here at ringside beside us.

JERRY: Look at this!

SHAWN: He got his chance last week,

now it's time for him to earn his keep.

JERRY: Uh-oh, look at this!

SHAWN: Fighting champion and all that stuff.

JR: Boss Man now positioning that ladder.

We are just 13 days away from the

Rock Bottom on pay-per-view, it's been sold out for weeks

in Vancouver at General Motors Place.

And Mankind really taking a beating here.

JERRY: What would you grade Boss Man's offensive moves so far, Shawn?

SHAWN: Well, you know what, I have to give the Big Boss Man

perfect 10.

JR: Oh, Boss Man up.

SHAWN: Perfect 10.

JR: Boss Man... Oh!

SHAWN: That's for his body and his looks, though, come on.

He's a sexy Big Boss Man, isn't he?

JR: Boss Man had his fingertips on the Hardcore Title.

The last bastion of any...

Of anything that's good as far as the possession of Mick Foley.

The only thing left that Mick Foley has that means anything to him.

JERRY: Oh, no!

JR: Except maybe for Mr. Socko.

JERRY: Shawn! Look, Shawn!

SHAWN: Unbelievable.


JR: Oh, the Mandible Claw,

with Socko's assist,

right down the throat of the Big Boss Man,

they're halfway up that ladder.


JR: And may...

SHAWN: The Boss Man is eating Socko.

Oh, my! (LAUGHING)

JR: The Boss Man took Socko with him.

Mankind's got to climb that ladder, and the Boss Man...


JR: ...another shot to the ribs and one to the face.

SHAWN: Is that... Hey.

JR: Wait a minute, hey, there's the Corporate Champion.

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: What the hell is that... No!


JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

SHAWN: Looks like he broke his leg.


JR: What?

The Rock, the Corporate Champion

shoved Mankind who was just inches away from getting his belt.

What? This is collusion.

This is not fair.

JERRY: What?

JR: You're the commissioner, do something about this, Shawn.

SHAWN: Anything goes in a ladder match.

Nobody ever helped HBK.

JERRY: Oh! That don't go.

JR: Mick Foley fighting for everything in his... In his being...

SHAWN: Hey, he hit him in the groin, in the groin.

JERRY: That'll be a fine, won't it?

SHAWN: Yeah, I'm gonna levy him.

I'm gonna levy him for the groin.

JR: Mankind back up there.

Now, it's a... It's a Handicap Match.

The Rock is not in this match.

he'll take on al snow here tonight.

The Rock and Mankind,

the showdown coming, at Rock Bottom...


JR: And that's what Mankind has just experienced,

Rock Bottom.

SHAWN: I tell you,

you know what, if I were Mankind, I would not let that happen to me.

JR: It's not fair.

SHAWN: There's no way.

JR: It's not fair.

Mick Foley's fighting two guys.

JERRY: We got a new Hardcore Champion!

JR: The only thing left in Mick Foley's life has been taken from him.

SHAWN: We got a new champion.


SHAWN: Oh, well, he'll get over it, I mean, come on.

CHIMEL: Here's your winner and the new World Wrestling...

JR: Boy, well, we got a real unbiased commissioner here, right? Please.

JERRY: There's nothing left for Foley, but...


CHIMEL: The Big Boss Man.

JERRY: ...well, maybe Mr. Socko.

JR: But maybe the title.


JR: Maybe that's what's left for Mick Foley.

Yeah, rob him of everything he's got.

You back Mick Foley into a corner,

he'll sacrifice his own body or anybody else's...


JR: ...if there's anything left of him after tonight.

Oh, come on.

The commissioner, you don't see

David Stern or Paul Tagliabue

stomping one of the players in their league.

JERRY: Well, you should see David Stern stomp some players.

Look at this. This is great.

JR: And there's not a damn soul coming to do anything about it.

Team Corporate

has everybody seemingly intimidated here.


JR: Oh, come on.

Tell me, somebody, how in the hell any of this can be right for poor Mick Foley?

Good God.

I mean, Mankind had the match won,

and then here comes The Rock

to make sure that Mick Foley didn't...


JR: Didn't win it and retain his Hardcore Title.

It's not right, King.

JERRY: Well, he's lucky he was even able to walk after that.

I thought his leg was snapped.



CHIMEL: The following contest is scheduled for one fall

and it is for the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship.

JERRY: And what's happening here now?

CHIMEL: Introducing the challenger...

JERRY: What?

MICHAEL: Al Snow has got a Hardcore Championship Match.

CHIMEL: ...weighing in at 249 pounds,

Al Snow.

MICHAEL: This guy is nuts.

He's certifiably nuts, King.

And he's still wearing that blood-soaked shirt from two weeks ago.

JERRY: Yeah, the Brood made him that way, that blood bath made him nuts.

I guess he thinks that Head's gonna fight this hardcore match for him.

MICHAEL: Yeah, look at the Head.


MICHAEL: Hardcore match-up, No Holds Barred, Anything Goes,

Falls Count Anywhere, no disqualification or countout.

There's the champion, the Road Dogg.

JERRY: Do me a favor, and kick that Head into the third row. Look out!

MICHAEL: And here we go now.

JERRY: Whoa.


MICHAEL: Al Snow ambushing Road Dogg

using Head as a decoy and the match is on.

Again, this is for the Hardcore Championship,

No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere.

And I mean anywhere.

JERRY: I'm telling you, Michael.

The winter weather has got the nation in a grip. It's cold outside.

Matter of fact, it's even snowing here, but it's hot inside.

The action has been unbelievable here tonight on RAW.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg successfully defending

the Hardcore Championship last week with a win over Mankind.


MICHAEL: Thanks in part to The Rock.

That was ridiculous. Rock again sticking it to Mankind.

JERRY: Yeah, Mankind, unbelievably, gets a shot at the WWF Title here tonight.

And I told you this was gonna get hardcore.


JERRY: Oh, man, oh, man.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg just threw a steel chair at Al Snow.

JERRY: And Al Snow jumped face-first into it.

MICHAEL: Look at Al Snow. This guy is nuts.

He hasn't taken a bath in two weeks.

JERRY: Oh, you finally realize this guy is nuts, huh?

MICHAEL: He suffered that blood bath at the hands of the Brood,

wearing that blood-soaked shirt.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine the stench?

JERRY: Oh, watch it, look.

MICHAEL: Oh, man. Wow!

Look at Al now. Oh, chair to the midsection.

The Hardcore Championship on the line.

The first of two...

JERRY: Watch it, watch it, watch it.


Al Snow launching into Road Dogg.

JERRY: Yeah, this is the hardcore action.

This is the kind of action you're gonna get from WWF Superstars.

They're not just gonna walk and talk, like some people we know.

These guys are gonna give you a hundred percent all action.

Watch this.

MICHAEL: The first of two titles on the line tonight.

The WWF Championship up for grabs.

JERRY: A little too close.


MICHAEL: Chair to the head.


JERRY: This is great.

MICHAEL: And Road Dogg feeling it.

What is Al Snow doing now?

JERRY: It's no telling. I don't think he even knows.

MICHAEL: Al Snow up on the barricade.

JERRY: Look at this!



MICHAEL: Road Dogg sliding out of the way and Al Snow just

snapped that table in half.

JERRY: That was great.


Look at Al Snow.

MICHAEL: A somersault off the barricade.

Look at this, cover by Road Dogg now.

JERRY: That's it.

MICHAEL: And a kick-out.

Falls Count Anywhere.

Road Dogg went for the quick win but Al Snow kicked out.

JERRY: This match has no disqualification.

As a matter of fact, it's just like... Oh!

It's like the WWF Title later on, no disqualification. Oh!

MICHAEL: And Al Snow looks like he likes it. Look at him.

He's whacked.

JERRY: He's a moron.



JERRY: He didn't like that.

MICHAEL: Third time's the charm for Road Dogg.

Another cover on Al Snow now, and a kick-out again.

Road Dogg won the Hardcore Championship two weeks ago

with a victory over the Big Boss Man.

Right out in front of us now.


I love these hardcore matches.

MICHAEL: Right hand from Al Snow, kick to the midsection.

JERRY: There's no telling where this thing's gonna wind up.

MICHAEL: Could go to the locker room.


MICHAEL: What a right hand by Al Snow.

No rules in this one.

No Holds Barred.

JERRY: Where are they going now?

MICHAEL: Falls Count Anywhere.

Into the lighting trestle there.

Al Snow now trying to climb up to the stage and Road Dogg from behind.

JERRY: You think the old Road Dogg ever regrets the day he won the Hardcore Title?

Now, he has to keep defending it.

MICHAEL: Not a bit, King.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

MICHAEL: He's a fighting champion.

JERRY: Yeah, he might be fixed to regret it right now.Look at this.

MICHAEL: Al Snow with the table now, and Road Dogg from behind.

What action, Hardcore Championship on the line.


MICHAEL: Road Dogg setting up the table. What's he gonna do here?

JERRY: I don't know. Nobody's safe in this match.

MICHAEL: Look out!

JERRY: Look.

MICHAEL: Oh, Al Snow snapping another table in half.

JERRY: Beautiful.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg, the champion.

JERRY: Got two words for you there, Al! Oh.

MICHAEL: Oh. Axe handle.

JERRY: Hardcore.

MICHAEL: Across the back of the head.

These two are giving it everything they have, King.

Two tremendous athletes in perhaps the toughest match

in the World Wrestling Federation.

JERRY: Stay away from that equipment. Those are electrical wires.

MICHAEL: Where are they going now?

JERRY: It could come

as quite a shock to you, guys. (LAUGHS)

MICHAEL: Back in that technical area now.

Road Dogg into that steel crate, that steel dolly.

AL: You thought you were funny. You were real funny.

MICHAEL: Backstage in the arena.

AL: You're a funny man.

That's what you are.

JERRY: Clear out, folks. Look out.

MICHAEL: Oh, Road Dogg.

MICHAEL: Into the wall.

AL: Are we having fun now?

JERRY: Even the police aren't safe!

AL: Tag Team Champions of the World.

MICHAEL: That's the janitorial area.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg may be heading to the showers early.

JERRY: Hot water on the head of The Road Dogg.

You ever have to hose down a couple of dogs? Look at this. Oh!

MICHAEL: Oh. I hope that's two-ply toilet paper.

I love this.

JERRY: Uh-oh, watch, watch it.


MICHAEL: A broom across the back.

JERRY: These guys are wiping themselves up all right.

MICHAEL: Can you imagine?

Tremendous punishment, No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere.

ROAD DOGG: You better get out of the way, dumbass.

JERRY: Look out.

MICHAEL: Al Snow into that cart full of flowers.

Come on.

JERRY: What's left of the flowers.

I think those are some old Christmas poinsettias.

MICHAEL: Folks, this is for the Hardcore Championship.

This match is...

JERRY: Look at this!

MICHAEL: Oh, man!

JERRY: Don't let that hit you.

Oh, my gosh.

MICHAEL: Across the head.

That's a potted plant.

JERRY: (LAUGHS) He planted it, all right.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg into those steel poles.

JERRY: (LAUGHING) Look at Al Snow.

MICHAEL: Oh, man, to the midsection.

This match back in the backstage area.

Anything goes, No Holds Barred, you can use anything you want.

There's no disqualification.

JERRY: I think this is one title I wouldn't wanna have.

MICHAEL: Wait a minute.


MICHAEL: Oh, into those beer kegs.

Those things got to weigh 80, 90 pounds each.

JERRY: Hardcore, baby, hardcore.

This beers for you, Al. (LAUGHS)

MICHAEL: And Road Dogg now in control.

Al Snow into that heavy steel case.


Road Dogg, the Hardcore Champion.

Al Snow would love to become the Hardcore Champion.

JERRY: I think Al Snow was... You're right, he's loving this match.

MICHAEL: Shot to the side of the face.

Al Snow whipped into those steel grates, and look at him.

He likes the pain.

JERRY: This is right down his alley.

Oh, empty.


MICHAEL: Oh, didn't matter it was empty.


MICHAEL: Where are they going now?

Al Snow and Road Dogg are heading outside the arena.

JERRY: You got to be kidding me. These guys are outside in the snow.

Look at this.

MICHAEL: Again, Falls Count Anywhere.

JERRY: Unbelievable.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg and Al Snow battling outside the arena.

JERRY: Oh, snow shovel.

MICHAEL: A snow shovel!

A snow shovel for Al Snow, how appropriate.

JERRY: What do you think the temperature is out there? A one?

No, no, look out.

MICHAEL: Look at this.


MICHAEL: Into that steel door.

We were outside earlier, King, snow and temperature in the 20s.

And these guys are out here having a match, a hardcore match.

JERRY: Unbelievable.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg in control of Al Snow.

They're fighting in the snow outside.

JERRY: I'm telling you, Michael, only in the WWF would you see something like this.

MICHAEL: The referee, Jack Doan, can't even keep his footing.

And these guys are hammering away.

JERRY: This is great. Look out.

MICHAEL: Road Dogg into that steel fence.

JERRY: No parking, oh!

MICHAEL: Roadwork, Al Snow working on the Road Dogg.

JERRY: Hey, that's a snow cone. (LAUGHS)


MICHAEL: Kick to the midsection.

JERRY: Oh, no. You got to be kidding me.

Piledriver, oh!

MICHAEL: Road Dogg just piledrived Al Snow.

JERRY: That may have broken his neck.

MICHAEL: Al Snow is motionless.

One! Two!

MICHAEL: Here's the cover.


MICHAEL: It's over!

Road Dogg has won the Hardcore Championship in the snow, outside the arena.

CHIMEL: Here is your winner...

JERRY: Unbelievable.

CHIMEL: ...and still the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion...


JERRY: I wanna tell you something.

CHIMEL: ...the Road Dogg, Jesse James.

JERRY: I got to... You got to hand it to Al Snow.

I am not, and I repeat, I am not an Al Snow fan, but I gotta give him credit.

That was one hell of a match.

MICHAEL: But I got to hand it to the Road Dogg as well, King.

That was one hell of a match-up.

The Hardcore Champion, Road Dogg.

JERRY: I just said that.

MICHAEL: Indeed, he is the... He is the champ.

He is the king of hardcore.


JERRY: Wait a minute, let's don't go too far now.

Where is he going?

What's he doing?

MICHAEL: Well, it looks like he's heading back into the arena.

Road Dogg gonna celebrate with his fans.


JERRY: He's got to be chilled to the bone.

MICHAEL: What a match-up.

That is what they mean when they call it the Hardcore Championship.

JERRY: Look at this!

MICHAEL: And what an ovation for the Road Dogg.

JERRY: Yeah, I got to admit, that's a well-deserved ovation.

MICHAEL: Let's take another look, King, at this tremendous action.

And the turning point of the match-up.

JERRY: A piledriver, oh, on those wooden flats out there in the snow.



FINKEL: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled for one fall,

is for the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship.

Introducing first, from Lima, Ohio, weighing 246 pounds,

Al Snow.

MICHAEL: The Hardcore Championship on the line.

It is up for grabs tonight.

The Road Dogg injured on RAW Saturday Night and Al Snow, King, talked to him

back in the locker room earlier on, basically, said he should be champion.

He said he has made a name for himself in these hardcore matches.

He likes them, he should be champ.

JERRY: Yeah, right.

Who's that talking, him or that stupid Head?


MICHAEL: And what a tremendous opportunity for Bob Holly.

Last night on RAW Saturday Night,

Al Snow challenged anyone to a hardcore match.

No one did, so Al had a hardcore match against himself.

Bob Holly came out, King, to help out his pal.

He got no respect in return, so then those two went at it.

JERRY: Oh, yeah. And that got hardcore and now, here we go now.

MICHAEL: And here we go now. Al Snow, hardcore match against Bob Holly,

No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere,

no count-outs, or disqualifications.

On RAW Saturday Night last night, Road Dogg was attacked in the locker room area.

JERRY: Look out. You better watch what's going on or you're gonna be attacked.

MICHAEL: Oh! Chair from Snow to Holly.


MICHAEL: So, King, Road Dogg is no longer Hardcore Champion.

Someone attacked him in the locker room last night.

He is now in the hospital.

He's been forced to forfeit the Hardcore Title.

And so it's now between Al Snow and Bob Holly.

JERRY: Well, if you ask me, Road Dogg got what he deserved.

And one of these two guys are gonna get what they deserve, the Hardcore Title.

MICHAEL: Falls Count Anywhere in the arena, folks,

as Bob Holly and Al Snow head out into the crowd.

What a tremendous opportunity for Bob Holly.

He's been Intercontinental Champion for a cup of coffee.

He spent a cup of coffee as Tag Team Champion, but if he wins this title tonight,

King, it'll go a long way to erasing the image of "Sparky" Plugg.

JERRY: I love "Sparky" Plugg.

MICHAEL: You would.

JERRY: That was endless material for me.

MICHAEL: King, you shouldn't have been screaming so much

last night on RAW Saturday Night.

JERRY: I know my voice is shot, but who cares?

MICHAEL: Oh, fire extinguisher to the eyes from Bob Holly.

Oh, man.

JERRY: What was that?

MICHAEL: Folks, anything goes in this match-up.

These two have been friends for a very long time.

Al Snow formed The J.O.B. Squad, he brought Bob Holly in,

gave Bob Holly an opportunity.

But now these two friends are enemies with the Hardcore Title on the line.

JERRY: Yeah. They're not friends anymore.

They're beating the hell out of each other.

MICHAEL: And there's the fire extinguisher now to the face of Bob Holly,

and now the kicks by Al Snow back in the technical area.


JERRY: Where are they going? Oh, my gosh.

MICHAEL: Folks, again, Road Dogg's been forced

to forfeit the Hardcore Championship.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: ...because of the injury sustained in the attack

last night on RAW Saturday Night.

JERRY: I'm gonna tell you. This thing can end up down in Beale Street,

or maybe out at Graceland.


MICHAEL: You recall the classic hardcore battle

last month between Al Snow and the Road Dogg, King...

JERRY: Ah! Look out.

MICHAEL: ...when it was snowing outside and Road Dogg

got the pin on Al Snow out in the snow.

Here, reach out and touch somebody.

MICHAEL: Oh. Al Snow with that telephone to the forehead of Bob Holly.

Tell you, King, it takes a certain mentality to be Hardcore Champion.

JERRY: Or it takes no mentality.

MICHAEL: Total disregard for the body, you have to enjoy pain.

Oh! And if you ever see Al Snow in these type of match-ups,

he's always smiling. He's always laughing.

JERRY: You're right, because he's got no mentality.

He is, Al Snow, a perfect hardcore king.

JERRY: What is that?

MICHAEL: He's busting floor tiles over the head of Al Snow.


MICHAEL: Backstage area now.

Bob Holly, Al Snow, Hardcore Championship on the line, Falls Count Anywhere.

Cooler of beer into the head of Al Snow.

JERRY: I guess you love that too, don't you, Snow?

MICHAEL: No count-outs, no disqualifications.

They're outside The Pyramid now.

It's 30 degrees outside, Bob Holly's out there with no shirt.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: Oh, broom handle across the back.

Al Snow can pin him out here because Falls Count Anywhere, folks.

No Holds Barred.

JERRY: Al Snow is... Al Snow is mopping the floor up with him.

MICHAEL: We talked about what a tremendous opportunity it is for Bob Holly.

There's a cover now.

One! Two!

MICHAEL: The first one of the match-up and a kick-out after two.

King, first big opportunity here for Bob Holly in a long time,

but what about Al Snow?

For 13 or 14 years,

Al Snow has wanted to get to the big show here in the WWF.

He's here now and has a chance to become champion.

JERRY: Well, I said it before,

this would be the perfect title for Al Snow, Hardcore Champion.

MICHAEL: Shot...

Shot to the kidneys by Al Snow.

Countered with a forearm by Bob Holly.

And Al Snow head-first into that concrete wall,

and now into the Fire Lane sign.


Watch that cop car.

MICHAEL: Your hometown may never be the same after this one, King.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: And look at... Al Snow is laughing again.

He loves it. This guy is nuts.

JERRY: Out of the way, no parking.

MICHAEL: Bob Holly, the 230-pounder from Talladega, Alabama, in control.

Here's a cover.

One! Two!

MICHAEL: Hook to the leg and a kick-out after two.

JERRY: I think that cop car is in a no parking zone.

MICHAEL: Shot to the stomach now by Al Snow.

Kick there by Snow again.

There's another one. Bob Holly, a real blue-collar individual.

He's a welder by trade, but he's in trouble now with Al Snow.

He'd have to weld some body parts back on after this one.

JERRY: He used to have to weld all those race cars together

that he would wreck every week.

AL: Turn on me, will you?

MICHAEL: Holly now with the right hand.

Folks, they are outside the Pyramid.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: Here in Memphis, you can see the Pyramid

in the background in the parking lot area through that chain-link fence.

JERRY: Wait a minute, you know what? They're getting near the Mississippi River.

Oh, my goodness.

MICHAEL: The Pyramid borders the Mississippi here in Memphis.

JERRY: You could see it back there, it's the water.

MICHAEL: You are right, King, they may end up on Beale Street.

That water, icy cold here in the middle of winter in Memphis.

AL: I want you to meet my girlfriend.

Her name is Barbie Wire.

MICHAEL: Al Snow is whacked.

AL: Oh, come on, get up.

MICHAEL: And Bob Holly managed to get out of that wire and deliver the choke...

The throat shot that time to Al Snow.

JERRY: They're out in the gravel.

No, stop. Stop, stop, don't do that.

MICHAEL: I think if I can see correctly, King, that looks like it's the riverbank.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: Stop sign. And that stopped Al Snow.

That's a wheelbarrow.

JERRY: Look at this. Look out.

MICHAEL: Pieces of wood by Al Snow.

Folks, this is for the Hardcore Championship.

JERRY: Yeah. A fractured, broken, torn up belt,

and it goes perfect with a fractured idiot that wants to win it.

MICHAEL: No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere, a certain mentality, folks,

and they are down on the banks of the Mississippi River.

JERRY: Wait a minute.

MICHAEL: Bob Holly with that piece of wood across the back of Al Snow,

who still manages to stay on his feet.

JERRY: That's Mud Island back there.

MICHAEL: Yeah, King, there is no doubt that these two will ever be the same

after this type of match-up.

JERRY: What's he got?


That was a...

And Holly now leading Al Snow down to the river.

One of these guys is gonna be fish bait.

JERRY: You're kidding me.

MICHAEL: Al Snow now hammering away on Bob Holly,

total disregard for your body, Hardcore Title on the line.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: I believe there's a certain mentality...

JERRY: There is no mentality.

Who would be out there fighting? And... Oh, look at this!

MICHAEL: Into the Mississippi River.

That water has got to be 35, 40 degrees.

And now Al Snow tossed in.

JERRY: Yeah, we're talking about a lot of shrinkage!

MICHAEL: They look like drowned rats.

JERRY: Come on, Bob Holly. Make Al Snow sleep with the fish.

MICHAEL: Well, King, I agree with you.

I said a certain mentality, you're right, no mentality at all.

JERRY: Look at this.

MICHAEL: You got to be a certain individual

to, first off, compete in a hardcore match,

but to actually hold the Hardcore Championship, that's another thing.

And Al Snow now making his way back up the riverbank.

A dark night on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis.

JERRY: What's he doing now?

MICHAEL: From behind with a stick.


MICHAEL: A stick bounced off the back of Al Snow and hit the cameraman.

JERRY: Our cameraman's hardcore, too.

MICHAEL: Cover now by Bob Holly.

One, two.

MICHAEL: Hook of the leg and a kick-out again by Al Snow.

JERRY: If you're involved in any kind of way with a match like this, you're hardcore.

MICHAEL: Al Snow, the 234-pounder from Lima, Ohio,

said earlier he would love to win the Hardcore Championship,

believes by right he's the champion,

since the Road Dogg had to forfeit the title.

And there again is that chain-link fence.

JERRY: What are they trying to do with that?

MICHAEL: And Bob Holly now setting up that fence for Al Snow.

Kick to the midsection.

And now Al Snow battles back.

Again, those kidney shots taking their effect on Bob Holly.


MICHAEL: And there's the right hand up underneath the chin.


JERRY: There's that maniacal laugh again.

He's a nut.

MICHAEL: There is another stick across the back and it hardly budged Al Snow.

Al Snow, been involved in many legendary battles in the Far East,

but perhaps not as brutal as this one against Bob Holly.

And now Holly's gonna wrap him up in the fence.

And here's the cover now.

One! Two! Three!

JERRY: He got him!

Here's your winner right here.


MICHAEL: Bob Holly has won the Hardcore Championship.


FINKEL: The winner of this match

and new World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion,

Bob Holly.

MICHAEL: Bob Holly wins the Hardcore Championship

and becomes the fourth Hardcore Champion in history.

Can you believe what we just witnessed, King?

JERRY: (LAUGHS) On the banks of the mighty Mississippi River,

the new Hardcore Champion is crowned.

MICHAEL: They battled outside the Pyramid, through parking lots, through cars,

down into, literally, into the frozen waters of the Mississippi,

and that man there from Talladega, Alabama is your new Hardcore Champion.


MICHAEL: What a tremendous victory for Bob Holly,

as he finally shed the label of "Sparky" Plugg here tonight in Memphis.

And here he comes back into the arena, and what an ovation.

JERRY: He's coming in here to pick up this fractured, shattered belt.

MICHAEL: And there is Al Snow still wrapped up in that chain-link fence.

Get me out of here now!

MICHAEL: Down on the banks of the Mississippi River.

But here now the official presentation,

Bob Holly, your Hardcore Champion.

All right. So we have seen Al Snow buried in the Mississippi River.

We've seen Al buried in the snow, conveniently enough. (CHUCKLING)

Guys, where hasn't Al Snow been buried?



Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Al Snow.

Al Snow, who?

Exactly, boom!

(LAUGHS) That was good.

That was.

All right.

That was good.

Anyway, the hardcore matches,

I think part of what made them fun is they started going everywhere.


And started getting a lot of attention,

and for the casual observers, they're like, "WWE has invented these things."

You know what I think? I think it was like...

It seemed at first that they were just like,

"All right, we got a bunch of guys we don't know what to do with.

"Let's throw them in there," but people thrived.

I mean, and that's where you either thrived

or you got kind of...

It gave a lot of people a place to go.


You know, if you weren't in the hunt

for the WWE Championship and your guy took a lot of pride,

all kidding aside, you know, Al Snow was amazingly talented.

Did I really say... Yeah, he was an amazingly talented veteran.

He found his niche and that he was able...


...not only to have these wild matches, but they were creative as well.

And Rob, I don't think that's...

I don't think ECW guys, hardcore guys

have gotten their due as far as being creative.

It's not just about creating bloodshed.

That's what it's always been for me about.

The reason I've always liked the hardcore matches

is because there's so much more room to be creative.

Yeah, yeah.

VAN DAM: There's so much more you can bring into play,

so I always had a...

Had pride in... Once I realized that was the environment where

I was going to excel and best be showcased, you know,

it got to a point to where I wanted not only all the fans,

but even the wrestlers in the back watching to know

that they might not survive one of my matches.

It got to... That's how it works.

That was the word when you were out there, yeah.

Yeah, that was.

Later on, when I had the Hardcore Title,

the first time that I met Test, I was wrestling him and he was,

"Oh, man, we don't have to do any of that hardcore stuff, dude, you know."

But then he later went on to thrive under it.

Once you see it and you see, like...

I had some great matches.

Yeah. It's kind of like if...

VAN DAM: Good point.

FOLEY: If your 20 by 20, literally, it's your canvas, you know.

RAVEN: Sure.

FOLEY: There's only so many things you can do in there.

I mean, in a sense, it's limitless but I think once you start being able

to add things, I know I've taken the shortcut

of bringing the shopping cart out, right?

RAVEN: Sure.

FOLEY: We all have,

but I think the beauty and the real creativity

comes when you're finding stuff around the ring.

And we think we've taken that as far as we can and then,

RVD kind of just blows everybody's mind.

RAVEN: Sure.

By taking it with the... To coast... Coast to coast?

Oh, yeah. Well, Van Terminator.

Van Terminator, there you go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Then, uh, after Shane-O was shown the Van Terminator and then, uh...

And then was able to do it and owned...

FOLEY: To his dad, yeah.

RAVEN: The Van Shane-ninator?

VAN DAM: Yeah.

Well, he called it Coast to Coast so it always bothered me...

Oh, man, sorry about that.

VAN DAM: People would call it that.

Yeah, darn!

Because it was Van Terminator. But yeah, anyway, that's the thing.

It's always about trying to do...

I've always been about trying to do what I haven't seen done before.

Before my first match ever, it was about jumping up and doing the splits,

landing on the top rope, and doing the moonsault.

I mean, I've never seen that. I was like, "I wonder if I can do that."

So that's what extreme and hardcore is for me,

so even way before I got to ECW in '96...


...I was considered hardcore.


I was doing backflips off the guardrail,

stuff like that.

Because I know in 1990 in WCW,

I was able to bring the guardrail in considerably

and I was able to come off the guardrail with a diving headbutt over the guardrail.

I thought, "Top that," and then I watched you do, like, a triple flip over it.


And I was like, "All right."

Well, it's like, I remember you used to do the, uh,

you know, you didn't even need a prop, you did the, uh, you ran down the apron

and then you dropped an elbow on the guy on the floor.

But that's what...

That's what, to me, when I did the running elbow, it was like,

I did it as a homage to you but, you know, I wasn't gonna do the bang, bang,

but I thought, "Man, this is, like, such a cool thing to do."

But now I love it when the current guys do the bang, bang.

But DDP did do the bang, by the way.

FOLEY: Yeah.



Good God!

Listen, we were talking about guys

who found, like, their spot and took a lot of pride

in becoming a hardcore style wrestler.

One of those guys, tough dude, but he'd been a racecar driver,

he'd been kind of languishing for a while, and he became so synonymous with hardcore

it became part of his name.

I'm talking about Hardcore Holly, and now one of the great matches

was when Hardcore Holly took on The Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman.


CHIMEL: The following contest is scheduled for one fall

and it's for the World Wrestling Federation

Hardcore Championship.

Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 239 pounds,

World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion, Bob Holly.

MICHAEL: King, Bob Holly, the new Hardcore Champion,

last night at St. Valentine's Day Massacre,

he defeated Al Snow in a brutal match which ended up in the Mississippi River.


JERRY: Al Snow was in the Mississippi River,

I hear they've been skimming ugly all day.

CHIMEL: And the challenger...

MICHAEL: Well, folks, this one is gonna start on the ramp.


MICHAEL: The Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman going to work

on the new Hardcore Champion, Bob Holly.


MICHAEL: And, folks, we can confirm tonight,

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin will be joining the King and I at ringside

for commentary for the Ladder Match for the WWF Championship

between The Rock and Mankind, and boy, do I got a lot to talk to Stone Cold about.

JERRY: Well, I may go back and join the celebration,

and let you and he do the commentary.

MICHAEL: What were some of the words you used last night?

Coward? Redneck?

JERRY: Hey, call the match. Where are they?

MICHAEL: Our cameras are trying to find the Hardcore Champion, Bob Holly,

and the Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman.

They're somewhere back in the locker room area.

The Hardcore Title's on the line, folks.

Bob Holly, there they are.

A board just busted across the back of Bob Holly,

and the martial arts expert with a tremendous opportunity here, King.

And he may have injured a knee there.

JERRY: Well, what do you expect?

These matches are career-shortening.

MICHAEL: Again, hardcore rules, No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere,

anywhere... Anything goes, no disqualification.

JERRY: Look at this, a television!

Holy mackerel.

MICHAEL: Blackman's lucky he ducked underneath that one.

JERRY: I mean, let's just take for example, Road Dogg.

How long was he the Hardcore Champion?

MAN: Go under, go under, go under the cable. Go under the cable.

MICHAEL: They are brutal, just brutal on the competitors.

JERRY: Right. Road Dogg is... Oh!

Whoa! That wasn't too light.

MICHAEL: Bob Holly won the Hardcore Championship last night,

great opportunity for this man to shed many of past images of him.


MICHAEL: One of the most memorable,

"Sparky" Plugg, as Holly goes into those kegs of beer.

JERRY: Hey, that's Thurman "Sparky" Plugg to you,

he's from right here in Talladega, Alabama, you know.

MICHAEL: Bob Holly, a former Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion.

Told me though, perhaps most proud of the Hardcore Championship.

JERRY: They're outside. They're outside.

MICHAEL: And now they're outside, outside the arena here.

JERRY: Oh, man!

MICHAEL: And King, this is not an old-fashioned wrestling match.

This is No Holds Barred, Hardcore Title on the line.

JERRY: Duh, I guess.

He just rammed him into an 18-wheeler.

MICHAEL: Blackman now into those steel stairs, Bob Holly going up after him.

We are outside the Jefferson County Civic Center Coliseum

live in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bob Holly just kicked into a dumpster.

Get that big idiot.

JERRY: Look at this!

MICHAEL: Wait a minute.

MICHAEL: That's Droz. Droz attacking Blackman from behind.

Last week, Droz clocked announcer Kevin Kelly on RAW,

and Blackman came to Kevin Kelly's aid.

Perhaps a little payback there from Droz.

And there's a cover now by Bob Holly.

One! Two! Three!

Ring the bell.

MICHAEL: This one's over.


MICHAEL: Bob Holly retains the Hardcore Championship,

give the assist to Droz.

CHIMEL: Here is your winner and still the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion,

Bob Holly!

JERRY: Oh, that's what I like about these hardcore matches.

You know what? They're just like those bar brawls.

Every time you hear one, you know somebody's gonna get hurt.

MICHAEL: And if you think this is something, King, wait till later on,

Mankind-Rock Ladder Match for the WWF Championship,

and a chance to go to WrestleMania as the champion.

JERRY: Somebody's gonna definitely get hurt in that.

MICHAEL: Perhaps you. Stone Cold's coming up for commentary,

and here comes the Hardcore Champion, Bob Holly.

But I'll tell you what, you gotta give an assist to Droz in that one,

and Droz just continues his bizarre behavior.

JERRY: What was that Droz hit Steve Blackman with,

some kind of big wrench or something?

All right! Once again Bob Holly has proved himself.

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

You know, ever since I've been here in the WWF,

they gave me lousy gimmicks, goofy-ass names.

JERRY: What?

And weak...

And I'm talking about weak tag team partners.

You know, this is about Bob Holly now,

and this right here is what Bob Holly's all about.

And believe me, Bob Holly is hardcore.

And with that, I'm issuing a challenge to anybody out there

who wants a shot at my Hardcore Title, so bring it on.

MICHAEL: So Bob Holly with an open challenge to put the

Hardcore Title on the line and...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What in the hell do you mean weak ass tag team partners, pal?

MICHAEL: That's Bart Gunn, King.

Did you forget about me?

MICHAEL: Former partner of Bob Holly.

HARDCORE HOLLY: Oh, no, believe me!

I didn't forget about you because I'm the only one

that your ass could not knock out in that Brawl for All, boy.

MICHAEL: Well, he's got a point there.

Bart Gunn, the winner of Brawl for All, and he didn't knock out Bob Holly.

Well, Bob Holly, with that in mind,

how about we take care of it next week on RAW?

And I'll take that Hardcore Title from you, pal.

Bring it on, baby, because I'm gonna show you and everybody else

what a Alabama ass-kicking is all about.

BART: Brother, you got a date!

MICHAEL: So Bob Holly, the Hardcore Champion,

will meet Bart Gunn next week on RAW for the Hardcore Title.



CHIMEL: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

MICHAEL: And here comes Hardcore Holly.

CHIMEL: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 245 pounds,

World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion, Bob Holly.

MICHAEL: You know, King, Hardcore Holly won the title

at St. Valentine's Day Massacre over Al Snow in a match

that went into the Mississippi River.

And then he followed it up the next night on RAW with a win

over the Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman.

So Hardcore Holly is on a roll.

JERRY: Oh, yeah, he is. He looks good right now.

His body is in great shape, but you hang on to that Hardcore Title very long

and it can get deformed and marred and scarred and mutilated.

MICHAEL: Well, here is Bart Gunn

who showed up on RAW last week, King,

to congratulate his former partner and friend for winning the title,

but instead, he received a vicious tongue-lashing by a bitter Hardcore Holly.

So, he has something to prove tonight.

You know, Bart Gunn, the Brawl for All winner.

And Hardcore Holly, the only man not to be

knocked out in that tournament by Bart Gunn.

JERRY: That's right.


MICHAEL: So this should be interesting here.

Hardcore Title on the line.

No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere.

No disqualification, no rules.

JERRY: Yeah, this is champion versus champion.

This is the Brawl for All Champion and the Hardcore Champion.

Here we go. Wow. What a shot.

MICHAEL: Well, here now Holly,

and there's the left hand from Bart Gunn that made him famous in the Brawl for All.


MICHAEL: And look at the lefts now by Bart Gunn.

No rules, folks. No disqualification.

JERRY: I'm telling you, former Tag Team Champions,

it always... They're partners, it always winds up like this.


JERRY: Did you see that?

MICHAEL: Do you believe that?

JERRY: What?

Wait a minute.

MICHAEL: He just smashed a pitcher

into Bart Gunn's face.

JERRY: Hold it, Bob.

We're gonna play the musical chair.

JERRY: Look out!


This may be a short one.

JERRY: It's got out of hand in a hurry.

MICHAEL: Hardcore Holly trying to make a state...

JERRY: Look out!



MICHAEL: Holly in control. What a right hand.


JERRY: I told you not to bring that Kool-Aid out here.


JERRY: Oh! Man!

MICHAEL: A mug, a glass mug into the face of Holly.

JERRY: Oh, the bell...


MICHAEL: Bart Gunn just...

JERRY: He rang his bell.

MICHAEL: And let's look at this now.

The M&M's Double Feature.

A pitcher of Kool-Aid into the face, and Bart Gunn clothesline.

JERRY: Watch it.

MICHAEL: And now they're out in the people.

JERRY: I love these hardcore matches.

MICHAEL: You know, King, talking to Bart Gunn,

he feels he has something to prove.

Won the Brawl for All Tournament, then went to Japan for a while,

and now he's back.

He would love to win the Hardcore Championship against his former partner.

JERRY: Look out. He peeled away the protection.

Oh, man!

MICHAEL: That is a steel railing, folks,

and Hardcore Holly's head just bounced off it.

Get up! Get up!

MICHAEL: Bart Gunn looks better than ever.

He's trimmed down, tremendous shape.

JERRY: Oh, my God.

MICHAEL: And there's that left hand.

JERRY: But it still didn't put down Hardcore Holly.

MICHAEL: Well, King, you knew about that left hand.

You were at ringside during the Brawl for All.

That left hand, you could hear echo throughout the arena by Bart Gunn.

JERRY: He knocked out a lot of guys, I'm telling you,

but he couldn't knock out Hardcore Holly.

What's this? What's he got? What's he got?


MICHAEL: Fire extinguisher to the eyes.

JERRY: Hey, we need that over here at ringside for that Inferno Match.

MICHAEL: Yeah. The Inferno Match still to come tonight.

JERRY: Look at this. Oh, cool off.

MICHAEL: Undertaker-Kane, Inferno Match.

JERRY: What? They're grabbing everything in sight here.

MICHAEL: This is for the Hardcore Title here.

Hardcore Holly, Bart Gunn, no rules, no disqualifications, Falls Count Anywhere.

JERRY: Watch it. Ooh!

MICHAEL: Those steel stairs are unforgiving.

JERRY: Pin him right there on the floor, Hardcore.

MICHAEL: Hardcore Holly came out last week in an interview

after defending the Hardcore Championship,

blamed the World Wrestling Federation for what he called many gimmicks,

including "Sparky" Plugg.

And, King, he also blamed former partners, including one Bart Gunn.



What a suplex on the steel ramp.

JERRY: I love "Sparky" Plugg.

That was endless material.


MICHAEL: And here's Bart now, hook to the leg, and a kick-out.

Let's take a look now at this double feature, King, what a suplex.

JERRY: Oh, right into that steel ramp.

Watch, now the DDT there. Oh!


JERRY: That's it for Hardcore.

That's gotta be it.

MICHAEL: Head first into the steel ramp,

and Bart Gunn may be on the verge of winning the Hardcore Championship.

JERRY: I'm telling you, these Hardcore Champions don't last too long, do they?

MICHAEL: Total disregard for your body, a certain mentality

to be involved in this type of match-up.

JERRY: Watch it!

MICHAEL: And now Holly feels the stairs, shoulder first.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

Hey, save some of that stuff for us later.

MICHAEL: And now, Holly, the recipient of the fire extinguisher and, King,

referring to the fact that the...

The ring will be engulfed in flames later on for the Inferno Match.

JERRY: Somebody's gonna burn, somebody's gonna get set on fire.

MICHAEL: Somebody has to. It's the only way to win.

JERRY: It's gonna be The Undertaker, I'm telling you right now.

I feel it and I'm gonna smell it later, the smell of burning flesh.

MICHAEL: The Undertaker has his way,

he's gonna take over the World Wrestling Federation from Mr. McMahon.

And he also said he has another surprise

in store for the owner of the WWF.

JERRY: Oh, I can't wait to see it, first time ever in the history of RAW.

Look at this. Oh!

MICHAEL: Into that steel structure that holds the Titantron up.

Bart Gunn battling back now against Hardcore Holly.

JERRY: They're up on that 15-foot ramp.

Ooh, what if that Titantron screen fell on him?

What are they doing now?

What is this?


MICHAEL: A watermelon cracked across the head of Hardcore Holly.

JERRY: Where'd a watermelon come from? Look at this.

MICHAEL: I don't know, but Hardcore with a watermelon shower there.

JERRY: Got a seed in his ear.

No, he's not gonna do that... Oh!


Snapped it in half.

JERRY: You gotta love that.

MICHAEL: Did you hear the metal echo?


JERRY: Come on, Hardcore, you wanted it, you got it.

BART: Come on, Holly!

MICHAEL: Hardcore's reign as a champion... As Hardcore Champion could be short-lived.

Bart Gunn with something to prove here.


MICHAEL: Well, that's one way to get back into it.

You know, that's perfectly legal, no rules.

And now Hardcore Holly going to the fruit stand.

JERRY: Where does all this fruit come from?

MICHAEL: I don't know.

JERRY: Are these from catering?

Look at this.

MICHAEL: A crate of bananas.

JERRY: (LAUGHING) That's just terrific.

MICHAEL: Hardcore Holly in control.

Now he's eating a banana.

JERRY: Next thing you know Juan Valdez is gonna come out here, look at this!

MICHAEL: A lot of potassium, help rejuvenate him for this hardcore match.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

Yeah, we need to clean this place... Oh, no.

MICHAEL: Metal trashcan into the forehead of Bart Gunn.

JERRY: What else?

MICHAEL: Total disregard for your body, folks, in these hardcore matches.

Falls Count Anywhere in the arena, and now

they are up 15 feet high on that steel stage.

JERRY: Oh, watch it.

MICHAEL: And the left hand of Bart Gunn finding its mark.

JERRY: Got any kumquats?

Look at this.


Hardcore Championship on the line, and Bart Gunn looks like a man

with a huge chip on his shoulder.

JERRY: I think that's a banana.

MICHAEL: And here's Hardcore Holly now.

JERRY: Oh, man, do you...

Do you hear that left hand when it finds its mark?

MICHAEL: These two used to be friends.

JERRY: What now?



MICHAEL: A sack of flour, King.

Hey, King.

JERRY: Look at... Look at this.

MICHAEL: Oh, kick to the midsection.

Holly's in trouble.

Wait a minute now.

JERRY: Who's that?

MICHAEL: What the hell is this?


MICHAEL: Who is this?

JERRY: Possibly the fruit vendor.

I don't know. Whoa, look at that.

MICHAEL: Wait a minute, no.

Look at this, he's attacking Bart...

JERRY: Oh! No!

MICHAEL: Bart Gunn, 15 feet into a table.


MICHAEL: Bart Gunn may be out cold.

Someone wearing a mask attacked Bart Gunn from out of nowhere.

JERRY: Who is it?

MICHAEL: And now Hardcore Holly looks to take advantage.

Bart Gunn's out, King.

JERRY: Oh, you're kidding me, look.

MICHAEL: Well, here's the cover, there's no rules.


And Hardcore Holly retains the Hardcore Championship.


JERRY: I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

MICHAEL: Well, Hardcore Holly can give the assist to that masked man.

Who in the world was that?

JERRY: You got me.

MICHAEL: Let's take another look at this double feature, 15 feet off the stage, King.

JERRY: Oh, man.

MICHAEL: And Bart Gunn was out cold,

allowing Hardcore Holly to retain the Hardcore Championship.



JR: Al Snow leading...


JR: ...Pepper out of a harm's way, apparently.

ROAD DOGG: Head. Do I keep saying that?

JERRY: Is that you that keeps saying "Head"?

ROAD DOGG: I thought it was the people.


JR: So the Road Dogg has laid down the challenge.

ROAD DOGG: The winner of this match,

I'll see what's going on right now, jumbo Jim. Look what's going on.

FINKEL: Introducing the challenger, from Lima, Ohio...

ROAD DOGG: He's... Where's Pepper?

FINKEL: Weighing 246 pounds...

ROAD DOGG: I don't even know if he's got the salt.

FINKEL: Al Snow.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

ROAD DOGG: He better bring Queen Latifah.

JERRY: I think he's got Pepper back in the puppy pound

back there somewhere. It's a good place for the...

That's the peeing-est dog I've ever been around.


JR: You still smell like urine.

ROAD DOGG: I know what...

I'm not gonna stand for this.

FINKEL: His opponent...

ROAD DOGG: I mean, I'm not gonna sit for it. Wait a minute.

What do I mean?

JERRY: I don't know.

JR: Wait a minute. Look out. Look out. Look out.

ROAD DOGG: I'm out of here.

JERRY: Where you going?


JR: Road Dogg leaving us.

JERRY: He didn't stay long. Wore out his welcome, though.

JR: Well, the Hardcore Title on the line here,

and Road Dogg has...

ROAD DOGG: It looks like Al Snow... Oh, Lord.

JR: I guess Road Dogg's...

ROAD DOGG: He's gonna show... Oh, showed him to his seat.

JERRY: Wait a minute. Is he doing commentary?

JR: Sounds like it.

JR, you and King comment from back there,

the rovin' Road Dogg's gonna get in on some of this.

JERRY: The rovin' Road Dogg?

JR: Well, I'll tell you what, that's what you call on-the-spot reporting.

ROAD DOGG: Look at this big stick I found.


JR: Hardcore Title on the line here.

The Big Boss Man, the champion.

ROAD DOGG: Well, that was fake.

JR: Defending against Al Snow,

and then remember this is a No Holds Barred match-up

for the Hardcore Title.

ROAD DOGG: Maybe I'm the lucky one that I'm not in this match.

JR: Pinfalls Count Anywhere.

ROAD DOGG: Just put in this, Al.

ROAD DOGG: King, are you seeing this?

JERRY: I'm seeing it. Can you hear us?

JR: Hard right hands by the Boss Man,

in the kidneys, and in the jaw.

JERRY: Watch yourself, Pepper.


JR: Boss Man, he can legally use anything

ROAD DOGG: He's got the dog.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

JR: It's not nailed down.

ROAD DOGG: He's got Pepper.

JR: Uh-oh.

JERRY: He has Pepper.

JR: Pepper's in that little cage. Come on, Boss Man.

ROAD DOGG: Bet the dog peed himself right then, King.

JERRY: (CHUCKLING) I guarantee it.

ROAD DOGG: Oh, Lord.

JERRY: Did he throw Pepper?

JR: I think the Boss Man just tossed Pepper aside in that,

in that doggy thing, that doggie case.

JERRY: Oh! Oh, no.

ROAD DOGG: Can you stay between me and them?

JR: Out there on the concrete, boy, it doesn't...

That's an unforgiving surface.

ROAD DOGG: Here they go.

JR: Oop. Oh. Somebody got...

JERRY: What's that... Oh.

ROAD DOGG: Say that boy's hurt?

He's hobbling.


JR: Oh, man. Look at that crutch and...

ROAD DOGG: Al is hobbling.

JR: Boss Man grabbed that crutch from that man.

ROAD DOGG: They're fighting like hell, King. I'm glad I ain't in this one.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

JR: Boss Man, at three hundred plus, the Hardcore Champion.

JERRY: Uh-oh. Watch yourself.

Oh, man.

JR: Al Snow just able to move out of the way.

ROAD DOGG: He's gonna spend some money.

Or Big Boss Man.

I'm out of the way.

JR: Road Dogg, former Hardcore Champion

back in the back giving us a bird's eye view and commentary.

JERRY: Where is he? I don't see him.

ROAD DOGG: Danger, broken glass.

JERRY: Oh, my God. Just watch yourself.

JR: Well, I'll tell you what, this...

JERRY: There's glass all over the place, they've...

JR: This is a dangerous crutch,

dangerous environment here, I'll tell you.

And the Boss Man, the force of that shook that vehicle.

JERRY: Look at this.

ROAD DOGG: He's going outdoors.

JR: Somebody raising the door and these two men are raising the roof here.

ROAD DOGG: No stranger to fighting outside with Al Snow.

JR: For the Hardcore Title.

You know, daylight here in Minneapolis,

and the Boss Man defending the Hardcore Title outside.

ROAD DOGG: Oh, my God. Somebody stop traffic, please.

Is the referee here for the match or to stop traffic?

JR: Trying to... Oh, man.

JERRY: Look at...

JR: Boss Man ramming Snow's face.

ROAD DOGG: There they go.

JERRY: Watch it.

JR: Right on that detour sign.

ROAD DOGG: King, you all still with us?

JERRY: Look both ways before you cross the...

What is this now?

ROAD DOGG: I'm gonna stop in for a cold one.

JR: Our cameraman trying...

JERRY: Where is he...

JR: Broken another camera to go try to document this.

JERRY: It feels like I'm watching that Blair Witch movie.

JR: Ooh. Snow and the Boss Man have fought across the street

from the Target Center.

ROAD DOGG: Al Snow is definitely no stranger to...

JR: There's a cover.

ROAD DOGG: One, two... Oh.

JERRY: There's the Road Dogg.

JR: Boss Man meeting Al Snow with a right hand coming up.

ROAD DOGG: There you go. There's a drunk saying give it to him.

I don't know what he's talking about.

JERRY: Look at this.


JERRY: This place, that's Blues Alley.

JR: That's gonna interrupt somebody's little...

ROAD DOGG: Losing money left and right here, King.

JR: Little twilight happy hour.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.


How'd that feel, boy?

JR: Boss Man, this is a...

ROAD DOGG: Probably didn't feel good to him.

JR: On the concrete...

ROAD DOGG: One, two, no.

One, two, three.

Two, right there.

JR: Snow able to get his shoulder up.

Man, this is a... You talk about career-shortening.

ROAD DOGG: Oh, now we're going indoors.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

So you better get'em out of there.

ROAD DOGG: King, I'll get you a double...

REFEREE: Out the way.

Dude, what's up?

JR: Well, the Big Boss Man and Al Snow...

JERRY: The Yellow Pages?

JR: one of the local establishments across the street

from the Target Center here.

The Hardcore Title on the line.

ROAD DOGG: King, we're in the bar.

JERRY: This...

ROAD DOGG: I just ordered a double shot of Jack.

JERRY: Yeah, this Bud's for you.

JR: Huge right hand.

JERRY: Look at this.

ROAD DOGG: I was trying to pick up... Never mind.

JR: Well, I guess it's a ladies' night, who knows, or maybe not.

ROAD DOGG: He's glad-handing. We've already got a governor here in the state, Al.

Worry about the Big Boss Man.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh. Oh. Wow.

ROAD DOGG: Vince is gonna be broke by the end of this.

JR: Commentary by the Road Dogg, who's on the scene.

ROAD DOGG: Watch out, camera people.

PATRONS: (CHANTING) Head! Head! Head!

ROAD DOGG: These people are wanting Head.

JERRY: Can you imagine just going out to have a nice quiet dinner?

ROAD DOGG: These people are wanting Head.

They're fighting back.

Here they go now. And... Ooh, broomstick.

Ooh, God Almighty. Ooh.

JERRY: Going back to the manager's office.

No, the restrooms.

ROAD DOGG: They're going to the bathroom.

JR: Oh, Boss Man and Al Snow are gonna... At least it's the men's room.

JERRY: Thank goodness.

ROAD DOGG: King, you with us? Jim Ross?

JR: Oh, we're here.

ROAD DOGG: I ordered you a double, too, Jim.

JR: Thank you.

JERRY: I think Al wants to freshen up in there a little bit. What's he got?

JR: Well, that...

JERRY: Oh, that's one of those things out of the urinal.

JR: It's a urine cake.


JR: Listen, Boss Man just ramming Al Snow's head against the wall.

BIG BOSS MAN: You like that?

JERRY: That was cool.

ROAD DOGG: I am glad I'm not in this one, King.

JR: Well, the Road Dogg has challenged the winner of this match.

ROAD DOGG: Here we go.

JR: Oh, and a right hand by the Boss Man.

And Al Snow with the heel of his hand coming right back.

JERRY: Oh. Whoa.

ROAD DOGG: Beer bottle.

I'm not paying for that one.

JERRY: What is this?

JR: Al Snow's got a chain now,

catching the Boss Man right in the face with that chain as Al Snow now...

ROAD DOGG: Who was that, gave him the chain?

JERRY: I don't know.

ROAD DOGG: Get in there, referee.

Get in there, ref.

Get in there, ref.

JR: Al Snow trying to choke the Boss Man out.

The Boss Man's a Hardcore Champion.

And Snow now on the wall.

ROAD DOGG: Here we go.

JERRY: Look out, look out.

JR: It's Al Snow, the moonsault off the bar right through the bar table.

ROAD DOGG: Oh, my God.

JR: And this is some carnage.

Look at the Boss Man...


JR: ...with a smile on his face.

The Boss Man is bleeding.

ROAD DOGG: That beer bottle did a little number on Big Boss Man's noodle.

Says the D-O-G-G the poodle. Ooh. Ooh.

JR: Boss Man...

ROAD DOGG: I'm in here in the thick of things.

JR: Boss Man bleeding from the arm and a head.

ROAD DOGG: Oh. And still fighting like hell.

JERRY: I thought we were... Oh, no, not the pool hall!

JR: That's gonna interrupt somebody's 9-ball game,

and the Boss Man broke a beer bottle over Al Snow.

Oh, the Boss... Oh, the Road Dogg just nailed the Boss Man.

ROAD DOGG: I just wanted to buy the guy a drink.

JERRY: Did you see that?

ROAD DOGG: I just wanted to buy the guy a drink.

JERRY: Oh, no.

ROAD DOGG: Now Al's got his balls in his hand.

JR: Here's a cover, two, three.


JR: And the Road Dogg, with his help,

Al Snow is the Hardcore Champion again.


JERRY: What?


JERRY: What?


JR: Yeah?

FINKEL: ...Hardcore Champion, Al Snow.

JR: Well, the Road Dogg used the Boss Man's own nightstick

for an unlikely assist for Al Snow.

JERRY: Look out.

JR: The Prince of Hardcore.

ROAD DOGG: King, JR, now all of sudden he's worried about that damn dog.

He's got me running like a bat out of hell trying to catch him.

JERRY: Hey, what's this?

JR: That's Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie

now being assaulted by Al Snow.

ROAD DOGG: Maybe it's his dog.

JERRY: For what?

JR: The Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards...

ROAD DOGG: To tell you the truth,

I hope they kill each other tomorrow night on RAW.

I'm winning my Hardcore Title back.

JERRY: What were the Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards

doing with Pepper?

JR: Who knows?

ROAD DOGG: Just don't be busy tomorrow evening.

JR: Al Snow is, once again, the reigning prince of hardcore.


JR: Using that crutch again.

ROAD DOGG: There's broken glass.

Bless the kid's heart. He don't have a leg to stand on.

JERRY: Oh, watch it. Oh.

ROAD DOGG: That was the sound of grass, or glass breaking. You know, either one.

JR: Al Snow using that crutch again on Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie.

ROAD DOGG: He won the match.

JERRY: Road Dogg.

JR: After regaining the Hardcore Title.

But what was... The question of the hour

is what were Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie,

did they have Pepper in their hands?


FINKEL: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Introducing first from Annville, Pennsylvania,

weighing 245 pounds, the Lethal Weapon,

Steve Blackman.

MICHAEL: You know, this guy is strange.

HAYES: This guy is strange, but this guy right here,

right now on Jakked has a Hardcore Title match

and he's capable of taking that title.

MICHAEL: And G.I. Joe there extremely dangerous as well.

HAYES: Oh, you're so cute.

MICHAEL: Martial arts expert, the Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman,

Hardcore Title on the line.


HAYES: A raise?

MICHAEL: We're talking about somebody who's touched.

FINKEL: His opponent, from Lima, Ohio...

HAYES: And not by an angel.

FINKEL: Weighing 246 pounds,

the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion, Al Snow.

MICHAEL: So Al Snow is set to take on the Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman.

Al Snow just hasn't been the same since Pepper

was taken out by Boss Man.

HAYES: Hey, I'm telling you, if you are associated with Al Snow,

it's the kiss of death.

MICHAEL: And here we go now.


MICHAEL: Steve Blackman, who brings a lot to the table,

martial arts expert quickness.

HAYES: Hey, have you noticed that Mankind has been making a lot of mental errors?

Now let's analyze this for just a second.

Trust me, I won't take long.

Mankind needs to quit thinking so much and just act.

MICHAEL: Mankind is so obsessed with becoming The Rock's best buddy,

Rock's best friend, this whole Rock'n'Sock Connection thing

that's been put together.