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(YO) [chuckling] So get this...

(TATARA) By the way...


(YO) I was out the other day...

(SARUHIKO) I dunno...

(MISAKI) I'm five millimeters taller...

They were my heroes....

(MISAKI) Are you even listening to me...?

(SARUTOBA) No way! I mean, really, no way.

You expect us to believe....

They always looked happy...

(MISAKI) I don't watch that crap!

(SARUHIKO) Misaki, be quiet...

Full of pride...

(MISAKI) The hell are you talking about?!

You're there all the time...

Like shining stars...

(YO) I know, right? Talk about bad timing.

[content breath]

I wanted to be... just like them...

To be one of them...


[flinching and struggling]

[heavy breathing]



And I did...


I was reborn...!

When did it all go wrong?


I got some good stuff in.

Really? Well, then... maybe I'll try some.

(MISAKI) [grunt]

Which of you's Yamata?!


[grunt] C'mon! Answer me!


[frightened groans]

So you're the bastard...


[grunt] I heard... used Homra and Mr. Mikoto's name

to do whatever the hell you wanted to do!

Yeah, so what?! I-I'm part of Homra, too, you know!

I'm just like you! I mean, I'm a Red Clansman, too, remember?!



(SARUHIKO) [grunt] Misaki, company.

(MISAKI) What?!

(HIMORI) Don't move! This is Scepter 4!

Ughhh! Dammit! [grunt]

(MISAKI) Huh? Hey!

[heavy breathing]

Why is this happening to me?

[heavy breathing]


(DAICHI) [heavy breathing]

I got ahold of some power... And I used it...

I just used my position to move higher up in the world!

[sigh and heavy breathing]

[worried breath]

I only wanted to win and work my way up!

So what went wrong?!


[nervous breaths]

(TATARA) Daichi Yamata. Right?

Been looking for you.

Mr. Totsuka...

I wanted to hear your side of the story.

I was really hoping that we could talk.

So, do you have a minute for me?


[nervous breath]

Huh? Wha--?

King? What are you doing here?

So, that the guy?

Uh, hold on a second, King. Let's just hear him out first...

Now I remember...



You got beaten up by some thugs, right?

Said that you wanted to become strong

so that you wouldn't be their prey anymore.

That was why you joined us.

[gasp] You remembered...!

Then once you got in,

you went from being the prey to becoming a predator yourself,

is that it?

Uhh... [stunned breath]

Uh, King...

I don't hold it against you; I get it...

You hit first so you don't get hit.

You don't want things taken from you, so...

you do the taking instead, right?


(MIKOTO) But here's the catch...


Anything that you take away from others someone else

is always gonna come and try to take away from you.

That's always true.



Here's another piece of advice.

What you really want isn't the power to control flames...

or even to be a member of Homra.

What you want isn't something that you can take from others.

What I...

...really want?

Pride in yourself.

[quivered breaths]


(MIKOTO) This kid...


...might just be another victim of my power...

Don't say that...

Maybe breaking up Homra is best.


[stunned breath]

So you want us to disband?



No way!


A dangerous King like you needs his rightful place.

You need a place where you can take naps!

Somewhere that you can eat some really good food!

And be entertained from time to time!

Not for your sake, but for the good of the public.

[grunt] Look, I don't give a damn about the public.

[chuckled sigh] Well, then... Just do it for me!



[annoyed sigh]

Anyway, let's just talk things over

with this guy for right now. Then later...

(BLUE MEMBER) I found him! Over here!

Scepter 4's here? But why?


...what's this all about?

Hello again, Red King.

[nervous breaths]

Now... in keeping with the duties of Scepter 4,

we need to have a talk with your man, Yamata,

and ask him a few questions.

So we'd like you to turn him over to us.

Go to hell.

[chuckle] I thought you said you don't give orders.

Hey, Totsuka.


Get going'.


[heavy breathing]

This is not good...

Men, draw-!


I've heard the Red King prides himself on his strength.

But targeting my clansmen first...

You're really just a bully, aren't you?

(MIKOTO) That's pretty funny coming from a guy who brings

a small army with him just to catch one kid.


Oh... I see...

You're buying time for your friends to escape.

How selfless of you.

Ms. Awashima... I need you to go apprehend the two who ran off.

But, Captain, then you...

It's okay. I can handle this by myself.


You heard him! Let's go!

Yes, ma'am!


Draw it.

Don't you know how to handle sharp objects?

Using a saber is overkill for apprehending a mere outlaw.

Besides... I'd feel bad if I maimed you.


it's completely fine for you to get my hopes up and all...

But if you aren't able to deliver, I'm gonna make you pay.

Trust me, I won't disappoint.




[pained grunts and groans]


Too easy...

Judging from the Kagutsu Incident...

a head-to-head clash between two Kings isn't the best move.

Our priority is apprehending Daichi Yamata. Until then...

I'll use as little effort as possible

to keep this man at bay...


I take back what I said.

You've exceeded my expectations. Very well done, Munakata.

[gasp and grunt]

My turn now.

Coming right at me?! Bah, what a fool!

Ahhh! [grunt]


[grunts and straining]




[grunts and straining]

[chuckle] What's the matter, rookie? Show some effort!

I see...

He's a King alright, that's for sure.

[heavy breaths and straining]

(REISI) Did you imagine that I'd be crawling on the ground

covered in dirt after that?

For an arrogant smart ass, that move was pretty nice.

You, too...

That last move befits a dirty hoodlum such as yourself.

[charging growl]






[pained grunt and growl]

Another nice move.




Not bad...

This is problematic...

And it's getting me nowhere...

Very well... You win this battle.


I'll agree to leave Daichi Yamata

in Homra's custody for now.

And I'll also agree to withdraw- this time.



What's wrong?

A declaration of surrender isn't enough for you?

(MIKOTO) You know what?

I've never met anyone who pisses me off the way you do!


[gasp] What're you doing?!

(MIKOTO) Can't you tell?

I'm gonna finish the bastard who pisses me off!

(REISI) Have you lost your mind?!

What do you think, huh?



[straining and grunt]

[grunt] Ahhh!

[pained grunt]

You six, cover that side.



[gasp] Huh?!



Just what the hell is wrong with that man?!




I got a bit emotional.

Ms. Awashima, do you have Daichi Yamata in custody?

Mm... Uh... I'm sorry, sir. Not yet.


Then I suppose you'd better go continue your search.

But, uh... Captain...

What about the Red King?

(REISI) Don't worry about him.


I'll deal with Mikoto Suoh personally.

(HIMORI) Stay calm!

Surround them, but keep your distance!


They're becoming a real pain in the ass!


...stay cool.

I got you!

[grunts and heavy breaths]

[chuckle] Hey, Mr. Kusanagi!

Good grief...

Totsuka never called back, so I got worried.

I come to see what's up and find this?

Fall back! We'll regroup at the perimeter!

Thanks, Mr. Kusanagi! That was close!

Yeah, you'd better thank me!

I thought I told you boys to lay low.

Hey! They attacked us first!

(IZUMO) Where's Yamata?


He managed to escape.

Then, what about Totsuka?

Don't know.

[groan] And now I come out here and find you two fighting

against the Blues?

Psh! C'mon, you guys. Seriously, give me a break, would ya?!


Mr. Kusanagi... is... is that... what I think it is...?

[gasp] It's Mikoto...

[worried sigh and groan]

It'll be fine...

Right, King?


This is your last warning.

Mikoto Suoh... must stand down.

I like the look on your face.



We of Scepter 4...

...fulfill our duties as men of the sword.


We do not allow disorder. We do not allow violence.

We will advance with our swords in our hands.

We will triumph, because our cause is just!

(MIKOTO) [scoff]



What's your plan if it falls? Just like with our predecessors?

I won't let either sword fall.

You're going to look after me, too?

All that I need to do is simply lop off a few of your limbs.

How valiant. Man, you piss me off...

And you're hopeless. Beyond saving.

Why?! You were chosen to be a King,

so why won't you fulfill your duty?

I don't give a shit!

I'm not gonna let some duty define who I am!







Those with power...

...have a responsibility to wield it properly, too!

Oh, screw you and your responsibility!

Who the hell decides that, anyway?!



(REISI) Suoh! Yours is the arrogance of the powerful!

(MIKOTO) I'll determine for myself if I'm powerful or not!

It's not up to someone else to decide!

Am I merely wasting my breath with you?

Like I said,

if a guy only sees things according to his own

standards regardless of how sharp he is, he's still a fool!


[chuckle] You know what, Munakata?

I really don't like you one bit.


What a coincidence, Suoh. Because the feeling is mutual.

[grunt] I'm gonna crush you like a bug.

I'll dice you up and serve you on a platter!

I'm really gonna enjoy watching you cry.

I can't wait to see you grovel before me.

Here I come.

Bring it!




A conflict takes place.

Between two sides; Yin and Yang.

Can they become one?

Greetings to you both...

Red King, Mikoto Suoh... And Blue King, Reisi Munakata.

I am the Colorless King,

Ichigen Miwa, Conciliator of the Seven Kings.

I have come belatedly, I admit,

at the behest of His Excellency, the Gold King...

Diakaku Kokujoji.

This isn't your fight! Just stay out of it!



[breath and gasp]

It is not the time or place to settle your differences.

The Gold Clan, Tokijikuin, will clean up your mess.

Daichi Yamata will remain in the custody of the Red Clan.

However... henceforth...

Scepter 4 will enforce the rules when someone goes too far,

even Homra's lower members.

I have no objection to Your Excellency's decision.

Same goes for me.

Now, since there's nothing more to talk about, I'm leaving.

Oh? It appears that the Red King is exhausted.

Perhaps he overexerted himself?

A whole lotta bad shot went down yesterday.

And I was up the whole night drinking...

that's all.


(REISI) But your Excellency...

are you absolutely certain that you want to let us go

without any punishment?

What exactly would I punish you for?

Two Kings choosing to engage in battle, of course.

Punishment befitting the risk of possibly

causing a Damocles Down event.


The two of you are the Dresden Slate's chosen.

What's done is done.

It would be completely meaningless to

punish you for it now.

However, Protocol 120 does expressly forbid Kings

from fighting needlessly.

I'm the leader who originally crafted that agreement.

And the both of you would do well to remember that.

[nervous grunt]

Sorry, but when stuff that I don't like happens,

I tend to ignore the rules.

[exasperated sigh]

We will abode as long as we agree with the terms.

But of course, having said that...

there really is no way to account for the unexpected.



[laughter] You are indeed Kings!

Oh...! [gasp] Huh?!

Uh...! [grunt]


So those two are the ones chosen to be the new

Red and Blue Kings.

Now to watch it unfold...

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