Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 타인의 장바구니-요리가 되는 간편제품들 My shopping cart - Turning store-bought food into nice meals

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I like to cook and eat, but

Mealtime sometimes comes too often

Simple products that save you time and effort

A shopping cart that makes cooking easier

Today is the day I go to the supermarket

Carrying groceries up the stairs can be difficult

These days, I mostly use early morning delivery.

I go to the supermarket sometimes

In the summer, the green onion is too rough, so I bought a small amount of peeled green onion.

Granola, often used as a topping on yogurt

Sangha Ranch Ice Cream is loved by children these days.

My son's favorite galbi dumplings

Easy-to-use Ardo organic frozen vegetable mix

Starting to get hot after moving around

Ice cream for my son who came home from school

CJ Yakisoba

My son and I are having dinner together.

Since it's not contained in a ziplock bag, I put the rest in a container.

Grill pork belly (or bacon) until golden brown

Stir-fry vegetables and add noodles

200ml water (100ml per person)

Cook noodles, add sauce and fry

Add a handful of bean sprouts and finish

Sprinkle with the included sauce and katsuobushi and you're done.

If you want more flavor, add coriander or green onions

Delicious dinner with my son

If you like yakisoba, you should try it.

A large customer who is hungry even though it is not mealtime

It's Sangha kitchen butter chicken curry that is heated in a microwave.

It is delicious to eat with New Delhi butter naan from Curly.

It's not as good as a restaurant, but it's good enough

It gets tough when it cools down, so bake it a little and eat it while it's warm.

Instant but garnish is important

Add whipped cream and parsley

Bayaba prepares beer

Weekend afternoon beer


On Sunday morning, Bayaba and I prepare brunch for the two of us.

Costco frozen mini french rolls.

The quantity is large, but our family, which likes bread, eats it quickly.

It is crispy and delicious when baked in the air fryer or oven.

Three shape organic short pasta from Costco

A product that I always buy because it is organic and in a pretty shape.

Ardo organic vegetable mix

It's not a ziplock bag, so it's stored separately.

Fry with water without oil, just salt and pepper

bacon and eggs

Drain the boiled pasta and toss with pesto while hot.

costco basil pesto

Grana Padano


Take out the toasted bread.

Weekend brunch with freshly brewed coffee

Busy high school students go out early even on weekends

Brunch with Bayaba

Will there be more of these days in the future?

The rain continued to pour and then suddenly stopped.

I need to pick some lettuce before it rains again.

Add anchovy fish sauce, plum syrup, red pepper powder, and minced garlic little by little

Make lettuce seasoning with onion, chives and sesame oil

Add a little more plum syrup and sesame seeds

I'm going to cook perilla potato ongshim for lunch.

It's so easy with just anchovy broth

Market Kurly Fresh Potato Ongshim

It's a little small, but it's so easy to make.

Soy sauce

When Ongshim starts to float, add perilla powder and chives and turn off the heat.

It is more delicious if you use peeled fine perilla powder.

A cup of tea

Perilla Potato Ongshim, nice to eat alone

Make easy and delicious dishes and have a healthy summer

Thank you

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