Practice English Speaking&Listening with: AleXa (알렉사) - 'Villain': MV Reaction (feat. 안무팀)

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Hello! This is AleXa

The music video 'Villain' was released

So... Today, I will watch it in the practice room with my lovely dance team

Let's get started!!

Can you see?



Wow, looks beautiful


It's cool!!



The pool was so slippery



It's so LIT!!!

Those steps were so hard to dance on I don't think you understand


I pretended to understand.

So cool!


I knew it!


Oh! It's Drama scene!

Ah, When did you shoot that??

Is that..5am?


Holy! Holy!

Holy holy?! LOL

The smoke comes out pretty in the back!

So beautiful!!!

oh It's cool



What's that?

Is that AleXa?

All of them are dead AleXas

Dead AleXas

It's a tough part now

Last one!!

Ah! That's pyramid!

Wow. Cool MV


Wait! What else..?

Oh, That's..

What's that? kind of Universe?


Wow! Thank you so much everyone!!!

As hard as we struggled, it came out pretty.

wow, I think it's really cool

Yeah, I know! the last scene..

Such a nice

How was it?

I love it!

It came out as beautiful as how hard it was!!

The way of filming was really good!

What's your choreography point?

Our Choreography point is...

Villain, horn!

No one was right

Well done, Well done!

Bye!! BYE!!!

Hey guys, it's your girl AleXa

Thank you so much for watching the 'Villain' music video

I hope you guys like, share, favorite and all that jazz

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And don't forget to stream 'Villain' which is available on all streaming platforms

As usual

Thank you so so much

And please give it lots of love

Lots of hard work we put into it with my lovely dance team, the crew behind the camera

The editors, the costumers, everybody

Thank you so much

See you soon

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