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With Borderlands 3 right around the corner, we here at Suggestive Gaming figured its

time to head back to Pandora to take a look at the story of the universe so far.

Note that we will be covering Tales from the Borderlands, which features several moments

with multiple choices, in-which well briefly mention both, as a canon set of choices has

not yet been established.

We also wont be referring to the various non-important DLC-specific events and characters

throughout the series, so take note if you notice them missing.

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With all of that said, this is what you need to know about Borderlands.

In the year 2864, the Atlas corporation, after finding a Vault of alien weapons on the planet

Promethea, sends several colonization ships to the planet Pandora in search of another


Unfortunately, upon reaching the planet, the workers discover nothing of value, only various

artifacts from the planets former inhabitants, the alien species the Eridians.

When the season changed, Pandoras inhabitant creatures emerged and posed a threat to the

workers, who quickly departed from the planet.

Later, the Dahl Corporation sends an archaeologist named Patricia Tannis with her team to research

and find if a Vault truly exists on the planet.

She discovers that the vault does in fact exist, but can only be opened every two hundred

years using a key that must be assembled from three fragments.

Atlas learns of her discovery, and sends their private military force, the Crimson Lance,

to capture her and extract the information.

Faced with this opposition, Dahl quickly leaves, leaving Tannis and all of their other workers

on the planet to fend for themselves.

Tannis then sends out a signal to spread the legend of the Vault and inspire others to

hunt for the vault key fragments.

Some time later, a team of four Vault Hunters (Roland, Mordecai, Brick, and Lilith) arrive

in the town of Fyrestone, where they begin to experience visions through the planets

ECHOnet communication network.

The mysterious messages are from a woman calling herself their Guardian Angel, and she gives

them instructions to find the Vault.

After finding a robot calledClaptrapand a man named Dr. Zed, the hunters eventually

find the first key fragment, triggering Tannis to get in contact with them.

She tells them what she discovered years ago, and sends them to go find three more pieces.

As they set off, Commandant Steele sends the Crimson Lance to stop them and retrieve the


After the hunters successfully retrieve the second and third fragments, they return them

to Tannis, who sends them out to find one final piece, which she claims was stolen by

bandit leader Baron Flynt.

Once they arrive and defeat him, however, they find the chest supposedly containing

the fragment empty.

Steele contacts them, informing them that Tannis betrayed them, and the three pieces

they had previously collected were all that were needed to assemble the key, which was

now in the Crimson Lances possession.

Steele then shuts down the ECHOnet, severing the hunterscommunication with the Guardian


They then infiltrate the Crimson Lances headquarters to rescue Tannis, who tells them

that they need to restart the network and stop Steele before she reaches the Vault.

Upon restarting the network, the Guardian Angel contacts them again and leads the hunters

to Steele.

After fighting their way through not only Crimson Lance forces, but alien Vault Guardians,

the hunters finally reach Steele at the Vault.

Unfortunately, they are moments too late, as she uses the key to open the vault.

To everyones surprise, the Vault is revealed to be holding a monster called the Destroyer,

which eviscerates Steele and her team.

The Guardian Angel reveals that this monster was imprisoned by the Eridians long ago, with

the key and guardians erected as security measures to ensure it did not escape captivity.

The hunters are able to kill the monster, and the Vault is sealed once again, restarting

the 200 year cycle.

Afterwards, General Knoxx takes command of the Crimson Lance and launches an assault

on Pandoras Parched Fathoms region.

The Vault Hunters travel there to find out what hes planning.

After working with mechanic Scooter to build a new vehicle, the hunters find his mother,

Mad Moxxi.

She helps them build an even faster vehicle, which they use to jump an outcrop to reach

the Lockdown Palace prison.

There, they find an assassin named Athena being held by the prisons leader Shank,

who plans to turn her over to the Crimson Lance to collect her bounty.

Fighting through the prison, the hunters eventually encounter and kill Shank, finding Athena afterwards.

After freeing Athena, she works with the hunters to find and unlock Knoxxs secret armory.

Once they arrive, they find Knoxx preparing to kill himself having lost faith in Atlas,

but upon noticing the hunters, he decides to fight them, with his armory being their

reward for his death.

They defeat him, and loot the armory.

After killing Knoxx, Athena eventually finds work for a programmer for the Hyperion corporation

named Jack.

Jack sends Athena, Claptrap (who had met Jack sometime after the Vault opening), and Vault

Hunters Nisha, and Wilhelm to find a Vault on Pandoras moon: Elpis.

However, on their way to Helios, Hyperions moon base, their ship is attacked by an army

of Dahl forces known as Lost Legion.

They are able to crash land on the base and rendezvous with Jack.

They try to activate the bases defense systems, but are blocked by an unknown signal

from Elpis.

They then attempt to escape, but are stopped by Lost Legions commander Colonel Zarpedon,

protected by an unknown alien entity.

Jack stays behind and sends the Vault Hunters to Elpis.

There, the hunters meet junk dealer Janey Springs, who helps them get to Concordia,

where they meet with Moxxie on Jacks orders.

Moxxie helps them find the signal that blocked Heliosdefenses, which leads them to a

Dahl station, where they determine it was activated by the head of Concordia and former

underling of Jack, The Meriff.

The hunters go to the source of the signal to stop it, and on the way discover that Zarpedon

is using Helioss main weapon, the Eye of Helios, to shoot a giant laser at the surface

of Elpis.

Jack meets back up with the hunters, and they confront The Meriff in his office, with Jack

eventually killing the man, securing Concordia.

Determined to retake Helios, Jack sends the hunters to a Lost Legion base to retrieve

an artificial intelligence to use in building a robot army.

The hunters do so, finding the A.I., who renames herself Felicity.

They take her to the Titan Robot Production Plant, where Jack works with a scientist named


Gladstone suggests using a robot he built called the Constructor, which can in turn

build more robots itself, creating a self-sustaining army.

Felicity learns of the violence shes intended to carry out and refuses to help, but is forced

inside, turning on the hunters, who are forced to defeat her and delete her personality from

the robot.

Now with their robot army, Jack, the hunters, Moxxi, as well as Roland and Lilith from the

initial Vault search on Pandora, return to Helios and clear out the Lost Legion.

They also defeat Zarpedon, who warns Jack of the consequences of his actions, as well

as informing them that the Vault on Elpis has already been opened before her death.

Now able to manually reboot the eye, they proceed to it, where it is revealed to actually

be the eye of the Destroyer, the monster released from the Vault on Pandora.

Moxxi, Roland, and Lilith, knowing the Destroyers power, betray Jack by destroying the eye,

preventing him from being able to use it for his own desires.

Angered and vengeful, Jack brings the vault hunters back to Elpis, but find Zarpedons

warning was true, and witness the Vault there opened.

The hunters are then forced to fight and defeat the Vaults guardians, as well as its

inhabitant: the Empyrean Sentinel.

Jack enters the Vault, but finds nothing inside except a floating symbol, which he touches

and is shown a vision of the future and another Vault, containing the Warrior.

Lilith teleports into the Vault and punches Jack through the symbol, burning it into his

face as a disfiguring scar.

She leaves, and Jack is left there to vow his revenge on her and the bandits of Pandora,

drifting into madness.

Athena, realizing the heroic Jack she started this journey with was dead; leaves him.

Later on, Wilhelm and Nisha join Jack in his rise to power.

Jack, now donning a synthetic mask afixed to his face to hide his scars, kills the CEO

of Hyperion and appoints himself in his place, now going by the moniker: Handsome Jack.

Later, Athena reluctantly takes work from Jack once again, and they end up eliminating

the entire Claptrap robot line, leaving the last one dismantled on Pandora in Windshear

Waste, which is found by a hunter named Sir Hammerlock who repairs it back to working


Years later, four Vault Hunters (Zer0, Maya, Axton, Salvador), are traveling through Pandora

by train when it is suddenly taken over by Handsome Jack, who crashes the train and leaves

them stranded in Windshear Waste, where they are met by Claptrap.

Once again, the Guardian Angel contacts the Vault Hunters and leads them to the city of

Sanctuary, a city made out of a derelict Dahl spacecraft, where they join a Hyperion resistance

outfit called the Crimson Raiders, whose main goal is to take down Handsome Jack.

During a mission to rescue Roland, who has since become leader of the Crimson Raiders,

the hunters meet Lilith, who they take back to Sanctuary.

After leaving the city once again, they head to Bloodshot Ramparts where they fight through

various groups of adversaries to retrieve Roland and return him to Sanctuary.

There, they discover that Hyperion has obtained the key to a newly discovered Vault, and are

transporting it on a train.

Enlisting the help of Mordecai, from the first team of Vault Hunters, as well as an adolescent

explosives expert, Tiny Tina, the Hunters set out to stop the train.

When they do so, however, they do not find the key, but instead Wilhelm, now transformed

into a powerful cyborg.

The Hunters defeat Wilhelm, and recover his power core to use for Sanctuarys defenses.

When they use it, however, the Guardian Angel is revealed to be inside and working for Jack.

She enters the citys defense systems, shutting them down and allowing Helios to bomb the


Lilith is able to activate the ships engines and teleport into the sky, transporting the

Vault Hunters back to the ground.

The Guardian Angel contacts them once more and explains that she is reluctantly working

for Jack and truly wants to help them.

She then leads them back to Sanctuarys new location.

Once there, the Guardian Angel explains that Jacks plan is to open the second Vault

to unleash the Warrior he had seen in his vision.

She reveals that the key is being kept with her in a maximum security Hyperion facility.

Because the key only recharges every 200 years, Jack plans on using her to charge it manually.

The Vault Hunters set off to the Wildlife Preserve on the advice of Mordecai, whose

pet Bloodwing, who was kidnapped by Hyperion, has an upgrade for Claptrap to help them past

the companys defenses.

They are able to obtain the upgrade, but Bloodwing dies, causing Mordecai to vow revenge against

Jack, joining the Vault Hunters at Sanctuary.

With one hurdle of entering Hyperions Facility out of the way, the Vault Hunters, with Rolands

help, acquire air support after meeting an infamous bandit leader known as the Slab King,

who turns out to be the former Vault Hunter Brick, who also returns back to Sanctuary

with the group.

Equipped with the upgraded Claptrap, the Hunters storm the Hyperion base where they find the

Guardian Angel, who is not only a real person, but also, like Lilith and Maya, is one of

six Sirens: a human with mystical powers.

She is also revealed to be Jacks daughter, and has been working based on his instruction

since the very beginning, setting up the events to create his rise to power.

In order to stop her father from opening the Vault, Angel asks the Hunters to kill her

so he is unable to use her to recharge its Key.

Despite Jacks attempt at sending reinforcements, the Hunters are able to defeat them and kill


Jack, enraged and vengeful, kills Roland and captures Lilith to use her to recharge the

key instead.

Fortunately, Lilith is able to temporarily resist his restraint, and teleport the others

back to Sanctuary.

The Vault Hunters then set out and to learn the Vaults location.

Afterwards, Mordecai and Brick steal a Hyperion Ship and fly there while the Hunters approach

by land.

The Hunters find Jack, but are unable to stop him from opening the vault, and the Warrior

is unleashed.

Following an intense battle, the Hunters are able to once again defeat the imprisoned behemoth

and kill the Warrior, bringing an end to Handsome Jacks plans.

Afterwards, Handsome Jack is killed, and Lillith attempts to destroy the Vault Key just as

Brick and Mordecai catch up to her.

Somehow, she accidentally activates a map of the galaxy, with the location of multiple


She proclaims, “there aint no rest for the wicked”, as Pandora celebrates the defeat

of Handsome Jack.

Meanwhile, Hyperion employee Rhys is demoted to a janitorial position by his adversarial

new boss, Hugo P. Vasquez.

Having expected a promotion, Rhys overhears that Hugo will be purchasing a Vault Key from

a bandit on Pandora named August.

He, along with his friends Vaughn (a low-level accountant) and Yvette (a requisition and

transport employee) decide to steal a briefcase of money to conduct the deal for the Key themselves.

On their way to the deal, Rhys picks up a flash drive from the body of a deceased Hyperion

scientist, Professor Nakayama.

Rhys meets with August to buy the key, but discovers that it was a fake created by Augusts

girlfriend Sasha, her sister Fiona, and their mentor Felix.

Sasha and Fiona try to escape with the money, but a group of bandits led by Bossanova ambush

them and steal it.

Zer0, one of the Vault Hunters from the Warrior Vault expedition, arrives and follows Bossanova,

who escapes with the money.

Afterwards, Rhys and Vaughn form a temporary alliance with Sasha, Fiona, and Felix to recover

the cash.

Hoping the flash drive he found will help them track down the briefcase, Rhys installs

it into his cybernetics, causing his to pass out.

After Rhys regains consciousness, the team finds Zer0 making his way into an old Atlas


They follow him inside and Felix steals the briefcase, taking it for himself.

At this point, Fiona can either shoot Felix, or let him attempt to open the briefcase,

triggering its explosive protection.

Either way, both the money and Felix are gone.

Zer0 kills Bossanova and reports back to Moxxi, and the two discuss Zer0s mission to find

something calledGortys”, which he has had no luck in doing so far.

After the battle, Rhys, Vaughn, Fiona, and Sasha reunite and after Rhys falls through

the floor, discover some old Atlas equipment, including two keys that combine to display

a map throughout the room.

Suddenly, a hologram of Handsome Jack appears to Rhys.

Unbeknownst to him, the flash drive he installed contained an Artificial Intelligence of the

deceased former Hyperion CEO.

Jack informs Rhys that they have found theGortys Project”, and that it will lead

them to a Vault.

Seeking more information on the Gortys Project, the group head to Old Haven where they hope

to investigate another Atlas facility.

However, on the way, they are attacked by Helioscannon, and Rhys and Vaughn are

separated from Fiona and Sasha.

Rhys and Vaughn are forced to wander through a desert, where they are tracked down by Vasquez.

Vasquez then forces the two men to dig their own graves, revealing in the conversation

that Vaughn had made a deal with him to give up Rhys, which Vaughn shrugs off as a means

to keep him at bay.

Luckily, with help from Jack, who discovers he can partially control Rhyss cybernetic

arm, and Yvettes Loader Bot, the two men are able to escape Vasquez.

Meanwhile, Fiona and Sasha go to Hollow Point, where they meet Scooter, who helps fix their

vehicle as they go to Felixs hideout to loot his supplies.

There, they find a video he left which explains his motives for stealing the money: to pay

off a crime boss named Vallory (who also happens to be Augusts mother) who had placed a

bounty on all of their heads.

The two are then ambushed by two bounty hunters named Finch and Kroger, but are able to escape,

only to be chased by Athena, whom they believe to also be looking to collect their bounties.

On the run, the women are able to get their vehicle and eventually meet back up with Rhys

and Vaughn, with the group eventually ending up in Old Haven, where they are ambushed by

August and Vasquez.

Vasquez takes Rhys, while August takes Fiona, leaving Vaughn and Sasha to be guarded by

the goons.

Rhys and Fiona are then led to devices on opposite ends of the facility to use each

of the two keys they found earlier.

After the keys are used, barriers appear between Rhys, Fiona, and their captors.

AGortys Coreis activated, and a group of security bots approach the two.

They are able to disable them, however, either with Jack controlling Rhyss arm, or Fiona

using a stun grenade.

The group are able to escape with the Gortys unit, but are stopped by Vallory and her lackeys.

She kills Vasquez, but before she can kill the others, Athena arrives and forces Vallory

and August to retreat.

Afterwards, Athena explains that she was hired by Felix to watch over Fiona and Sasha.

Fiona then activates the Gortys unit, which turns out to be a robot, who explains that

she was created by Atlas to locate the Vault of the Traveler, which has the ability to

travel across the universe.

However, since Athena had killed all of Atlass employees during her creation, Gortys was

never actually completed.

The group then follow Gortyss instructions and head to another Atlas facility to find

Gortyss chassis.

There, the group is able to obtain the upgrade, but not before Vallory arrives to capture

them once again.

Gortys is forced to reveal her next upgrade location: Helios; and Athena is taken away

by Brick and Mordecai to be taken back to Lilith.

Once there, Lilith threatens to kill Athena for her hand in helping Handsome Jack rise

to power.

However, Athena pleas with her by telling the story of what truly happened, and why

she initially trusted Jack.

Her story doesnt sway Lilith, however, who attempts to kill her anyway.

Before she can, however, the unknown alien that once appeared with Colonel Zarpedon appears

to protect Athena.

The alien, known only asThe Watcher”, us revealed to be one of the Eridians that

once inhabited Pandora.

The Watcher then warns the group that a war is incoming, and they will need all of the

Vault Hunters they can get.

Rhys, and the rest of the group (save for an injured Vaughn), are sent by Vallory to

retrieve Gortyss next and final upgrade from Handsome Jacks former office on Helios.

To ensure their compliance, she also sends August and her two bounty hunters, Finch and

Kroger, with them as well.

They once again visit Scooter and his assistant Janey Springs, who convert their vehicle into

a spaceship.

Scooter initially joins in their journey, but along the way is forced to sacrifice himself

to stop the ship from exploding.

Once they arrive on Helios, Rhys disguises himself as Vasquez, while Fiona poses as a

tour guide.

Rhys, as Vasquez, meets up with Yvette, and discovers that she had betrayed Rhys and had

a deal with Vasquez.

Rhys makes his way back to Fiona, who gives a VIP tour.

One of the group members tries to enter Jacks office and is promptly disintegrated, setting

off an emergency lockdown of the office.

Jack then tells Rhys about a trap door in the office that he can use to enter the office

through the prison level.

Fiona then gets herself arrested to help get Rhys down to the prison, where he is successfully

able to enter Jacks office and retrieve Gortyss upgrade.

Down in the prison, Yvette appears before Fiona with some Hyperion guards, who had captured


Back in Jacks office, Jack offers Rhys the opportunity to jack into the executive

override port to effectively take over Hyperion.

Rhys can either accept this offer, or refuse.

If he chooses the latter, Jack forces him anyway, and either way Jack is uploaded into


Sometime later, Jack reveals an endoskeleton robotic suit, which he plans to put into Rhys

and upload his consciousness into to give him a body once again.

Rhys is able to escape the office and get the upgrade to Fiona and Sasha, who had escaped

from their captors.

Fiona and Sasha head to the hangar to escape, but Rhys stays behind to disable Helios

core in order to send it on a collision course with Pandora, in hopes to finally destroy

Handsome Jack.

On their way to the Hangar, Fiona and Sasha are confronted by Handsome Jack, but August

arrives and shoots down the monitors, preventing him from interfering.

At the hangar, Finch and Kroger appear and take Gortys, holding the rest of them at gunpoint.

August has a change of heart and protects them from the bounty hunters, and Sasha is

able to get into the ship, unfortunately leaving Fiona behind.

Loader Bot then sacrifices himself to ensure that Rhys and Fiona can get to escape shuttles

to get off Helios before it crashes into Pandora.

In the wreckage of the station, Jack again downloads himself into Rhyss cybernetics

to attempt to kill him.

Rhys is able to resist and pull out his cybernetics, and afterwards he can either destroy his eye

implant to kill Jack, or keep him imprisoned in it.

Afterwards, Rhys passes out.

Meanwhile, Fiona lands on Pandora and discovers that Gortys had been upgraded and used by

Vallory to unleash the Vaults guardian: The Traveler.

Fiona makes her way to Vallory, finding a dying Finch on the way.

Once reaching Vallory, the Traveler kills her after a short confrontation, much to the

anguish of an onlooking August.

Afterwards, Gortys pleas for Fiona to use a nearby rocket launcher to kill her, as it

is the only way to stop The Traveler.

Initially, she is unable to hit her target, but Sasha arrives in the knick of time to

help her aim the launcher and destroy Gortys, causing the Vault and the Traveler to disappear.

A good amount of time later, Rhys awakens, and is eventually knocked out and captured

by a mysterious stranger, who also had also previously captured Fiona.

The stranger takes Rhys and Fiona to Kroger, planning to hand the two over in exchange

for a captive bandit.

However, the bandit escapes and kills Kroger, tying up the stranger and releasing Rhys and


The bandit then takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Vaughn, who then escorts them

back to Helios, which has since been repurposed into a base for the Hyperion refugees, now

called the Children of Helios.

Once there, the stranger is actually revealed to be Loader Bot, who took Jacks endoskeleton

body as his own to seek the truth about Gortysdeath.

Loader Bot then proclaims that with everybody assembled, they now had the strength to rebuild

Gortys, defeat the Traveler, and enter the Vault.

The group agree, and hatch a plan to rebuild a giant Gortys and use her to fight the Traveler

hand to hand.

They do so and set off to battle.

During the confrontation, Fiona and Sasha enter the Traveler, and plant explosives inside.

As the two escape, however, Sasha sacrifices herself to stay behind to ensure the explosives


With the explosives, Gortysattacks, and a cannon controlled by Vaughn, the Traveler

is taken down and finally destroyed, leaving a dying Sasha on the ground.

Fiona rushes over to be with her sister, and gives her one final gift from their long lost

mentor Felix: a watch that rises and heals her.

Rhys and Fiona help Sasha up, and the entire group celebrates their victory.

Rhys and Fiona then rush into the Vault, and approach the chest inside.

After a bit of reminiscing, the two touch the chest, and are suddenly teleported to

an unknown location.

Shortly thereafter, we find the Crimson Raiders leaderless, with Lilith refusing to take command.

With no leader, ship, or way to decipher the map contained in the Vault Key, the Raiders

begin to grow restless before Sanctuary is suddenly attacked by an unknown aggressor

using a poisonous gas that turns its victims into monstrous creatures.

Lilith and company fall back to their headquarters, where Lilith teleports the Crimson Raiders

off of Sanctuary, leaving the Vault Key to be captured by their attacker: Colonel Hector

of the New Pandora Army (a long-abandoned Dahl battalion).

Lilith and some Vault Hunters, looking for a place to regroup, eventually find a camp

called the Backburner, along with its sole remaining inhabitant: Vaughn.

The hunters help Vaughn reset the camps defenses and the rest of the Crimson Raiders

rejoin them there, using it as a temporary base of operations until they can take back


The hunters then head out to retrieve samples for Tannis to make an antidote for Hectors

Paradise Gas”.

After returning with the samples to Tannis, she determines that she cannot produce an

antidote, but does trace the gas to a scientist named Cassius Leclemane: a former Atlas employee

that Vaughn met during the Traveler incident.

Vaughn contacts Cassius, who admits that he created the gas for Hector under false pretenses.

He promises to start work on an antidote and invites the hunters to his laboratory to retrieve


The hunters meet up with Mordecai and with the help of his new pet, Talon, protect him

from an ambush, but not before hes infected by the gas.

Lilith takes him back to camp, and the hunters head to meet with Cassius.

Unfortunately, their way to him has been reinforced by Hector, and theyll need to find a heavy

weapon to blast through it.

They determine that their best bet is Helioscannon, and Vaughn instructs them on how to

get to it: through a dangerous area calledThe Burrows”.

On their way to Helios, the Vault Hunters meet up with Brick, who helps them reach Helios,

where the hunters fight their way through more infected to finally reach the cannon.

Once they reach it, Lilith teleports Tiny Tina there to provide her explosives expertise.

After assembling and loading explosives into the canon, they blast the gate Hector reinforced,

allowing them to go through.

Stopping by Backburner to grab a sample of Mordecais blood on the way, the hunters

finally reach Cassiuslab.

Once there, the hunters insert the blood sample into Cassiusscanner, and after discovering

that the sample had been tainted, the professor reveals himself to be in the late stages of

infection, and asks the hunters to put him out of his misery and use his own blood as

an additional sample to produce the antidote.

After killing Cassius, the hunters collect his blood and scan it, finally producing the

antidote and giving the hunters immunity to the gaseffects.

Through the lab, the hunters are able to get back to Sanctuary and they make their way

towards Hector, unblocking the ships engines on their way.

Once they finally reach him, Hector infects himself with the gas, transforming him into

a giant vine-like creature.

The hunters are able to defeat him, and attempt to retrieve the Vault Key, but Hectors

roots have already grown too deep within Sanctuary.

Lilith arrives to stop Hector, who absorbs the key into himself.

Lilith then uses her Siren abilities to destroy Sanctuary, taking Hector with it, preventing

him from infecting all of Pandora.

Unfortunately, this also causes the Raiders to lose the Vault Key, and the map contained

inside of it.

This does not discourage Lilith, who states that they never needed a map in the past,

and encourages the Raiders to start to look for Vaults off-planet, finally assuming leadership

of the Crimson Raiders, and vowing to stay on Pandora to find new recruits, and someday

retrieve the map.

Elsewhere on Pandora, we see the Vault Key lying on the ground, still in-tact, and waiting

for someone to discover its hidden information once again, likely in our next installment:

Borderlands 3.

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