Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Days of Thunder (6/9) Movie CLIP - A Very Thorough Physical (1990) HD

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What do you see?

The retina.

What's it look like?


Very pretty, actually.

Seen enough?

Just about.


What did you do that for?

It's the babinsky sign.

If the toe goes up, you're in trouble.

You're fine. Put on your clothes.

You're cleared to race.

I'm sorry.

You just, uh, drove me nuts in there.

How could you ignore me like that?

I wasn't ignoring you!

I wasn't ignoring you.

I gave you a very thorough physical.

You're not going to do anything weird

On my leg, are you?


It's just something harry and I work on together.

It's called drafting.

When one car tucks in behind another,

Two cars can go faster than one.

They divide the air resistance between them.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

The lead car has to floor it

To hit 200 miles an hour,

But the car behind can go just as fast

And still have power in reserve.

So when these two cars

Come off that last turn,

The car that's in back

Can move out of the draft

And slingshot past the lead car,

And beat it to the finish line.

Then you go straight to victory lane.

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