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- I hear it poppin'! Mmm!

'Bout to have some bacon, yeah!

- I'm so excited, okay, it looks so cute!

- If this works, then I'ma do it!

♪ (upbeat accordion intro) ♪

- (FBE) How often do you use a microwave

to make meals for yourself?

- A microwave for meals?

Maybe not make the meals, but warm them up.

- (FBE) Well today, we've compiled some cooking hacks

that all gourmet microwave chefs need to know.

So maybe it will change the way

you think about cooking in a microwave.

- (laughs) Gourmet microwave chef. I love it.

- (FBE) So we're gonna teach you these hacks,

and you're gonna have to decide whether or not

they're things that you actually need to know.

- Yay, okay! 'Cause I can't cook.

- I'm excited, and yes, the key word is

do I actually need to know them?

- I feel like this is gonna be really, really, helpful,

'cause the microwave is when you don't have a lot of time,

and I rarely ever have time.

So most of the times,

I'm just eating peanut butter and jelly,

so actually, this could help my life a lot.

- (FBE) So first we're gonna have you ripen a banana.

- Ripen a banana? Oh lord. (laughs)


- (FBE) Let's say you wanted to make some banana bread,

but you didn't have any ripe bananas, so there is a microwave hack

to ripen your banana in just a minute.

So basically what you're gonna do, is you're gonna poke some holes

in that banana with a fork, and then you're gonna microwave it

for 60 seconds.

- Does this really work?

'Cause if this works, this is amazing.


- (FBE) Microwave it for 60 seconds, and see if it...

- 60? - 60.

- You sure about that? - I'm sure.

- Alright, RIP to this banana.

[Bleep] mannerisms, we're gonna just...

- Oh snap, if this works, that'll be, oh [bleep], six minutes!

It's okay, we'll stop it at five.

- I feel like microwave minutes and washing machine minutes

just always are longer.

- It looks like it's ripening.

- Four, let's count it down, three, two, one!

Oh [bleep], did you hear that?

- Banana's oozing, yeah, juicy.

That's how we like our bananas on this channel.

- Oh, that's ripe! Oh let me tell ya.

Welcome to the Brandon Cooking Show.

Today I'm gonna show you how to ripen bananas.

- It did pretty good. It smells all banana-y-y-y-y. (laughs)

- Look at it, look how easy this peels.

I don't know why this is so satisfying.

It looks like a tamale and I feel very confused.

- Right there, carmelization going on here.

- Not bad!

That's actually a pretty good idea.

You can make some serious banana bread.

- I will never, ever, stick my bananas in the microwave ever.

I'm gonna be a normal human and just eat my banana green.

- That is a hack, that's kinda nice.

I mean, I could use this.

- No, I don't think this is a hack you need to know.

I think I could pass on this one.

- I needed to know that.

Sometimes I make banana bread.

This is a great way if I wanna, you know what I mean,

like do it quicker.

So I don't want, you know, the gnats around my kitchen and stuff,

you know what I mean? Waiting on it to ripe!

- (FBE) So next we're gonna have you

dry some fresh parsley in the microwave.

- Ooh!

- (FBE) You're gonna wet that parsley just a little bit.

You want it to be a little damp. - Okay.

- (FBE) And then you're gonna sandwich it between two paper towels

and let it dry in the microwave.

- Okay, so we got a little, yeah, a little water action.

- I didn't think I was gonna be a chef today.

- Okay.

- And then another paper towel.

And then that's it?

- (FBE) And then you're gonna put that whole thing in the microwave

for about two minutes. - Two minutes?

- Girl, I coulda went down the grocery store aisle,

grabbed it for less than 30 seconds. (microwave beeps)

Shoulda brought my book.

- ♪ All up in this whole life

- I love being a microwave chef.

You know I have a book coming out soon.

Microwavy Recipes With Chef Brandon.

- Even if it came out dried, I still would not do this.

- It's ready! Smells like hookah in here.

- Alright, let's see, oh my gosh, so cute!

They're like little trees! (laughs)

- (gasps) Look how dry, oh my gosh!

This is amazing! (bell rings)

- It's pretty dry. I mean, it does,

okay listen, it does work. You see that?

Maybe I should take a container, since I've already done this,

I should take it with me.

- (FBE) It's also a really good way to preserve an herb.

So if you buy a fresh herb for a dish and don't use all of it,

you can dry the rest of it and it'll stay good for longer.

(Chelsea gasps) - Oh snap!

Oh, it went right off the stem too.

That's pretty tight, okay. You got me!

- I'm more of a fresh parsley type of guy.

But you know, if this is your vibe, cool.

- (FBE) So next up, we're gonna have you

make some bacon in the microwave.

- Listen, I'm no stranger to microwave bacon.

Not 'cause I consume it, but because producer Jack

from the Try Not To Channel eats this religiously.

- Damn, FBE, keeping Halal, bro. Man shout out, aw dude, I'm excited.

I've actually used this method before, for this exact brand and everything.

This is me at 3 AM.

Sometimes you're like bro, I just wanna [bleep] eat right now,

I don't have time, just like yo, put it in the microwave,

let it do its thing.

- How many you want me to put on here?

- (FBE) However many you want.

- 'Cause I'm gonna eat it when it's done.

- I haven't cooked bacon in so long, I just go to Denny's.

- Gonna set our strips apart from one another,

so that they can cook evenly, I suppose.

- (FBE) And then you're gonna put a second paper towel on top of it.

- Okay.

- Here we go! Here go my bacon inside here.

Like I was saying, my book is gonna,

is a macro recipe book. (bacon crackles)

Macro recipes for your micro needs. Alright, sorry.

Oh [bleep], I had like 30 seconds left, that's fine.

No, no, that's three minutes!

- I already used the oil to grease my hands up.

(laughs) That's terrible.

I don't mind smelling like bacon all day! (laughs)

It's my perfume! Who smells like bacon?

It's me! I hear it poppin'!

Mmm, 'bout to have some bacon! Yeah, ugh, ugh, ugh!

- What's nice about the microwave too, it's not popping in your face

when you're cooking it, that's the worst part,

when you have to like flip it like this,

so you're not getting all that oil and grease on your face.

- Four, three, two, one! (microwave beeps)

- Here we go.

Hope you guys are hungry, because I made bacon.

- Ooh, it's, oh, she's crispy. Oh yes.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Mmm!

It's good, it's good, I recommend it.

- That is so good. (bell rings)

- It's crispy, it's nice! (bell rings)

- I like it when it has no movement.

That's how you know it's good bacon.

(bacon crunches) Oh my God, it's so good.

It's better. (bell rings)

It's better this way guys.

- (FBE) Alright, so Edgar's gonna take that bacon from ya.

We're gonna bring out what you need for your next hack.

- What's shakin' bacon?

- (FBE) So for your last two hacks, we are going to be giving you recipes.

- Ooh!

- (FBE) So first up, we've got a pretty nifty egg hack for you.

- Ooh, milk, cheese, mm-hmm.

Instructions, this is all in my cookbook as well.

- (FBE) You also, of course, have your bacon and your parsley,

and there's salt and pepper. - Man, let's [bleep] go.

- (FBE) So you can choose whatever you want to put in there,

but we also gave you a recipe to follow.

- I'm really hoping this turns out actually really good,

'cause I feel like I would use this one a lot.

- Spray inside of coffee mug with cooking spray.

Well, hello. All we gotta do is...

All we gotta do is take our cooking spray.

- Dude, I'm a pro, dude. (laughs)

- Now were gonna whisk it until the yolk should combine.

- We're gonna include just a few tomatoes into the recipe,

you know, just a little bit.

- Bacon.

- Oh God, the texture of this bacon is sorta like a scab.

- For some fluffiness, guys.

- Parsley too, a bunch of parsley.

I didn't do that parsley for nothin'!

Don't forget the cheese.

- Oh, we're doing sea salt, eh? We fancy.

A little bit of that action, you know, I do it all by hand.

I'm always worried about adding too much salt to my food,

and you can always add more, but you can't take any out.

- By the words of my favorite YouTuber, You Suck At Cooking,

pepper, pepper, pepper, just three times.

That didn't do anything 'cause the top is on.

- (woman) They ask you how you are,

and you just have to say that you're fine.

- Alright guys, I'm fired.

- Gonna take a fork, and, sorry, gonna take our fork,

scramble 'em up a little bit.

- Oh, I'm ready to eat this! Okay.

- Cook for one minute and 30 seconds.

(microwave beeps)


- I've heard of people microwaving eggs,

I've never personally done it, but if this works, then I'ma do it.

- We're almost there. Sit patiently everyone.

Dinner's almost ready.

(microwave beeps) - (gasps) I'm so excited!

Okay, it looks so cute! It looks so good!

Oh my gosh, it looks so fluffy!

- Alright, look at this [bleep].

Alright, give me an IG pic on this real quick.

- Oh wow, that's looking absolutely great.

It's like a little cake!

- I'm a chef guys. You guys can't knock on me.

- It's fluffy, see how fluffy that is?

Smells good with all the cheese.

- Tastes just as good if you made it in like a pan.

I could make this in the mornings, for sure.

This would help my life a lot.

- I would prefer it a certain way, but I mean, this is not a bad hack,

especially if you don't have pans, or maybe you didn't wash your pans.

Dude, just grab a mug, put it in the microwave, you're good!

- Life was good before this. (buzzer rings)

There is no problem with cooking eggs on stovetops.

- You see the steam? I need a steam on my forehead.

This is really good, I feel like I'm on Food Network.

(laughs) That's how they talk on the Food Network too,

they're like mmm, mm-hmm.

You can taste all the flavors, like individually, mmm,

and then at the end, it just kinda all comes together, you know?

Yeah. (laughs) (microwave beeps)

- (FBE) Alright Izzy, we've got one more hack for you.

- Okay.

- (FBE) We're gonna give you the recipe.

- Okay.

It's cake! Yes!

- What have I been doing my entire life?

I feel like I've wasted so much time on the oven.

- So it says mug cake, in a mug, we have this.

Combine three tablespoons all purpose flour.

Let's start there.

(hums) Cooking is so fun!

- Two tablespoons granulated sugar.

We're gonna do like you know, two and some,

'cause we all like a little extra sugar.

One, and like 1.25 for extra credit.

- Two tablespoons of cocoa powder.

We have our chocolate powder right here.

- This is gonna be good, I'm taking this home too.

- When it comes to the chocolate,

a little more is never gonna hurt anybody.

Same thing when it comes to spices in recipes.

I don't know what taste buds these people be having,

but they don't like a lot of spice. (laughs)

So it's always good to add a little more.

- A pinch of salt.

I don't know what a pinch is. Let's add a little more.

- Just a tablespoon of baking soda.

Wow, look at all, precise.

- This looks just about good.

Little, bam bam.

- Usually you always have this stuff, and if you just,

you want a little treat for yourself, if you're feeling sad,

have some chocolate cake. This is so nice.

You don't have to make a big one,

you don't have to indulge too much, just a little is all it takes.

- See all these powders? They're not mixed in together yet.

Let's do it together!

Let's, let me just do it myself. I'll...

- Alright, I'm gonna eyeball this, I'm not gonna be out here

measuring milk by tablespoons, alright.

My mom would disown me.

- Gentle, oh [bleep]. Ah whatever, [bleep] it!

- One, two, three.

- Half a teaspoon vanilla extract. Wow, whoa.

Hey, you know what? I like vanilla.

- Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

We're almost there, then we could mix it

and put it in the microwave.

- I have a feeling that this is gonna taste very mediocre.

But yeah, I'm j/k, I think this is gonna taste fire.

Put it in for a minute.

- Let's go! (microwave beeps)

I'm excited, if this works, I'm definitely gonna do it.

I'ma keep this with me.

- Food is very exciting,

and learning new ways to get food fast

is really, really exciting.

- Am I chaotic, because I wait for the beep?

I don't stop it at one second, I kinda like,

I like the chaos-ness of it. Like, that's great!

You know, it lets everyone in the house know

that like I don't care.

- Oh, oh man. Oh man, oh man!

- Look how pretty you are! Oh my God.

It's like perfect!

- I mean, the presentation looks horrible, but I don't care!

'Cause it's, again, it's the taste, the inside that matters.

- Look at that. Ugh, that, yeah.

I'm just gonna taste just a little.

(bell rings) Yeah.

- Aw, that's pretty good. (bell rings)

Oh [bleep]! It's so moist!

I'm like pretty surprised, I thought it was gonna be dry.

- Some really good cake, man.

- This, I would do, for sure.

There have been times where I wanted something sweet,

and I didn't have an egg to make nothing with,

but I got cocoa, I got almond flour. (laughs)

I got baking soda, I got oil!

I got the stuff!

I'm gonna take this recipe.

I know y'all got copies.

- (FBE) So we taught you five different new microwave hacks today.

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

- (FBE) Which one was the most useful?

- Everything I learned here is really useful.

I feel like I've walked away with more knowledge.

I would have to say my favorite was the egg and the cake.

I feel like I can leave a better adult.

- For sure, the bacon and eggs. Solid one, beautiful one,

especially whenever you combine those two together.

- Chocolate cake, oh my God, it's so good.

I hate cleaning, the worst part about cooking is cleaning,

and this is like one mess, you know what I mean?

This is awesome.

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