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" I feel sick because of my late mother. "

" Whenever I stay in this house, I remember my dead mother. "

Denise Underhill, who lives in England's Stepper, had been experiencing psychological challenges because of her mother who died in the past 2015.

Time passed ... She gets married to her boyfriend who comforted her.

She decides to start a fresh career and impersonates with her husband to Florida, U.S.

Just as she is forgetting her longing and depression for her mother.

" Honey. What are you doing? "

" This is Google Earth. This allows us to look around all over the world. "

" It's amazing! "

' I wonder what I've left behind. '

She looks for her home country of England as Google Earth.

By the way!

She was very surprised.

She found her old house, but there was someone in front of her house.

' Mummy? '

The person in the picture was a dead mother.

The picture was a few years ago when Google Earth recorded it.

The mother looked like she was watering the flower beds.

She was so surprised that she was thrilled by the mother she met.

She said in an interview, " Her daily life was watering the flower beds. "

" I'm happy to be able to keep my mother alive. "

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