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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tinder Couple Reflects On Their Two Year Relationship

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Everything I could avoid saying like "I love you," I said it. Thank you. Yes you you know what you know you know

I am Trey Baxter, and I am 24 years old.

I'm Cleana Cordova, and I'm twenty-one

Two years

Whoo we're on top of things

Wow I can't hear anything yeah

She's groovin'

I don't know what story she'll tell you, but we actually met on tinder, funny enough.

I know I know

And sure enough I get a message, I get a match, and it's this gorgeous girl

And she said hey do you want to just like go get a pizza?

I know an awesome Italian restaurant, and I was just like

Yeah, I do want to get pizza and go to an Italian restaurant with you, so that same night, just a couple hours later

I told my friends, like they're like, "hey dude do you wanna hang out" and I was like, "no I have a date"

Can't hear you. You're good. You could take them off

So my friend had come over that evening and made me a tinder account

I had one for one night, and and I met him. It was like well, he's very attractive

I'd like to talk to him

and then I asked him to go meet me at this like Italian restaurant that I

pretended to know. It closed like in a half an hour and

We didn't want, you know, the date to end so we went to another place, that was open for another hour

and then

That closed, and we still wanted to hang out so he went to another place

That was open 24 hours, so we had all the time in the world.

First thing I noticed was her eyes like her eyes popped out. She just was so gorgeous, I couldn't help but stare at her

My first impression was that he he had so much like enthusiasm.

I got there five minutes late like, and I don't know why

but, I was like so sorry I'm late

Hey, oh my god, I'm so sorry, I'm two minutes late like

Yeah, yeah, I don't like being late, I really don't like it

But yeah, I just remember you like bolting

and apologizing, "Glena, Glena, I'm so sorry I'm late!"

And I was like, "It's okay, please"

The moment I realized she was different, I wanted to date this person was she was going on a week-long vacation

I prepared myself. I was just like okay, she's gonna be gone, so just let her go, don't message her

Don't be annoying, and so that whole entire time I could not stop thinking about her. Towards the end of her vacation, she

messaged me, "It's really weird, I miss you."

After just hanging out with her four days in a row, she sent me that message. I was just like, okay that means something.

I think

The hardest, biggest one for me was when we first started dating

because she's very

Goal-oriented and she's very much about her career

She thought, at first, that being in a relationship would be kind of hard and distract her from it

And so she just kind of needed to take time

for herself to focus on herself and her life

and what she wanted. She wanted to keep talking to me in this time that we were broken up for about a month or two

She kept calling me and it put me in a very confused state, and I started to get really upset

I think the biggest one was um

a total game changer for me because it

made me realize how much I wanted to be with him, but I remember how I felt during this fight, and he left

I stayed in the apartment and I was going crazy because he shut his phone off

And I couldn't talk to him and I had no idea and I'd stayed up that whole night

Waiting for him to come home, and and he did and he came home

With coffee. I didn't want to say anything. I just wanted to apologize

And, that was, that was I think the biggest fight

Your ears are sweating

Me. I said I love you first. This is how I said, I said, I literally said hypothetically if I said

"I love you," how would you feel?


Oh yah, sure yah you do

He is extremely romantic, he's like one of those hopelessly romantic kind of guys and I

was, and still am, the girl that doesn't like cheesy things

We were lying on his car you said "I love you"

And I remember saying like

Just a blur of words kind of to him like everything I could avoid saying like "I love you," I said it.

"Thank you. Yes, you you know what you know you know. " I was not ready, or I was unsure

I didn't know what the I love you could

bring about so I just kept it at "you know"

Um, I chose you

Cuz it just felt right it felt like I felt like it was very much supposed to happen, and I have never felt

happiness like I do with you.

I have never ever been happier

I know it's because


I feel like, is just

such a rare

person to come across in general just in your life. I think out of, out of everyone

I just like, I love being with him

because it's Trey and

And I think that like he keeps me

Like just loving life all the time

I've grown up

massively after meeting her. Because of her if she snapped me out of a lot of things and so I have

Grown up massively, matured a hell of a lot, and I would not be that mature or grown up if I had not met her

No, I told her everything, I literally tell her everything


Go ahead

No, I don't think there's anything that

We haven't talked about

I don't know, do you have anything?


I love you

Love you too

Thank you man, that was fun



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