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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess Who Has a Criminal Record | Lineup | Cut

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- What do you think I did?

- I feel like if I say, I'm gonna sound really rude.

- No, I know what I'm doing.

Go ahead. It's okay. - But there's a part of me

that feels like there's a creepy side to you,

that other people don't immediately recognize.

- I see, okay.

- Hello, my name is Derange Pitt.

- Hi, I'm Madison DeCambra.

- My name is Monica, I am a nanny

and a part-time bartender.

- I don't, actually.

Well, a little bit, I know I'm guessing something.

- No.

- I have no idea.

There's some good lookin' motherfuckers up in here, though.


- Oh shit.

- Who, me?


Now, do I look like I'd commit a crime?

- I've actually been to jail myself.

- Honestly, I went for assault/domestic violence.

I came home, my fiance was with another woman,

and, kind of didn't handle it very well.

- Oh, I hope nobody's offended by what I'm gonna say.

- Criminal record.

- Hello.

- Hi. (laughs)

- How are you?

- Good, Alana.

- So are you from here, from Seattle?

- I am not, I'm from upstate New York.

- Oh shit, N.Y. in the house.


- Do you like to drink?

- I do.

- (everyone laughs)

- I get the feeling that you're feisty,

like me a little bit.

- I've been pulled over a couple of times.

- Mhm, I bet.

(everyone laughs)

I bet.

- I feel so rude saying if I think.

- Go ahead, go ahead.

- Imma say yes.

- I don't think she got one,

and if she do, I doubt it was her fault.


- What do you do for work?

- I work for Boys and Girls Club.

- Okay.

- No, if you work for the Boys and Girls Club,

I feel like you wouldn't have a criminal record.

So Imma say no.

Imma say no.

Imma say no, that's my final answer.

- Hi.

- Hi, how are you?

- Good, how are you?

Nice to meet you.

- I'm Kevin.

- Monica.

- Are you married, not married?

- I'm not married.

- Girlfriend?

- Girlfriend, with two kids.

- Oh, okay, so kind of.



So, drinks?

(everyone laughs)

- Like fraud, or stealing something,

or fuckin'

- Some white-collar shit though?

- Yeah, white-collar business shit.

- You look like you're really cleaned up,

but that at some point maybe you were kind of

- Dirty?

- Dirty, yeah.

So I wanna say that you do.

- Did you go through a lot during your childhood?

- I did, yeah.

I was homeless at 16.

- I'm gonna say that he has no criminal record.

- Hello.

- Hello.


- So what do you for work?

- I'm a private event manager.

- Do you know how to defend yourself

from a unworthy opponent?

- I mean, if they're going against me,

they're definitely unworthy.

- That's what I was lookin' for.

- I'm gonna go ahead and say

that you do have a criminal record.

Just to say it.

- What do you think I did?

- Assault.

- Assault?

- Yeah.

- I don't think she has a criminal record

because I don't think no one wants to fuck with her.

(everyone laughs)

- Next up.


- Hi.

- PJ.

- Madison, nice to meet you.


- You look like you're excited about this.

- Okay, you tatted.

Alright, I see these chains.

- Don't touch.

- Okay, ooh.


- What's up with the tats man?

How many you got?

- A whole bunch.

- Hella, huh?

- Yeah.

- Have you ever been in a gang?

- Nope.


- Okay, not gang affiliated at all?

- No.

- Okay.

- Honestly, I feel like it would have been drugs.


I'm sorry.

- It's always the people who don't

look like it that surprise you.

So, I wanna say, no, he's not a criminal.

- Hey, Will.

- Hi.

(sighs deeply)

Is it just like, shitty, to say

right off the bat that you have a record?


I don't know what it is.

I feel like such an ass right now.

- What do you do?

- So I do music for TV commercials and TV shows.

- Oh, tight.

- What do you think I did?

- I feel like if I say, I'm gonna sound really rude.

- No, no.

I know what I'm doing.

Go ahead, it's okay. - But there's a part of me

that feels like there's a creepy side to you

that other people don't immediately recognize.

- Okay.

- Not a kidnapper, do you think

he'd be standing if he was a kidnapper?

I would hope not.

- If I walked past him on the street,

I wouldn't feel intimidated or anything.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that he is one.


- Who else we got up in this mothafucker?

What's good homie?

- Warren.

- Did you go to college?

- Yes.

- Did you graduate?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- And what do you do for a living?

- I labor.

- For construction, or?

- Anybody.

- I'll say no.

- Hello, Sarah. - How are you?

- Good, how are you doin'? - Sarah, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

So, how was your upbringing, Sarah?

- It was good, it was like the "Brady Bunch",

three boys, three girls.

- Do you have children, are you married?

- Yes, I have three girls.

- Three girls, ooh.

- Adopted.

- Okay, I don't think she has a record.

I don't think she could adopt if she had a record.

- Hi.

- Hi, Monica, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

What's your name?

- Michael.

- What do you do for work?

- I grow cannabis at a Green Rush in Everett,

hashtag Catch the Rush.


- You've been smokin' for a long time, right?

- Since I was nine.

- Oh, shit.

- Nine.

- Nine years old?


- What brings you to Seattle?

- You know, I came here in 2000

to kinda get away from the gangs and the drugs,

since I was pretty much immersed in that lifestyle.

I was real abrasive,

and anybody who stared at me too long,

I was kinda with that, "Do I know you?!"

- Damn right.

I'm gonna guess that my guy might have

got into something back in the day

and got somethin' on his record.

- It could be drugs, could be theft.

Could be vandalizing things.

- I mean, if you were smokin' since you were nine,

I'm just gonna say yes.

- Oh my gosh, now I'm gonna have to figure it all out.

And be like, oh shit, I was wrong.

- Okay, damn.

- Two out of how many?

I'm pissed.

- Oh shit.

- Hey, mothafucker, hey!

Hold on!

- So do I get to know what they did,

'cause I'm interested now.

- Okay.

Hi, again.

- Hi, again.

- 'Kay, talk to me.

- Um, so what, our entire criminal history?

(everyone laughs)

'Cause we could be here for a little bit.

- My goodness.

- What did you get in trouble for?

- So, early on was definitely alcohol, drugs.

I have six DUIs in the state of Washington.

- Goodness, okay.

- And a dozen assaults to go along with

thefts, home invasions, a larceny charge,

and I spent almost five years in prison.

- Oh, okay.

Well, you're very well put together.

- I've been sober for a little while.

- That's good.

- It'll be nine years in May.

- My dog.

Clap it up for my dog real quick,

eight and a half years.


That's what I'm talking about, good shit bro.

- My G, what's good man?

What's up with you?

I guess you correctly too?

- Yes sir.

- So what did you do?

- Driving.


- Like a reckless driving?

- DUI, reckless riving, DUI.

But not like crashing, normally just burnouts

and all that type of stuff.

- You were just speeding, and you know.

- Yeah, speedin'.

- Imma holler at you about some car shit man,

nice meetin' you brother.

- Yeah, same, you too man.

- Holla, holla, holla.

- So I was right?

- You were right.

I was one of your two right answers.

So what do you think?

What do you think I did?

- I honestly

- Take a look.


- Do you have any idea?

- I don't.

- You don't?

So, it was federal tax evasion,

based on large real estate transactions.

And I did 16 months in a federal prison.

- So I'm sure you make sure to

double check all that shit now, huh?

- Oh, yeah.


- Oh, so you do have a criminal record?


- I got four felonies.

It was possession of stolen property.

- What did you steal?

- I didn't steal.


- Oh.

- I was on the run for like three weeks, man.

It was the best time of my life.

I thought I got away with it.

They came through the back door, the front door,

and I was up in the attic.

Before I had a chance to do anything they had me.

- You was just like "Fuck it."

Did you light up a blunt real quick or anything?

- I was already high.

- Oh you was already high?

He's just like "Oh shit, they comin', fuck it."

- The last one.


I love this line up.

- Surprise.

- Goodness, okay.

Alright, well talk to me.

- I got a felony for aiding and abetting a felon

in the unlawful possession of a firearm.

I reconnected with a old boyfriend, and he had a felony.

Long story short, he fired my weapon off in my apartment.

Nobody got hurt, but they put like

I purchased the firearm for him.

I have to do community service,

and I'll be on probation for three years.

- Well thanks for telling me your story.

- You're welcome.

- Well, I believe that's it.

Thank you for tuning into LineUp.



Thank you everybody.

Can I get a picture?

Will one of you take a picture of me please?

Yeah, let me grab my phone real quick.

- Yay!

- Everybody get in, everybody get in.

You guys can totally touch me.

Hell yeah, we all homies now.

- [Everyone] Cheese!

Tight, tight, tight.

For sure.


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