Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Servir y Proteger: Lidia intenta impedir que Eva hable con Hanna #Capítulo971 | RTVE Series

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- Then she's okay? She is not going to have sequelae? - Everything indicates that she is going to recover completely.

- That's great. Come in to see her? - When the nurse comes out, you can come in.

- Okay thanks.

- Hello. - What are you doing here?

- Well, what am I doing? I come to see Hanna.

- And how do you know that Hanna is here?

- I found out in La Parra. Stop being suspicious, come on. They told me downstairs that this is the room. It is, right?

It has been Vlado, right? I learned from the news that you had arrested him.

I figured he would come for her. - Has Hanna told you about Vlado Khan?

- A lot.

Hanna and I were partners. You know that right? - Yes, yes, yes. I remember perfectly.

I also remember that you ended up fatally. - Yes, terribly, but come on,

if what you want is to put your finger on the sore ... - No, I don't want to put your finger on the sore.

What happens is that I find it strange that you show up in the middle of the night at the hospital,

asking about Hanna knowing that until yesterday you didn't care about anything.

- Strange? I see it quite normal. I do it with all my exs huh?

If they get sick, if I know they are in the hospital, I come visit ... Empathy, they call it, I don't know if you are a practitioner.

- Yes, yes. Yes, I am a practitioner. But I practice with people who deserve it, not with people like you.

- People like me?

When you say people like me, you are not calling me delinquent again right?

- You said it, huh? I mean, in case you're recording, so that later, if you want to report me for I don't know what ...

- You do know why I reported you. And me too, that's why you came to apologize.

- Leave me alone, Eva. - Listen, I come in peace.

If when you were not together she had had an accident or something, you would have been worried, right?

- Leave me alone ... - Well, I know I have no business here ...

- No, not much. - And less in that room.

- Well no, no. We agree on that. - But hey, I don't know. Have a minimum of sensitivity.

Tell me at least that she's okay.

- She is, she just woke up, she has been unconscious for a while due to a blow to her head.

But she's okay, they have done tests and she... She has no sequelae. - I'm glad. Very.

Hey ... even if it's for five minutes, is it possible?

- No, because she just woke up, I just told you. Besides, the nurse is in there. Better tomorrow.

- Yeah ... Sure. I'll be back tomorrow then.

Could you tell her that I have come? - Yeah sure.

- Thanks.

- Yes, Nstor ... Yes, yes, yes, she just woke up ...

Well, I don't know because the nurse is inside and I still can't come in ... Are you coming? ...

Ok and what is the plan?

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