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Greetings shippers welcome back and its time to take a look once more at Good Omens

and tackle the ineffable husbands whilst examining the differences between book and series, how

that is factoring into shipping and the differences between works produced as well as modern and

classic headcanons.

So we have a lot to chat about.

We laid the history of groundwork for this fandom as well as Gaimans feelings on fanficiton

when we discussed this fandoms renaissance aka surge in interest thanks to the 2019 amazon


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Now onto Aziraphale and Crowley this ship was the ship to come out off the good omens

novel a byproduct of many who were shipping inclined who happened to read it.

Good Omens is a farcical account of the apocalypse gone wrong populated with an array of eccentric

characters two of whom are the demon crowley and the angel aziraphale agents of heaven

and hell respectively sent to tip the scales to their respective sides turning souls and

the like creating miracles and catastrophes.

However, largely left unsupervised by their superiors they end up not only coming to appreciate

humans and more pointedly their inventions and hedonisms more than they should but strike

up an arrangement that has clearly blossomed into a close friendship over the 6000 years

they have been acquainted.

While the two are not always in focus in the novel what interactions they have are peppered

with little hints of closeness that shippers were quick to note, latch onto and extrapolate


The use of pet names, my dear and angel.

The lunches, the late night drinking sessions, the gentle ripping about their demonic or

angelic natures.

The small miracles crowley performed for aziraphale unprompted with nary a comment.

The way the two would think of the other when solving a problem in a what would they think

of this sense or a we discussed this.

In short within the novel their closeness was so taken for granted that it didnt

bear extra scrutiny it was imply a fact.

Add to that the humans assumptions of Aziraphales sexuality, along with some discussion about

the general sexlessness of angels with the caveat unless they made the effort and many

were off.

While for many the relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley stood firm what was less clear

were the details of their histories indeed while the book provided a firm foundation

it was sparse in minutia so fans had room to play and thus many trends and fanons were


People were keen to explore the arrangement just what did it consist, and what were the

two like pre and post.

There were many philosophical based fics, or ones playing with biblical symbolism.

There was also wingfic, in our video about wing fic we discussed how good omens is home

to not only wingfics but a special kind the wingless fic.

If you want to find out more about that again card link.

There was smut in fact more so than can be found during the renaissance at the time of

this recording, for reasons we will dive into shortly.

There was a lot of getting together post apocalypse, or fics about az opening his bookshop.

In short the fandom filled in the gaps creating a world rich in elements that had been hinted

at but not shown foundations laid had been jumped on.

It was a small but passionate fandom, with dedicated shippers who very briefly had cause

for concern when Gaiman was first asked about fanfiction and was slightly confused but decided

it was alright so long as no one profited.

This was the 90s so there was much confusion as to what exactly fan fiction was, and some

authors or rather their lawyers couldn;t fathom a world where these fans would create this

work for free hence felt it must be a form of intellectual theft geared towards detracting

from the original work.

Gaiman would eventually go on to win a Hugo award for a chronicles of narnia fanfic, hence

he clearly came to fully embrace and enjoy the subculture.

Once the reason people shipped and wrote fanfic was clear to him he quite easily saw his way

to why people shipped crowley and aziraphale.

Again we discussed this more in depth in our first video on the subject.

The ineffable husbands as they came to be called was a staple ship meaning one that

had an impact on fandom and how it developed.

They were a signpost in bookdom, instrumental in modernizing wingfic and always amassing

new fans at a trickle as the book Good Omens is deemed to be a cult classic meaning that

it is always being read in some capacity.

It wasnt the biggest fandom but it certainly wasnt the smallest and it always had a

fanbase just primed for something to get back to that peak.

For years that was thought to be a film adaptation but ultimately it became a series produced

by Amazon.

And the series ignited this fandom in a big way and also introduced some modern fandom

idiosyncracies into the mix.

Firstly lets chat about some of the differences.

There is way more of aziraphale and crowley in the series, in the form of multiple additional

scenes, which includes a jaunt through history explored the evolution of their relationship

and two entirely new segments in the climax and denouement dedicated just to the fallout

for their actions and how they work together to save each other.

They also speak some of the lines that were initially descriptive so that they can enter

the world outside of Gods narration, there are some additions that cause their characterization

to appear slightly different from their book counterparts it is up for debate how different

it truly is a topic fans are working over quite vigorously mostly good naturedly though

as with all things some will take it too far.

The length of the series contrasted to the relative shortness of the book along with

other restructured elements allow for more of a focus on these two this allows them to

become the lynchpins holding the narrative in place.

The viewer also gets a better grasp of the larger stakes as played out through the threats

to them and their friendship, or relationship as many characters from angels, to random

passerbys on the street mistake them for a couple an extension of the belief surrounding

aziraphales sexuality from the novel.

Indeed the personal stakes are upped for everyone but it impacts these two the most in terms

of their additional scenes, the rationale is clear to make sure people connect a lot

of the novel is abstract or focused on pontification through the omnipotent narration the details

while there are sparses to the point of perfunctory meaning how rooms look, how characters look,

what a character is doing in a scene at any given moment.

This leaves room for extrapolation and many feel these changes were for the better.

On changes Gaiman had some intriguing things to say statingTheres a couple of places

I took liberties, and I took some liberties in the end because I didnt want people

who read the book being too cocky.

So there is stuff that keeps ticking and will keep worrying them and a plot that does not

untangle until the final second, and that was fun to build,”

This is part of what makes the adaptation so interesting it is fundamentally the same

but also different it is rare for creators to be so flexible with their work , so willing

to change though some of it had to do with shift in medium such as the sequence wherein

aziraphale resurrects the dove rather than crowley of this moment gaiman statedThe

Good Omens fans are just obsessive, in basically a very nice way,” “but there was a moment

on the screen when you saw Aziraphale after a childrens party with a dead dove in his

hand, and I posted a tweet saying, ‘Today, Aziraphale will bring a dove that had been

shoved up his sleeve and it died back to life’.“And people were like, ‘In the book, its Crowley

who…’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, but we couldnt do that becausewe have a Bentley

in the way, physically, and Crowley has to getand hes still standing, so…'”

Another reason for some of these changes could be how much contact gaiman has had with fandom

and how strongly they feel about the depth of these twos relationship.

For how fans view a work can impact how an author views it either changing their perspective

subtly or reaffirming what they felt to an impassable degree.

This form of feedback loop also occurs in fanfiction though on a much quicker and more

direct scale which coupled with a general lack of separation or pedestalling that tends

to happen with published authors creates a different writer reader connection, but feedback

does still happen in published works.

Though there is a much stronger emphasis on denying that authors can be influenced by

fans or just the public in general despite numerous examples to the contrary.

It is purely speculative but years of talk about the depth and love between these two

coupled with what is there in the text could have lead to this increase in interaction.

Although some of it may be arising due to translation from text to screen, and also

both actors did play their roles as if they loved one another for the characters do.

The type of relationship it is Gaiman has left up to fandom in a decision some adore

but other fans resent.

There are some who feel the series actually had less ineffable husbands for them than

the book.

This may be for some of the intricacies that could not be directly adaptated, some of the

shifts in characterization or fanon the good omens fandom and it;s works have existed for

so long orbiting it that for some they have become part of the work which impacts how

they read it as the knowledge of these fanons is always there enriching the text potentially

beyond what it would be were they not shippers or involved in fandom.

This is neither a positive or negative rather it is just an occurence the positives and

negatives come with how people react to it.

In the series fandom one can find some specific trends of ones own.

There is a particular missing scene at the end of episode 6 that has become its own


With most making the assumption that post bus ride Aziraphale spent the night at crowleys.

There is a role reversal of who assumes who has discorporated, but mostly there are getting

together fics.

Ending the 6000 year slow burn with many focusing on the dynamic of oblivious aziraphale and

pining crowley though az can also be pining in these.

Oblivious aziraphale is one point where book and series fans differ as many book fans feel

this is a shift and that aziraphale was never oblivious but simply less direct, but actually

understood crowley extremely well and would never miss something so huge.

While others argue whether he is even oblivious in the series or simply playing it up as hes

not ready to acknowledge it yet because of what that means for his relationship with

heaven and how he feels about heaven and the great plan in general.

Others note that Crowley is more pessimistic in the adaptation than he is described as

in the novel, wherein he is actually said to be an optimist.

This fandom is an intriguing blend of newer and older fans delighting in the boom of fandom

and the discovery of pre-existing fandom for those new to it.

And some of the works are quite lovingly blended between both canons.

This has resulted in different styles of discussion and new headcanons some are along the lines

of the usual secret likes or dislikes of characters.

Crowlye only liking popsicles cause he can eat them and hide his tongue and the like.

While others are attempting to nail down just what can these twos relationship be classified

as which has led to a bit of an argument between a few sects.

Those who enjoy smut and those who feel this is an asexual relationship, or those who feel

this is an ace queer platonic relationship vs a gay romantic relationship.

Now there are multiple reads and gaiman has made his stance clear angels are sexless for

one and whether one is making stuff up his words not mine whether it is feasible or not

it is still making stuff up for ones own enjoyment.

So in short no one has to be right, while some reads may be more feasible than others

people will gravitate to the ones that suit them for a variety of reasons.

Some love the relationship doesnt focus on sex or smut as so many relationships already

do that and that makes this one feel unique and is a good demonstration of other deeply

important aspects of a relationship that can often times be glossed over.

Others feel that is so well established they would like to see some smut some even explore

the concept from a supernatural well if humans like it guess we should give it a try angel.

Others view this as a more human relationship while others play more with the angelic and

demonic elements.

In short there is no need to force ones head canons on others and because one doesnt

see it does not mean they dislike the other headcanons or are informed from a place of

negativity though especially on tumblr certain fans are quick to jump to assumptions of bigotry.

Some have gone so far as to call Gaiman homophobic or claim he is misinterpretng his own work

or that the entire show is queerbaiting.

This for the stance that canonically this series is about angels who interact differently

than the humans around them, and the series is based heavily off of their relationship

so no promo containing it would be lying.

The question of whether these two feel something more, and more recognizably human as mentioned

is one that is left up to fans.

And to some it doesnt matter nearly as much as how lovingly these two have been adapted.

And some feel that they are quite clearly involved in some capacity that is dare one

say it ineffable, though of course mileage varies and some even have guilt about shipping

them because of all this.

If one does not enjoy discourse overriding their shipping and prefers a balance in between

Tumblr is a bit of a roulette wheel if that is exactly what one wants dive in, also this

is a smaller segment of the fandom, kept largely in check by the pre-exiting matrix of good

omens that has been firmly established and by how quickly this ship has exploded as some

find it undeniable some are even comparing it to kirk and spock.

These headcnaon details can mean a great deal to certain shippers and increase or decrease

their enjoyment which is understandable it crosses the line however when one feels everyone

must adhere to their headcanon no matter how feasible or infeasible, especially as no answer

will be forthcoming as Gaiman feels fans should play in their own sandbox however they like

as it were.

And some fans love exploring all the different takes as it were and will read anything ineffable

simply thrilled to have options to explore.

Their ship name in many ways suits them the word means too great or extreme to be expressed

or described in words.

Or not to be uttered the latter actually having biblical ties.

This works because it is hard to describe why fans have come to ship these two as there

is just so much to say and many find the ship upon them before they even realize what happened

already half way down the rabbit hole before they have time to question it.Some fans have

even said they went in attempting not to ship and came out doing it anyway.

But let us make an attempt these two are set up as creatures who are meant to be adversaries

avatars of good and evil and yet they find themselves drawn to each other and find an

understanding together that is lacking from anyone on their respective or opposing sides.

Together they find space to question their natures, to share their love of various aspects

of humanity, food, wine, music.

They come to appreciate the constant of each others presence and in the series go out of

their way to ensure the safety of the other, with crowley saving aziraphale from beheading

as well as a blitz bombing wherein he also saves his angels precious books.

Many fans point to this as the exact moment you can see aziraphale realizing just how

much he loves crowley.

Crowley is willing to work with aziraphales idiocyncracies and go at his pace and Aziraphale

is there to lift Crowley.

up and encourage him to move past his occasional bouts of cynicism.

The series in particular is full of moments, the statue, the fact that the two share music

even if every cd in crowley car is doomed to become a queen tape.

Though doomed is probably the wrong word for such an awesome occurrence unless you hate

queen that is.

There is a normalcy to the twos relationship that many find endearing, identifiable and


For it is not mundane but a celebration of the magic of the ordinary.

Nights spent drinking wine and planning, lunches together at ones favourite places, lunch in

the park, small acts of kindness, pet names, the safety to bicker about quirks one has

long ago accepted which differs from fights over real issues.

In the series these two know each other so well they can mimic the other though if one

watches closely there are tells where one has a different interpretation of the others

behaviour, as seen through the others eyes.

Fans have penned many any essay on just why they feel these two work and they just keep

on coming.

Others require no explanation it is simply ineffable and they love it.

But not everyone does not every ship is for everyone or in this case every work.

Not everyone is down for good omens, some find it too blasphemous, or not funny, or

trying too hard to be the hitchhiker's guide.

From the days of only the book some felt it was a reach and that shippers were simply

building upon a friendly foundation to create something that really wasnt there, and

in their minds didnt need to be.

Others feel that this relationship is too co dependent despite the at times century

long gaps between the two seeing each other, or that it just wouldnt work.

That as anything more than friendship it would be doomed to fall apart this mindset tends

not to apply when one is keeping the relationship sexless.

Some ship either only the book or series versions


Some book fans don;t like the shift the medium and additions have caused preferring their

book crowley and aziraphale.

While others who have gone back to the book have found it to be virtually devoid of shipping


For many this ship is undeniable yet not for them not everyone likes every ship and that

is absolutely fine.

Some dont care for one or both of them as characters and feel crowleys melodrama

would eventually prove too much for the more even tempered aziraphale or that the two never

would be able to move at the same speed.

This is definitely a fandom where if one doesnt ship them theres not much else out there

in the fic department its inception all over again or rather inception was good omens

all over again.

Woe unto those few shippers trying to find a match with one of these two with gabriel,

god speed.

For those shipping these two do you find a significant difference in characterisation

between book and series?

Did you enjoy the changes the adaptation made?

If you dont ship these two why not?

Thats not an aggressive why not but a genuine one one of the hopes of this channel is to

share a variety of perspectives so that those mired in one may see at least the rationale

of another.

You know the drill answer all those along with anything else you can think of down below

numbered if possible I love a good essay comment.

Thanks so much for taking some time out of your day to spend it discussing shipping with

me I always appreciate it.

There are as always more videos coming soon so if you havent already please subscribe

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Special thanks to all my patrons names on the side for helping make these videos possible

keep shipping and stay tuned for there are as many ships out there for as there are stars

in the sky.

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