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- Welcome back to "What's Inside?"

Today, we are at a candy store called "It'Sugar,"

and we are looking for a giant gobstopper,

or Jawbreaker, I guess you wanna call it.

We've had some requests for it,

so we figured we'll go to this candy store

that has awesome candy stuff.

Come inside and let's check out what we have.

Look at this stuff in here, got crazy.

Look at the Gummy Bears, they're huge!

Pick one of those up.

- It's heavy.

- That is gigantic.

We've got Twizzlers and Nerds that are gigantic.

I mean, look at these SweetTarts.

That is huge!

A big old box of Nerds.

How about this?

A giant lollypop that would take forever to eat.

Here's some small Jawbreakers,

some large Jawbreakers,

and some giant Jawbreakers.

So let's go ahead and get one of these.

- It's like as heavy as a baseball.

It feels like a baseball.

It's just huge.

- We're back at the house.

Here is this jawbreaker, it has all kinds of colors.

We chose this one because it had the most colors on it

and we're gonna crack it open.

Before we do that, mmm.

Wanna lick it?

Not in the same spot I did.

Pretty good!

- That's good.

- The question is, how many licks would it take

to get this thing to dissolve.

Maybe one of our subscribers can take

the next year of their life licking that.

Just kidding, don't do that.

So I'm gonna take this chisel and this hammer,

and just hit it, and hopefully it cracks wide, right open.

Sound good?

- Yeah, let's do this.

It's pretty wobbly.

- It is wobbly, it's really wobbly.


(candy pieces scatter)


- Whoa!

- Well, we're in it a little bit.

We made a dent.

Hopefully, it keeps going.

I don't wanna use a saw for it.

Let's keep going here.

Okay, well there's the outer layer.

Alright, I'm changing things up,

my strategy is gonna change.

First, I'm gonna eat this piece.

It's really good.

I'm gonna go get a saw.

I wanna make this more of a clean cut, so...

- Than just a big hole.

- Yup, let's go get the saw.

It smells yummy!

- It does.

All the stuff, it looks like it's starting to turn pink.

- I am a sugary mess, I can feel it

all over my face and my arm.

- I can feel it on my shirt.

- It just smells and tastes like sugar.

Mmm, it's actually really good.

This Jawbreaker has not been

as easy as I thought it would be.

I guess I should've known, it's called a Jawbreaker.

But we're going, we're upgrading our tool a little bit.

We're gonna use this giant grinder,

and see if we can cut around it.

This is pretty funny.

Never thought I'd be cutting open

a Jawbreaker with an electric saw grinder

with a metal cut-off blade.

It looks similar to a shotput ball.

At least there's one thing about me and cutting things,

I'm very consistent.

That means I don't cut things in a straight line.

So let's break it open!

- Yes!

Yes! Whoa!

It's like rainbow the whole way in!

- [Voiceover] Look at that!

- That is cool.

- Look, it doesn't have anything in the middle.

There's no ball or anything that dropped out,

it's just hollow in the very, very middle.

But look at all the different colors.

What we found, as we were cutting it,

is all these different colors are different flavors,

Wet paper towel, see if I can clean it off.

Here we go, see the difference there?

You can really see the colors, it's very bright.

And in the middle it's just a white candy core.

But yeah, that's beautiful.

- That is awesome.

I did not think it was gonna be like that inside.

I thought it was just gonna be

white Jawbreaker the whole way through.

That was a bit different.

- It looks like the white and the paint colors

that are on the top is just this outer shell,

and then it gets into the

different colors that coat the ball.

- Mystery solved:

that's what's inside of a giant Jawbreaker.

- Thank you to our subscribers to recommend

cutting open a giant Jawbreaker.

I never would've thought to do this.

But it was more fun than I thought it would be.

It was more difficult than I thought it would be.

And it was more sugary, inside of our house,

than I thought it would be.

But we had a good time, if you liked this video,

like it below and watch some of our other videos

and thank you for subscribing and thanks for watching.

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