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- Hey, good morning, everybody,

and welcome to the vlog.

It's early in the morning, we are actually an Idaho,

about an hour and a half away from Yellowstone.

Been wanting to go to Yellowstone since I was a kid,

cannot wait for today.

It's gonna be an absolutely amazing day,

and I think you guys should have an amazing day, too.

What do you say, we push our problems aside,

drive the next hour, hour and a half,

get to Yellowstone, and see some amazing nature?

(upbeat music)

Guess what, boys?

- What's up, bud?

- [Noah] What's up?

- We're by Yellowstone!

- Whew!

Dude, I can't believe it, it's so beautiful.

- This is insane.

I tell you what, it is so gorgeous out here.

We're just about a half an hour away from Yellowstone,

a childhood dream come true.

(upbeat music)

It's kind of an irony,

because we started this trip

and we were talking about the RV being the rolling turd,

like the movie, "Vacation," right?

And with "Vacation," they were going to Wally World,

and they traveled across country

to get to Wally World and it was closed.

And here we are at Yellowstone National Park

and it is closed.

Again, I'm not gonna lie,

I was like five or six-years-old

when I saw my first documentary

on Old Faithful and Yellowstone,

and it's been a dream to be here.

I mean, legit, really a dream to be here.

And we got here and it was closed,

and we can't go in, we can't see Old faithful,

we can't see the Hot Springs, we can't see any of this.

But there are a few other places around here

that are supposed to be really beautiful,

and there's a chance at the North entrance,

there's a little tiny loop that might be open, they said.

I'm not sure if it is,

where we can maybe see Mammoth Spring,

which would be pretty dope.

Nevertheless, we're gonna go to two or three other places

around the park that are gonna be just as beautiful,

we're gonna make the best of it.

But, you know what?

In a way,

as much as it stinks that I'm not gonna see Yellowstone now,

it gives me a reason to come back, number one.

And number two, it's gonna make for a great story,

when I can tell people that I traveled across country,

we went hundreds of miles out of our way

to come to Yellowstone,

and this is as close as I've got, right here, this sign.

Let's go ahead and just make the best of it, guys.

You gotta make a lemon,

you got to make lemonade, what is it, what's the saying?

When you get lemon,

when the world serves you lemons,

you gotta make lemonade, or something like that.

- [Noah] I think so.

I mean, that sounds good.

- Yeah, yeah.

- [Noah] When life gives you lemons,

- Yeah, yeah. - you make lemonade.

- When life gives you lemons,

you gotta make lemonade,

so let's just go have a good time,

it is absolutely gorgeous out here.

(intense music)

We're literally just driving down the road,

trying to find some cool stuff,

and Noah spotted an animal over here.

We don't know if it's a moose, or an elk,

or what it is over here,

so we're gonna try to see if we can't get up in it and see.

It's still absolutely beautiful,

we may not be in Yellowstone,

but we're in the Yellowstone area, right?

So it's still in the caldera,

it's in the volcano, and it's absolutely incredible.

Look at this right here, oh boy.

Okay, let's see if we can find him.

(intense music)

Gosh, we just saw our first wild moose.

- [Noah] I've never seen that before.

- Crazy, look at him, he's just right there, chillin'.

- [Man] It's a young boy.

- It's a young boy.

That is fricking awesome.

See, even when things seem like they're going bad,

something amazing happens.

How majestic is this guys?

It's crazy to think that just a few days ago,

we were in Arizona, it was 88 degrees.

Now it's like Christmas out here, but this is beautiful.

We're actually at a little state park outside

of Yellowstone right now.

Obviously, just saw the moose.

We're just gonna hit a bunch of little state parks.

There's several pretty cool places

that won't be quite as cool,

but hey, we're gonna make the best of it.

And we just called,

and there's a chance we might be able

to get into the top end of Yellowstone,

so we're gonna drive.

It's still a long way,

probably another three hours from now,

stopping a handful of places, but just trying to enjoy this.

I tell ya, I'm not much of a winter guy,

or a cold weather guy,

but man, this is fricking gorgeous, man,

and I'm just happy to be here.

And some days you just gotta take it all in and say,

"We're pretty blessed to be able to see this stuff,

aren't we?"


(intense music)

We actually have two moose in the middle of the water.

It looks like two females here,

but the one female is huge

and she's definitely looking at us.

She knows we're here.

She's kind of protecting her calf right now.

So we're gonna get as close as we can

without disturbing them too much, but that is awesome.

What a day.

(intense music)

So we're actually at the edge of Yellowstone right now,

just kind of skirting.

We are in the park,

but it's not quite really in deep, right?

So we're in a little bit of a dilemma here

because the only way to get into the park

is the North entrance,

which only goes into the North Eastern part of the park.

We can't get to Old Faithful,

or any of the springs, or any of that type of stuff.

But the problem is is that it's about

a three-hour drive out of our way

to get to the North entrance,

and we'll get there at, probably, sunset,

maybe even a little after dark,

so we won't be able to see the park.

So now we're trying to decide,

do we wanna go three hours out of our way,

maybe camp in the park.

Even though we can't see it,

we can wake up in the morning,

because we have to get in the road early in the morning

to get to Billings, Montana.

So we're in a dilemma right now.

We don't know if we wanna make that trip out there.

Maybe it'll be amazing, and maybe it'll be worth the trip,

maybe it will be a complete waste of time

and make tomorrow harder, I'm not sure what to do.

So we're just stopping off,

looking at the beauty of this place,

and trying to kind of brainstorm

at what we think we should actually do.

I wish there was a real-time comments right now,

so you guys could give me advice.

Do we go on, take the three hours out of the way,

and just take the chance,

and maybe it'll be amazing?

Or do we just head on to Montana

and just call the Yellowstone experience,

not quite what we hoped it to be.

But wow, it's a trip,

we've definitely seen some cool things with the moose

and the scenery's has been absolutely amazing.

All that stuff is incredible, don't get me wrong,

Definitely worth it, absolutely incredible.

But at the same time,

definitely a little bit disappointed

that we didn't get a chance to see the Old Faithful

and all the things that I had seen since I was a kid,

this dream of seeing,

and this today, was supposed to be fulfilling that dream.

But nevertheless, we still had an amazing day,

and we're gonna talk about it,

and I'll kind of update you guys on what we decided to do.

(wind whistling)

(peaceful music)

So, as it turns out,

there's just no way we're gonna make it back

to the other entrance of Yellowstone,

not knowing even where we'd stay.

So we kind of just found a spot here

that we can post up and enjoy nature until the sun sets,

just seeing this absolutely beautiful place right here.

Just down by the river and just absolutely incredible.

And the fact is, guys, we've been on a long adventure,

and pretty much everything has worked out till this point.

When you go on to 12 or 13-day trip,

it's hard for everything to work out,

every plan you make has to go perfectly.

Who would've thought that Yellowstone would've been closed?

I mean, certainly not me, there's no doubt about that.

But the fact is,

is that right over here on this side

is the Yellowstone National Park,

and we've been able to kind of skirt

in and out of it down this road.

Absolutely beautiful, this is breathtaking.

I can think of no better way to end this day

then to just sit here until the sun sets

and see the beauty of it.

I mean, it's absolutely incredible.


a little disappointed that we didn't get

to see some of those childhood things

that I was so excited about,

but that gives me another chance

to come back and actually witness it.

So, as for now,

let's just enjoy this beauty

and live what life ended up giving us.

Though, first off, barefoot, I'm not gonna-

- [Man] You going barefoot?

- Maybe, well, I'm going to watch him do it a couple times,

see how it is.

- No way, I'm not going barefoot.

- I'm going to do it.

- Oh! - Oh!

- [Noah] It's there.

- [Man] It's there, boys.

- It's there, so now he's going all the way.

- That's rule number one of survival skills

is that if you're in the winter,

no, you don't take you off your jacket.

Your body wants you to, but you don't do it,

keep that shit on.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Man] You take your shoes and socks off,

take your shirt off.

- [Man] Yeah.

(peaceful music)

So pick a certain spot where you're comfortable,

just to lock it.

So I'll usually stare directly at the other end.

Yeah, and keep your chest, keep super proud,

almost like you're doing a bench press.

And then when you stand up, keep steads,

keep it straight up,

and then just keep focused on that spot

and you'll be able to like.

(men laughing)

- That is hard.

- [Man] It is hard.

- [Brian] I wanna try one more time.

- It's super complicated.

I might be the first person

to ever do it with Tombs, though.

- [Man] Oh, you're not wrong, bro.

- I wanna do it, at least give it one try,

just to have the Guinness World Record,

but then after, I think I might-

- [Man] Go barefoot?

- Ah, I don't know, man, it's cold.

Don, da da da don, da da da da da da don,

da da da da da da

One man, one line.

- Ah, two feet.

- I literally can't even get one step, there's no way.

I don't think this works for me. (laughs)

But I can bounce on it.

Watch, I can bounce on it.

- [Man] Here goes the tree.

Let's get the other tree.

Get that tree apparatus going, brother.

- [Brian] Hey, watch this.

I learned this back in Nam.

- [Noah] Back in Nam?

- [Man] Dude, he's got the belly press.

- [Noah] I think that's really hard.

- [Man] Draft dodger.

- [Man] He did a good job.

- [Man] He did.

- [Man] Oh!

(Brian yelling)

- [Man] Oh!

- He's crazy, man.

- [Man] He's crazy, bro.

- Someone get him back on the loop.

- Well, the day hasn't worked out exactly perfectly,

but I think it's about time to go in the river.

Let me set the stage really quick.

It's about 19 degrees outside, the water is freezing cold,

but what possibly can go wrong?

So I think, as a matter of fact,

I may even have a hard time talking

because my mouth is so frozen up.

We've been out here for about an hour messing around,

so we're gonna go in this water.

Yeah, that's what we're gonna do.

All right, this is gonna be so bad, man.

I don't know who thought of this idea?

Who was whose idea was it?

- You.

(men laughing)

- [Man] Come on, let's go.

Let's go, you ready?

- All right.

- Oh my gosh, it's cold out here.

I don't think this is a good idea.

- Are we gonna be medically safe?

- [Brian] I don't know.

- [Man] We haven't heard back from the doctors yet.

There's no signal out here.

- [Brian] We haven't got the clearance yet.

- I think of you as a smart guy, what do you think?

Will we be okay?

- Yeah, for a few minutes, you can't stay,

or for probably less than a minute,

but you can't stay in there long

'cause then you'll get hypothermia.

But as long as you're, go in like a cold tub,

it really is a cold tub, I'm sure.

What do you think it is?

- I'm ready.

I don't know, but let's go.

- [Man] Let's go. Come on.

- [Brian] Every minute we stand out here-

- [Man] Come on, go.

- [Noah] You're keeping your beanie?

- [Man] Yeah.

- Go, Noah, come on.

- [Brian] Oh!

- [Man] Be careful. Be careful.

- [Noah] That sounded real-

- [Man] It's not that bad?

- [Brian] No, it's terrible.

- [Man] Oh. (blows raspberry)

Noah still hasn't even gotten in yet, bro,

what are you doing?

- [Brian] Come on, Noah, I'm dying already.

- You think I'm not trying?

- [Brian] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

- Whoa! - Wah!

- [Man] Woohoo!

- Oh my God.

Oh my God, brother.

Oh my gosh, get in there, okay.

- [Man] I'm tapping, Brian.

- [Brian] I gotta get out, I gotta get out, I gotta get out.

Oh my gosh.

All right, all right, all right, all right.

I hope that I can make it in further.

- [Man] The ice is sticking to my feet.

- Okay. (panting)

I think that's the way this vlog is gonna end.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

It is absolutely so cold.

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Have an an absolutely wonderful day.

Be kind to yourself

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