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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Supernanny: Ostler Family Update (Season 8, Episode 4) | Lifetime

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Hi, I am Nicole Ostler.

This is my husband, Dane.

We're from Mesa, Arizona.

We've got two boys.

Jax is six, and Kaden's almost five.

We were in desperate need of some help

with both of our boys.


No, now, you get to go to time out and think

about what you're doing.

This is not OK.

We had no idea how to discipline.

Yeah. Oh, god.

None at all.

We tried warnings and time-outs.

We were awful at everything.

Jax, can you put this stuff away now?

Would you rather stand in time-out

and come back and do it?

Mom is not really giving them clear direction.

Jo's technique is very assertive and very direct.

If he's carrying on like that, what do you need to do?

Then he needs to come inside.


So you do know what to do.

You're just doubting yourself.

That's what I needed.

And she was right on with everything she said and did.

Jo taught me a lot of things.

We had an issue with bedwetting.

She taught us a technique how to stop that,

so I'm doing so much less laundry.

One of my biggest issues was I wasn't being assertive.

You're not a doormat.

You need these kids to respect you.

Right now, they're just looking right through you.

This is about your self-respect.

Using the right tone in my voice

so that the boys would actually be like,

OK, Mom's, like, serious.


Eye contact, so it's like going up to him

and using your assertive tone and getting his attention.

I need you to go into your room.

There's a huge difference.


Thank you.

Before, it was me disciplining the kids.

Now, she follows through on it.

She taped the roles for time-out on my fridge.

They're still there because I still

have to check myself, and be like, oop, you did that wrong.

Do you honestly know what I'm saying?

The way of Nanny Jo taught us to do the warnings--

this is your one warning.

Brush your teeth.

And whatever it is, it triggers in their head.

And they're like, crap, Nanny Jo gave us warnings,

and then we were in trouble.

Just allow yourself to have a conversation

with Jax, but at the same time, putting in those boundaries.

This whole experience with having "Supernanny" at our home

has been life-changing.

Our kids are acting better.

I am better.

Ever since Jo came, less yelling, less contention.

And that's definitely been a blessing.

I wrote something down for her.

I'm going to cry.


Thank you for opening my heart and my eyes,

giving me the confidence boost to know I can do this.

We have so much love for you and are blessed

to be able to call you a friend and have you in our lives


We thank you.

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