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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Damned - sci-fi short film

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Christmas spirit run out already?

Hey Polly,

Yeah, it all seems to artificial no? I mean...

It's not exactly a winter wonderland around here

And it wasn't going very well

with the Feng Shui I've got going on at my house

Very impressive

I must admit I'm still working on a depressing

standard issue appartment

full of cardboard boxes kind of vibe

How are you settling in?


It certainly takes some getting used to doesn't it.

But whatever you know

At least it's cheap down here, right?

You know,

as President of the local

Welcome commitee

which I didn't just make up

I would love to show you around any time you'd like

So I've got to go into town and work on some Chi

find some Chi.

Well have a nice time.

- Alright year. See you then. - See you.

Oh, Lucas!


How about lunch maybe?


Tomorrow, my place?

I'm getting a fresh batch of carrots.

Well, that sounds perfect.

- Cool! - See you.

See ya!

Hey Polly!

You're bringing the booze!

Hey! Watch out!


There you are.

Where have you been?

Yeah what?

Is everything OK Sep?

Yeah, why wouldn't it be?

I don't know we hardly even see you anymore

I don't even know where you are half the time

I'm old enough not to tell you where I go mom...

I know, nobody's saying that. I just...

We worry when we don't know where you are.

Oh my god!

It's not like there's anywhere I could actually go!

What's the worst thing that could happen?

You know there's not reason to get worked up September.

Actually, you know what?

The worst thing that could happen

is that I could go on living here, forever

and turn out just like you and dad!

What is that supposed to mean?

You guys are like animals

You live in a zoo and you don't even see the bars anymore!

Do you think this is what I wanted, to live down here?

You know very well the reason we moved here.

You know one day you might realise

that your father and I are humans too.


How'd it go?

How do you think it went?

Will you please call the man about the windows?

I fell like I'm living in a tin can here!

Pretty special, hey?


Yeah, the colours are nice yeah.

Colours are the best on the market!

A lot fo people think it's better than the real thing.

I take it that means the living room's sorted?

Have you had time to think about that deal for the bedroom?

Yes,I think we're going to take the bedroom too.

Excellent choice!

I'm delighted for you.

Just the basic model.

Yeah, of course, of course.

I actually have the same models installed at my place

and I don't know how I ever did without them!

Really, it's going to change your life, I promise.

Take this to my colleague at the front desk.

He'll get it sorted for you and you should have

an appointment fitted by the end of the week.

That's fast!

Thanks so much for coming.

Really delighted for you. You're going to love them.

Any more question, don't hesitate to call

And as we alsways say

"let there be light"

Yeah, well my wallet will certainly be light after this.

Have a good day.

Thanks guys, goodbye.

- Hello! - Hey!

Got the booze?

Come in:

Wow! What a great place!

I'm sorry I'm not even talking to you.

This is absolutely delicious.

Well honnestly I can't take any credit for this.

This is how they naturally taste!

Well, it's amazing how quickly you forget some things isn't it?


But it's surprising what you can remember too.

I remeber one of the first times I had

one of those meals in a can.

And I was thinking to myself

"this isn't so bad"

Yeah right. And then it's the 2000th day in a row

Not the same thing!

Maybe sometimes it's better to forget.

Do you ever have that feeling that

all your memories and dreams

and experiences are inside you somewhere

but just out of reach?

Like they're behind glass, or ice or something.

I feel like mine are behind a wall.

Damn it!


what do you miss most?

I mean, if you have to choose just one thing

Apart from fresh food?

I don't know.

I mean things are so totally different down here

What do you mean, that?

Yeah that!

I think that what I really miss the most is the horizon.

Just looking into the distance and

knowing that it never ends.

What about you?

I don't know it's been so long.

I miss, I guess, the sunset.

I mean the colours and everything.

Oh, a bit of a romantic then?

No, no, no...

"un artiste" !

Hey stop!



Damn it.

Sorry! I'm here, I made it.

Can I have your boarding pass please sir?


We almost left without you sir.

Please step inside.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to the "Unique Dusk" experience.

And thank you for travelling with us today.

For your safety

Please keep your hands on the railings at all times.

We'll begin our ascent in just a moment.

Is this thing definitely safe?

Yeah it is.

Hold onto your hat!

Si vous voudrez bien regarder

You'll get a birdseye view of the city.

We're about a quarter of the way up now.



Home sweet home!


The trees are even more artificial than at my place.

Thanks again Lucas.

I really had a great time.

Yeah, me too.

Same time tomorrow?

Yeah, I'd love that.

Yeah and if youre lucky maybe I could even get a patat-

What was that?

I'm not sure. Come on.


you gotta stop doing this.

I mean it's already ugly enough as it is.

Why you gotta go and make it worst?

And if this was the first time

then I'd let you off with a warning but come on

So we'e going to have to take you in and call your parents

What? Why do you have to call my parents?

I'm 19, I'm an adult!

Who still lives with her mom and dad.

Who's gonna come get you out of the cell if no one cals your parents

Come on!

It's not supposed to rain here today.

Oh my god!

Run, get ouf of here, run!

Is that part of the trip?

Is that supposed to happen?

Ladies and gentlemen.

Please remain calm.

We're experiencing a minor technical difficulty

We'll resume the ascension in just a moment.

Hang on a second, what's that?

Is that what I...


Oh shit.

Hold on! Hold on!

The Description of The Damned - sci-fi short film