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(upbeat music)

- We haven't heard from Sawyer.

We tried calling him, but he's not answering.

- [Driver] What is happening?

- I think a tree...

- There was an accident - What?

- And Sawyer was like completely out of it.

- Wait should I... ?

- How do you not remember us?

(upbeat music)

- Hey guys, what's up?

Welcome back to another YouTube video.

I'm Sawyer Sharbino

today's YouTube video is going to be,

I lost my memory prank on my crush and my friends.

It's gonna be crazy.

It's gonna be awesome.

But I have a little story to explain

before we get into this.

So first of all,

I wanted to make this video as good as possible.

So last night, I went out and got like a hospital gown,

a heartbeat monitor.

I also got like a wheelchair

to make this prank as believable as possible.

I got back from Ikea with my sister today, to find this.

You're probably wondering what's happening

just as much as I am.

So basically what happened was this tree just randomly fell.

It landed on these power lines and it started a fire.

(dramatic sound effect)

Really bad, it was crazy.

And I just can't believe it.

This is insane.

On the bright side though,

I always like to take the positive out of everything.

So, I guess this will make my prank

a lot more believable, huh?

So we're gonna say that I lost my memory,

the tree fell on me or something

and I'm not doing too good when my friends come over.

So they're gonna be here in a minute.

They're not gonna know what's going on.

And I think this prank will be really good.

It'll turn out awesome.

But before we get into that,

let's roll the clip of the firetrucks.

(dramatic music)

- Yo, what's up guys, it's the editor.

So right now, Sawyer is actually shooting a prank

on the squad and I'm gonna help him out a little bit.

So, I'm gonna get our perspective of this prank

and I'm gonna basically document

and film everything that happens.

So if you guys don't know,

obviously there's a tree that fell down

by Sawyer's house right now and that's insane.

So we're using that as the storyline

of why Sawyer forgot everything.

So why he lost his memory.

So we're gonna go right now as a squad.

We're gonna go to Sawyer's house

basically and figure out what's going on.

Let's go.

- Hey guys, what's up?

I'm in my wheelchair and my gown.

And I've got my head all wrapped up,

looking great and for some reason

I actually feel like I'm in a hospital.

So I'm like, Oh, Whoa.

It's strange but it's pretty cool.

I'm really excited.

Since my friends are kind of used to pranks,

I feel like I've gotta be extra good.

My acting skills have to be perfect,

which they happen to be.

So this prank should turn out epic.

I can't smile or laugh or break character at all

because that'll ruin the whole thing.

So I mean, I have to try my best

and I think it will turn out good.

Also guys, my friends have like been texting me nonstop,

asking if they're still coming over and stuff like that.

And I just haven't replied.

So I guess I'm gonna keep not replying.

This is my sister Brighton.

- Hey.

- She's gonna be helping me with this prank.

When my friends get to the door,

She's gonna open it up.

Say she doesn't really know what's going on

and send them over to me.

And then she's gonna go back to her room

and eat hot Cheetos with popcorn.

- I don't like Cheetos I like Takis.

- Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- I'm gonna be like,

Oh my gosh guys.

I don't know what happened.

It might've been the tree.

We just don't know.

Like he doesn't have any recollection.

I don't know if they'll 100% believe that the tree hit him

as it's not actually on the ground.

It's on the power line.

But I think they'll just be so like frazzled

and in shock of what's going on.

They'll probably not pay too much attention to details.

- Okay guys so we shot a lot of videos today

and we haven't heard from Sawyer

He did not come over to our house.

- Yeah we invited him?

Where was he?

- So we tried calling him, but he's not answering.

So we're just gonna go to his house

and see what's happening.

- [Hunter] Yeah, I suggest that

we should Vlog this just in case.

- Cause just in case something. went wrong, or if he's okay.

- [Hunter] I mean what if he's just sleeping?

- That'd be funny, that would be funny like.

- [Hunter] Or he's playing video games we should prank him.

- Yeah. So we're gonna go to his house right now.

Let's go. - [All] Let's do it.

- Right now I'm setting up the hidden camera.

I think I'm going to put it.

Oh, okay.

So they're gonna walk in right over there

and then I need to have the cameras somewhere

where I can film the reaction.

I think I'm gonna put it right over here.

This is gonna be great.

- [Hunter] Okay guys, we're pulling up

to Sawyer's house right now.

- There's a power line.

- I got it. - Right there this guy.

- Look, he's probably telling us to stop

- What's happening? - I think a tree fell down.

- I just need to get to this house right here

and we can walk, okay

Thank you.

Okay, something crazy happened.

So we're gonna park back here.

- [Levin] That's so weird.

- All right guys we'll have that in a second.

Wait, why's Sawyer not answering

do you think he's okay?

- [Levin] Oh no.

- That's really bad.

- All right guys. So we just went up with Emily

and she's also very concerned about that.

- [Hunter] So she's at Sawyer's house.

What's going on?

- Well the tree fell down, that's...

- [Hunter] Wait wait what?

- Wait what? - Yeah.

- Yeah, I saw the tree that fell down.

- [Hunter] Okay so wait wait.

So a tree fell down and what happened?

- Well he tree fell down and Sawyer,

like I have been trying to reach out,

but he didn't answer.

- [Hunter] Yeah, we invited him to film today.

- He didn't answer us either.

And didn't answer our phone calls.

- [Hunter] Let's go check on him.

Okay guys, come on.

(mood music)

- Where are you guys going, which house?

- Just this big, this.

- Okay don't touch any of the wires.

- Okay, don't touch anything guys.

(electricians conversing distantly)

- Wow, look at that.

Literally in four years. - Yeah.

- [Hunter] Okay guys, so this tree fell down

and knocked down this this entire power line.

This is in Sawyer's yard.

Wait dude, is Sawyer okay?

- That's really bad, we have to check on.

- [Hunter] Okay, this is really bad. Emily, is Sawyer okay?

- I don't know.

- [Hunter] Look at that tree's in his yard.

All right, let's go.

Okay, guys we're at Sawyer's house

where I'm literally calling him right now

and he's not answering.

Look. (phone dialing)

Like I've called him so many times.

Okay, so we've just been knocking forever.

This is ridiculous. - Sawyer.



- What if he's not even home?

(door knocking)

- He's probably home.

- [Hunter] Does he even have power?

Sawyer! (tense music)

- Hey guys? - Hi.

- [All] Hey.

- Is Sawyer home? - Is Sawyer home?

- Are you guys okay?

- It's not a good time.

Well, he might actually recognize you guys.

- [All] What do you mean?

- It's really recent, it just happened,

but there was an accident

and Sawyer's is like completely out of his...

- [Hunter] Okay. Wait, what happened?

- Like something happened, is he okay?

- I mean you can try to talk to him but...

(door opens)

- Oh my God!

(feet thumping)

(suspenseful music)

- [Hunter] Hey Sawyer, you're okay buddy?

Sawyer! - Fine.

- [Emily] You're okay?

- [Hunter] Wait, what happened?

- I mean we don't know for sure because we weren't there.

When we found him he was just completely knocked out.

We think maybe it was something with the tree.

We don't know for sure.

- Who are you?

- [Hunter] Sawyer, do you know what happened?

- No, who are you?

We're your friends?

- Do you remember my name?

- What? - You don't know?


- [Hunter] Sawyer, where are you right now?

- Do you have a concussion? - House.

- Okay. - This is...

- [Hunter] What day is it? - October?

- It's okay.

- I think I know you. - Me?

- Yeah. - What's my name?

- I don't know.

- [Hunter] Sawyer how old are you?

- 11. - [Hunter] Wait, what?

- You're 14 Sawyer.

- [Hunter] Sawyer you're not 11 dude,

- [All] you're 14 years old.

- You turned 14.

- I learn in three quarters.

- [Hunter] No Sawyer what?

- Do you remember Emily?

- [Hunter] Do you know who we are?

Do you know who all of us are?

Do you know who this is? - Andy?

- No. (indistinct)

- Did you say Andy?

- No, this is Emily.

- That's not Andy.

- This is your new crush.

- What happened?

- What? - Nothing happened.

- Nothing happened you just.

- I think it's, we're in 2020, the year 2020.

- [Hunter] Emily, maybe you try to talk to him.

- It's 2013.

- [Hunter] Hey what about Emily try to speak to him.

- Do you not remember me?

- [Hunter] So you don't know who that is?

- Emily. - [All] No Sawyer.

- Why is she crying?

- [Hunter] Sawyer that's your crush.

- I don't even know who she is.

- What do you mean?

- Who are you?

- That's my cousin.

- How do you not remember us?

- [Hunter] Sawyer, come on dude.

- [Hunter] Sawyer that's Emily dude.

(Emily crying)

Sawyer it's Emily.

(characters whispering)

- [Hunter] Sawyer, are you okay buddy?

What happened dude seriously with the,

do you know what this is, this thing?

- That's a Snip snap.

- [Hunter] Yeah, it's camera,

it takes pictures, it films videos.

We're filming right now.

Are you okay?

- Yeah. (indistinct chatters)

- Who are you?

- [Hunter] Sawyer that's those are your friends.

Sawyer this is Levin and Jensen.

These are your friends,

like they care about you a lot.

- Why would I be friends with someone that looks like that?

- [Hunter] Sawyer wait, what?

Wait, why are you laughing?

(Sawyer laughing)

- Guys it's a prank.

You got pranked

I can stand and I know who you are.

You're Levin and you're Jensen.

- I'm not gonna lie.

I'm in on it boys and look the girls are outside.

- You can't tell the girls.

- Come on guys, I'm not gonna lie I was in on it too.

(boys shouting)

- No dude, the tree just fell today

randomly, coincidentally.

- [Hunter] You crush is in tears.

- You can't do this...

- I know, but I just did and it was awesome.

- Don't be too loud because the girls don't know.

- Guys guys, okay.

- I'm telling the girls.

- No no. - Wait wait.

- Hold on, I will sit back in my wheelchair,

You guys go get the girls

and I'm gonna reveal it's a prank to them.

- [Hunter] Did you knock your tree down.

- No, it just happened to fall today.

It was a crazy coincidence.

- [Hunter] So your crush is probably crying outside.

Let's go get her and bring her back in and okay.

Let's come up with something, come on.

All right guys, so Emily is sitting outside.

- That's why you were even filming it cause.

- [Hunter] Yeah, I wouldn't even film one of you guys,

if you were like in a medical situation like that.

- I tell you like what,

- [Hunter] Of course...

- I'm gonna serve you in the hospital.

- [Hunter] Okay look. Emily's outside she's literally crying

on the step right now.

So let's say Sawyer said something.

Let' say Sawyer said. - Like squad

- Yeah, perfect okay.

- Ready? Three, two, one go.

- [Boys ] guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.

Sawyer said something.

- He said something we know.

- [Boys] He said the word squad.

- He said squad,

come here, come here.

Try not to cry cause like

we were trying to make him laugh.

And he said something about squad.

Try not to crack, come on.

- [Hunter] Look seriously Sawyer.

Can you say that again?

Here listen close.

It's really quiet.

- Wait, what? - What?

- Wait is he saying your name?

- About what?

- Prank! You got pranked

(boys shouting)

- You what?

You what?

- A prank.

- Prank, prank, prank.

- Are you kidding? - Prank.

- [Hunter] Yeah, she's gonna cry more.

chill out, don't cry.

- Hey at least I didn't paint you blue.

- [Hunter] Oh prank war

Sawyer must be winning the prank wars now.

- I knocked the whole tree for this.

- [Hunter] He knocked his tree down.

- You really, did you? - [Hunter] No, it just fell.

It totally was an accident.

- I feel like you did that.

(boys arguing)

- [Hunter] I came in like Minecraft

and I like started punching it so wow.

That was crazy as far as the prank war

goes between some of you guys,

let us know who you think is winning.

That was Emily's who knows

she's really cracking her knuckles.

Her next prank on you.

You better watch out.

All right guys, so that was

- [All] today's video.

- I was so scary, I hate it that.

- [Hunter] Yeah you pranked everybody.

- Yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video,

before you leave make sure you

- [All] Like, subscribe and turn on those post notification.

- Yeah - [Hunter] And Sawyer,

do you have like, you know clothes that not like this?

- I think I have a lot of like this which is fire.

- [Hunter] And you go get that in the description,

guys check it out. Good job.

- Also go check out my Instagram,

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- [Hunter] And guys, also you can book Sawyer on Cameo.

Get a private message like for birthday

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- Let's do it.

- [Hunter] Right guys,

so time to get paid back on Sawyer. Ready?

- [All] Yeah. (shouting)

(upbeat music)

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