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hey guys welcome back to TohirT's channel Tohir is here i hope you had a

fantastic week the way i would call this video is a day

late a pound short kind of situation it's been a while it's been like almost

four years four plus years i think since the original cast of hamilton

wrapped up their performance on broadway yet i'm just now talking about it and

why of course because of disney plus we finally have the actual recording of

one of their final performances on disney plus

and since it was released i might have watched it like five

times watched and listened to the album let's balance it out

and i think there are three amazing songs there that have way deeper meaning

than many other people thought of and in today's video i want to talk about

specifically how lin-manuel miranda came up with hamilton

why i appreciate him so much for the hard work he invested into it

and how those three simple songs can inspire you

to make a better work of yourself and of your future let's do this

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show i frequently tell stories about

inspirational people some of them are very popular some of them are not really

and for some of them i'm picking a very specific item in

their life or in their project that no one else is talking

about in this case if you're interested to learn more about

those kind of people check out the playlist over here and at the end of the

video in the card and when it comes to lin-manuel miranda

he's perfectly matched against that list first of all

he's the hardest working people out there and now probably one of the

busiest working people in hollywood on top of that i

think thanks to him and his work on hamilton a

we get to enjoy the story of one of the founding fathers of the united states

from including new perspective from the modern day perspective yet respecting

the facts and the true nature of his life

and b we get to see what happens when someone invests them all

over the few years of time to build their dream project

just imagine the timeline picture it 2004

16 years ago 1-6 lin-manuel miranda reads a book about

alexander hamilton and he gets so inspired by his story and

so surprised that not as many people are familiar with his personal life

that he wants to reimagine it as a musical 2004

is when he starts it 2015 is when we get to enjoy

it and only six years later is essentially today

when i get to record and talk about my experience from watching the

recording of that show on disney plus and i'm not even a musical guy

i honestly would roll my eyes at musicals yet i think the combination

of the story and the performances the powerful lyrics the powerful beats in

every song all of it together truly made me fall in

love with this project and to show my appreciation

for this project i'll deep dive on three of my favorite songs

because there i think they also happen to be those three

songs that carry a deeper meaning that many people understand

when they first watch the musical so i want you to go re-watch them after this

video and really pay attention to every single

lyric that lin-manuel miranda wrote he wanted to inspire us and now i

through dissecting those three songs i want to inspire you to achieve something

of similar maybe you are on the verge of creating something that

will become that kind of force major that phenomenon that everyone else will

be fan of and get inspired by going forward

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show the first song that we're revisiting is

my shot it only makes sense in the whole entire

world to start with a song that truly introduces the essence of who alexander

hamilton was i'm not throwing away my shot hey yo i'm

just like my country i'm young scrappy and hungry i'm not

throwing away my shot this lyrics are the abatton

of who alexander hamilton was and how important it was for him to take every

single opportunity that presented himself

that is why i also don't get people who are afraid of taking

a chance rolling the dice on themselves so to speak at the end of the day we do

not get as many opportunities as we think we do

so letting that hesitation that fear of failure stop you from doing something

just boggles my mind if you really think about it

what is the worst case scenario you're going to fail well

all of us do multiple times all of us will fail multiple times going forward

oh you're afraid what it's going to look like in the future

well if you are right over here at the base level and you attempt to get a

little bit higher and you fail the furthest you're gonna most likely

fall down is exactly the same level so you might as well try

and the try might yield you the next level and then you move on and on and on

further up on that ladder whether it's a career

it's a project it's a business it's a personal life whatever you're working on

it always makes sense to take that shot it never makes sense to be afraid of it

at the end of the day be like a surfer the surfers every time risk getting

tumbled getting wiped out but yet they all do it for that moment

of riding at the top of the wave and feeling that you're in control of that

force of nature and the same can be applied to you when

you're working on something you can take control of it you can ride

that wave you can fail on the path to riding that wave

multiple times over but at the end of the day that's

the nature of life for us every single time we will be further

away from success further away from being good at something

when you do not take an opportunity and attempt to be better

so go and get it ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show the second song

we're visiting history has its eyes on you

this is the pivotal moment in the story of lewis looks like you

want to say lewis hamilton alexander hamilton

watch too much f1 this is a key pivotal moment in alexander's hamilton

story this is right before the battle for the yorktown

in virginia this is the moment when george washington calls upon his

right-hand man to help him in that battle to take the independence

of the united states into their own hands i know that we can win

i know that greatness lies in you but remember from here on in

history has its eyes on you this is such a

deep set of lyrics this few lines showcases you the importance of

that moment that portion of life in alexander hamilton's

and george washington's history that portion in the history of the

united states and pretty much the entire world

everything went down in that particular year in that particular week

on that battlefield the profoundness of this song

is in the punch line history has its eyes on you

think of the moment think of the fact that you are lewis hamilton

on that battlefield and think back to some of the things that we're dealing

with back in the day or today in our life the projects

the businesses the important decisions we make in our personal lives

every single time we're stressed so much about them but at the end of the day

even if we miserably fail at it the worst what will happen is

a few people will remember about it for a couple of days maybe a week maybe a

year but guaranteed that 10 years from now no

one will remember about your failures at work your failures on social media

your failures in your personal life for alexander hamilton

that specific moment when he stands on that battlefield

he knows and he realizes that depending on which

way they push the tide of that war history will remember it

for the recorded period of time until the history itself exists until the

recordings of that battle and of the united states

exist everyone will remember the outcome of

that battle do you still think that that thing that

you're right now working on is that important and puts that much

pressure on you you don't know what pressure is but to

me that's empowering that's empowering because

it reminds me again the scale and puts things in perspective

some of the things that i'm dealing with at the end of the day in the grand

scheme of this world do not matter they're unimportant and

it also on the flip side reminds me that i should really be focused on things

that can make an impact things that will be remembered in

history i know it sounds like a loud statement it sounds like

almost like i'm thinking too much about myself but no this is how

i want to push myself to move forward i want to achieve at least

one or two things in this life to make an impact on this world and we do that

by the way we can do that with smaller gestures and

smaller steps like helping a couple of people in our lives

voting running for the office working with

charities working with movements trying to

end racism trying to end different kind of injustices in this world

to make the future a better place for all of us we have to be better we have

to push ourselves push the society push

everyone in the society to be better at the end of the day the history has

its eyes on all of us so we must and we can be wise with our

decisions ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show

satisfied the third song that i want to dive

deeper on and this is by far my favorite song

in this entire musical you strike me as a woman i've never been satisfied i'm

sure i don't know what you mean you forget yourself i'm like you

i'm never satisfied is that right i've never been satisfied

uh in any case first and foremost i cannot imagine this song being performed

by anyone else but renee ellis goldsberry

she's amazing the range of emotions that she shows in general between the

helpless and the satisfied songs which are

back-to-back songs in that initial act and hamilton

it's also how she delivers them it's also the way she flows through the rap

sections of that song it's just amazing beautiful cannot

stress enough how amazing that entire performance was and

it was well deserved that all awards that she

got and hopefully will receive going forward after

this now theatrical kind of release on the streaming service

and the second thing is that how much i relate personally with the lyrics and

with the whole notion of not being satisfied it does not have

any relation to one particular object subject matter

any particular feeling and not being satisfied within that realm

but rather it's the feeling that you carry throughout your life

it's been a debate with a lot of my friends in past and i'm sure i'm gonna

have a lot of these conversations including some of the debates

potentially here in the comments section but pure example i have a very good

friend who has a few goals in his life and he's

kind of like working towards them and he's 100 certain that once he hits

them and he's almost there that's it he's going to call it

he's going to kind of cruise through the rest of his life

enjoying the time with the kids enjoying the work and his hobby and that is it

and to me that just like blows my mind because why

would you waste your potential life is short but also long in the sense

of how many years you get and throughout those years you get to try out and

experience so many different things you get to participate in so many different

events jobs projects you meet people you talk to people you inspire people

why would you waste your time by just stopping and retiring

that does not make sense you have to be unsatisfied at every stage of your life

and that's what it means is that whenever you achieve something you're

not just satisfied with the achievement and you

stop you right away switch to the mode of i'm not satisfied and you move to the

next thing you search continuously for that point of

satisfaction and you know that you will never achieve that a lot of people feel

like it's a rat race then because it almost describes that you

know feeling of being in a hamster wheel but to me that's not how you should be

really looking at the situation it's your life in general in your life

and i'll still casey neistat's a reference here

there's also nothing material about that like i can care less about the material

things i can care less about expensive cars

yachts i can care less about the titles or some sort of awards

all i want is to really make a positive impact on this world

so think about your own life you have pretty much

two options at the end of the day it will all end up in either of the two

buckets you'll either be the kind of person who

went through their lives consumed products produced products

breathe air created other things and just went

into the ground and that's it you are forgotten it's not

like anything ever happened like there was no

positive effect on this world you were just net zero and hopefully not

a negative impact or you can be the person who really tried through their

life to make it a better place for the future

generations to have some form of an impact whether it's a cultural

impact whether it's a financial impact whether it's discovering something new

producing something new whether it's inspiring future

generations to continue that motion forward two buckets

which one do you think you belong to and why don't you want to belong to that

second bucket of actually being someone who improves

the life for everyone i want to be in the second bucket

i created to a large extent this channel to make that positive impact especially

when i realized i'm gonna be a parent and now with

two kids in my hands so to speak i want the world to be better place for them

and i want them to make it a better place for their kids and their kids and

so on so yes i will never be satisfied ladies and

gentlemen welcome to the show did you like the

deeper meaning behind these three songs wait have you even seen hamilton and if

not what are you waiting for and if yes share what were your favorite songs and

the meanings behind them or the meaning that you perceived behind them

in the comment section below let's talk about the songs got me feeling like

do i want to watch hamilton again i'm sure i will or at least i listen to some

of my favorite parts and some of my favorite songs

in the near future in the meantime god knows i do not have

another three hours to spare at this moment but

what i love about this musical at the end of the day

is a i'm very much inspired by the hard work that lin-manuel miranda

invested into this project this is truly his passion this is his baby

this is what it takes to make an impact on the society you have to spend

in his case what it looks like 16 years to continuously make an impact on the

world and for us it does not have to be that monumentous

sometimes all you really have to do to make an impact

is to inspire others or maybe to write a word a line a song to start the movement

and push that needle slightly forward for the future generation

thank you very much guys for stopping by if you're new to this channel go ahead

hit the subscribe button and check out the videos in the backlog and if you're

already subscriber thank you very much for stopping by as

always let me know in the comment section below what you thought about

this video and i will see you all next saturday 10 a.m eastern on this

very channel also let's recognize how freaking amazing if you watched

hamilton was that entire sequence between the

winter ball the helpless and then satisfied like this is when

that rotating platform on their stage shine just muscles it's

really amazing beautiful i was just in awe

and again how rene goldsberry drove that performance at the end just

left me speechless i was literally just like clapping

in the middle of my living room how much i enjoyed that performance and also

speaking of not necessarily being satisfied and

recognizing too many things maybe i should have done something better

but to me that's a very valued way of saying thank you to all of you guys who

actually made it to this part of the video and hopefully been with me for a

little while because by the time you see this i think it's

around wednesday that week when you're going to watch

this video marks three years since the first upload to

this channel it's exciting yeah it's been like 100

114 videos in this set alone few videos here and there beyond that

crazy time flies and i'm not satisfied i'm

gonna continue pushing with this channel and i'll definitely see you in the next

one peace


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