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Another ramification of Plyler is the issue of whether immigration documents are acceptable

to be requested at the time of enrollment.

And its pretty logical to assume that if an undocumented child has a legal right to

attend free public school, then indeed any child who actually resides in that district

would have that right.

So, as a result of Plyler, immigration documents should not even be requested, but theyre

completely irrelevant.

Now, one thing that some school districts occasionally get confused is the issue of

proving residency and immigration status.

And its important for folks to realize that where you come from or why youre in

the United States has no relation to whether youre a legitimate resident in that district.

If youre living in a school district under state law with someone who has the right to

take care of you, essentially you have the right to attend a free public school, and

there shouldnt be any immigration documents.

I get this kind of question very often.

And recently someone called our office and asked about whether requiring proof of a visa

was necessary for enrollment in public schools, and we explained that it is not required.

It shouldnt be discussed, and only the issue of residency was a matter of concern.

And again, residency has nothing to do with immigration status.

It only pertains to whether the individual student and family is located within the school


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