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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: El puente viejo - Rat Rod, abandoned jeep.

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I want to go to the old bridge.

Do you want to go there? Well, well go.

Why dont we go on my grandfathers jeep?


Yes. In that jeep. Why not?

That jeep has been out of work for five years, since he died.

But it has to work. My grandfather used it to work on the farm.

Lets check the battery, put some gas and clean the carburator. It has to work.

Lila, can you help me to clean it?


It is in a scrubland. Trees have grown up around it.

Come on. Lets go.

Before it gets dark.

It was around here.

It is full of plants

It is abandone

Do you think it will work?

Lets try. Take care yours eyes

Get on the hood

Well. We have to take out the leaves and open the hood

Lila Ill open the hood. Come here.

Sit down here.

Ill put some gas in the carburetor

This is the air filter.

Do I take this out?



Thank you

We have to take this out


Ill fill it with gas.

I want to do it

But. We have to pour a little bit, otherwise itll flood.

Ready. The radiator is full. Lets go.

Where did your grandpa get this jeep?

I guess he bought it in an armys auction.

Really? Did he like armys stuff?

No. Thats why he painted it in orange. It had been green.

Well. It has oil, water. We filled the carburetor with some gas.

It should start.



I guess spark plugs wire are loose because it is workin in two or three cylinders.

There its

The four cylinders are working. Its amazing.

Well. Air filter. Could you give me the crown lady?

I cant believe. It has been stopped five years.

Look at how it ralenty

Your grandpa must be happy in heaven looking at us.

We close hood

We get out the leaves

The mirror

The soft top is quiet good.

There are little holes.

We can cover with patches

The seat is broke. We can put something over it.

Why is it broke?

Lets see. In second gear.

We can try in low

Will double traction work?

It works!

The lights work too!

Now, I want to drive it.

Come on Lila.

Oh! What a beautiful seat!

What is this mom? What is the name.

Its call garbage.

No. Its call rope. No Its rubber.


Its for Chima.

Do you think Chima will like it?

Yes, look.

Its a mirror now.

Dont put this in the mouth. Its dirty.

Look its a necklace now.

Come on Li.

Its a big thorn

I guess the front train hasnt been working properly since we ran over that hole. Ill stop to take a look.

Why do you look mom?

The gemelo is weird.

The elastic broked.

What are we doing? Must I drive slowly?

I agree

Lets go Li. Get up again. Look here.

Lets go Li. Get up again. Look here.

Can I look here? Here?

The gemelo goes on because the elastic broked

In the jeep

Start it.


Congratulations. How did you realized?

I learnt something.


We arrived

Im worried if anything else was broke.

Its ok

It didnt move


The Description of El puente viejo - Rat Rod, abandoned jeep.