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what's good everybody it's your boy Lil Smakey coming at you with

another Fortnite video, in this video I'm gonna be going over all 14 of the 14

days of Fortnite Christmas challenges it's gonna be a little bit longer than

the videos I normally do but bear with me I'm hoping this can help as many

people as possible! now if you're only looking for a single challenge I'm gonna

have every single challenge down in the description with the time stamp so you

can just jump to that that portion as quickly as possible so let's get into it

for day one of the challenges all you have to do is go into a creative match

alright you can either start a server or you can join a friends server but it's

super simple super easy you don't even have to go into a map you just have to

start it and leave it and then that challenge is done I'll have a picture of

the rord on the screen and on to the next one for the day to challenge all

you have to do is visit two giant candy canes alright there are multiple giant

candy canes around the mat and I'm gonna have a map up with different spots

circled where all the candy canes are and what you got to do is you got to

drop there you just got to stand there for literally less than a second and

then move on with the game very easy to complete one match and I will have a

picture of the reward on the screen now now let's get into challenge number

three challenge number three is super easy play matches with a friend this

unfortunately is gonna take you three matches but I guess if you want to just

join the match with a friend then leave it you're good to go

just do this three times and you will get this cool reward let's get in

challenge four challenge four is another easy one all you have to do is hit four

players with a snowball in different matches so this is another challenge

that was gonna require you playing multiple matches and I suggest the best

time to do this would be in the pre game lobby when you're at the spawn island

just open the emote screen throw the snowball at a player you might have to

aim a little bit lower but hit them and you will get this reward for number five

you have to fly through golden rings and an X for storm winged

you have to fly through five of these as it's day five and what I recommend doing

is just dropping somewhere where there are a bunch of planes and then fly

through all of the golden rings in one match as soon as you go through one go

to the other here's a map of where they all are and once you're done with that

which you can do in one game you get this

all right day six search Waterside goose nests now this was a very difficult

challenge compared to a lot of them I know a lot of people had to search this

up on YouTube because it's hard to find them I will have a map with all of the

Waterside goose nest locations and I hope this helps you out just go to them

hold square or whatever your interact button is with them do this six times

you can definitely complete it in one match and you will get this the day

sevens challenge says use boogie bombs or presents and you have to use seven of

them so what I find really easy is if you get boogie bombs just throw them it

doesn't matter if you hit anyone with them because that's two uses right there

and presents are also commonly found in chests so as soon as you get them just

throw them it doesn't matter if you're wasting them just use them and you get

this amazing reward of the merry Marauder back fling and I think he looks

super sick even though he's grumpy day 8 requires you to damage opponents with

different weapons and again eight different weapons as it's day eight what

I recommend doing is just dropping really anywhere where you know there's

going to be people and as soon as you shoot someone with one type of weapon

just switch to a different weapon and hit him again with that or hit someone

else with it and this might take you to games but if you have a bad weapon I

recommend using it at the beginning of the game and then dropping it and

picking up something else so you can try and get this in one once you hit people

with eight different weapons you'll get this reward

and here's day 9 dance in front of 9 different holiday trees now this one is

also tough I know a lot of people had to revert to YouTube I know I did basically

almost every named location has a Christmas tree but not all of them so

again I'll have a map on the screen right now just go up to it dance in

front of it and you're good go to the next one but I definitely recommend

picking up a gun first because all Christmas trees have guns under them

anyway here's the reward for it and let's get into day 10 day 10 says

you have to land tricks in a vehicle at different named locations I actually did

a video on this so if you want to check that out you can but all you should do

is get a quad crusher that's the best one for this and boost into that place

do a trick and get a little bit of airtime you don't have to do anything

fancy and then go on to the next place here is the day 10 reward day 11 says

you have to thank the bus driver in 11 different matches this one is super easy

super straightforward hop into a match as soon as you're possibly able to thank

the bus driver do it you don't even have to drop you can just leave the match and

then you will get this cool reward after you complete it 11 times day 12 says

destroy 12 snowflake decorations and there are a lot of really good places to

do this some being pleasant parks and Abbey shores lucky landing they all have

a ton of snowflakes it doesn't matter if you hit him with your pickaxe your gun

explosives a plane anything just destroy 12 of them you'll probably have to go to

different locations to do this and then you get this actually pretty cool reward

I lied it's actually trashed what am I talking about

day 13 place 13 devices on a creative island go into creative mode again tab

right on your little phone thing and just take out 13 spike traps 15 spike

traps whatever place them all as fast as you can and you're done with that and

you get this reward which is better than the last one that's for sure and the

final challenge day 14 you just have to search 14

tests now this is easy you find chests literally everywhere again I'll have a

map of the best locations or at least all the chest locations in the game do

this and you get this sweet glider that looks like it goes with all the DJ sets

that came out if you didn't know when you complete all 14 challenges in this

event you get this little banner that is basically a pin with a snowflake on it

and it's not really to show off it's more of just something so you know that

you completed everything in the event I wish have you completed everything

they gave me something a little bit cooler but I guess this is the way it's

got to be all right guys and that concludes all the challenges in the 14

days of fortnight special event all these challenges will only be available

till 8 p.m. central time on January 2nd and then they will be done forever I

hope you guys enjoyed I really hope this video helped and if it did make sure you

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video let me know what I could do better in the comments section below and I will

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awesome thank you so much for watching it's been your boy Louis Maki peace out