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At Kabe we have a look at the new motorhome series Crown,

an integrated motorhome based on the

new Mercedes sprinter

with front-wheel drive

Kabe builds special products that are specially

designed to withstand the

cold Scandinavian winters.

They have thicker walls, floors and roofs that are insulated with Ecoprim

a very high-quality type of foam with a high insulation value

In addition, walls, roof and floor are a lot thicker than "regular" motorhomes

All Kabe's are equipped as standard with ALDE liquid heating,

which releases the heat to the air through radiators just like at home

All Kabe's also have underfloor heating as standard.

All that luxury makes the Kabe motorhomes heavier so you must also have a C driver's license

to drive them

Here we have the Crown 810 LQB it is a model that is 8 meters long and has only

two axels in this version

Of course provided with a double floor and in this case an island bed.

In the front, the motorhome is equipped with a standard double bed

that can optionally be replaced by


We also see a combined bath and toilet and a spacious kitchen

Leather upholstery in the spacious seating area and of course the luxury Mercedes dashboard.

But also take a look at the new "face" of this integral camper, cool Swedish

with a touch of Volvo and with its own LED headlights.

The Kabe Crown series will be on display at the Caravansalon in Dsseldorf

and will cost around 180,000 euros in the Netherlands

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