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All I had left with me was my shirt and pants

I lost cows and water buffalos.

I couldn't get to them in time

and 6 or 7 of them died in a group

I lost 1 cow, 1 pig, and 13 chickens.

My chickens, pigs all gone,

only a cow survived somewhere over the hill.

The whole village wiped out.

This is the worst flood I have seen in my life.

In 2010, Boualapha District in Lao PDR was hit by a very heavy flood

This flood caused major damage to property and livelihoods and loss of livestock for 28 villages

Agroup of rice mills working with an international cooperation project volunteered

to help villages affected by the floods

This is the story of Lao farmers and rice millers showing solidarity with people affected by a natural disaster

Dealing with Disaster. A Made in Laos solution.

I am Phetsamon Bouaphanthavong, owner of Vanida Rice Mill

part of a 21 member association in Laos.

In the past year, there's been shortage of rice.

Families who normally produced just enough rice

for their own consumption were affected by drought.

Last year in September and October we provided

Last year in September and October we provided

an emergency advance 4 tons of rice to the local population

that they could pay back with paddy rice

after they harvestedtheir crops.

Niphaphone Phimmachan, owner of a rice mill

The work done by our project is very important

to assist and provide extension services to rice farmers.

We help farmers to improve the quality of their production

so they can get better prices for their crops.

When I first started out it was difficult

I hadto go out to each village to get acquainted with farmers

but I was persistent and now my work is easier.

Now farmers know how to increase their productivity

Now farmers know how to increase their productivity

In the past farmers didn't know that they

can get a better price if they produce better quality rice.

I have to cooperate with them and help them understand.

I am Pasith Vedvienxay, village chief of Ban Navangthong.

Our rice farming business has improved because we had training

from projects and from the Ministry of Agriculture.

We now apply these techniques and our production has improved.

In addition we work with millers to share what we have learned

and provide trainingto other villages.

I am Thongwai Manikoad, president of

the rice seed producers group in Ban Navangthong.

Millers provide inputs to our members

and buy our seedto distribute to other famers.

Our village cluster has farmer groups producing rice commercially

thus providing assistance and jobs.

Before we had farmer groups, production was

primitive and disorganized. Now that we have groups

primitive and disorganized. Now that we have groups

we expect many advantages such as increased production.

We are stubborn and used to the old ways of thinking

and doingthings. As professional rice farmers, we needto step

out of the box andtry new ways of doing things.

To produce commercial rice we needthree things;

1) The rice seed we use must be good.

2) The technique used to grow rice must be right and

and up to higher standards.

3) Our famers don't know how to manage the money they invest

in their farms. They need to know how to calculate overhead,

labour and capital costs for their farms to grow rice profitably.

Ban Tanthun

I am Mettha Chanthasaone. We have to pay for water and

fertilizer for irrigated rice production,

unlike the rain fed growing season. We sell our irrigated

rice commercially to pay for production costs.

Mr. Phetsamone and his wife from Vanida rice mill

often come to help us. Now we invest more in our

production because we are sure that we will have a

market for our production. The bigger market also

encouraged me to increase the area I farm.

The miller guaranteed to pay 24,000 Lao Kip per 12 kg bag.

If a trader comes to our village to offer a higher price

If a trader comes to our village to offer a higher price

the miller will increase the price he pays to equal the market price.

I am Kavayung Thammavongsa, a villager from Than Theung

village in Khammuane. All the farmers are happy with the

project, especially to have good rice seed and millers supporting

people to provide extension services. Before the miller only

came to buy paddy rice in our village. There was no advice

provided or loans to support production. I trust and believe in

our rice miller (Mr. Phetsamone) more than others because

they gave us government certified weigh scales to measure our

grain and the price is straight andfair.

Mr. Khambay Dumluth, Governor Khammouane Province.

Mr. Khambay Dumluth, Governor Khammouane Province.

We promote the Development of Agriculture, organize them

into rice miller associations that partner with farmer groups.

Mr. Singphet Keosopha, Head of the Department of

Industry and Commerce in Khammuane Province.

In a few days, Khammouane will receive 2 billion Kip

for a government rice stockpile program.

More money will be allocated if needed.

As population increases, the demandfor food is vital.

There will be an increase in food consumption in the

very near future and we are here to make sure that the

need is met.

I am very happy to be able to help people

who were affected by flooding.

I started my own support group of millers because

we needto work closely with the farmers.

we needto work closely with the farmers.

After we started working with EMRIP we cooperated with

government to provide extension services and we plan to

continue to help rice farmers in the future. People who are

well off and receive benefits from projects should help

poor people and those who are affected by natural disasters.

Good morning!

Distribution day for rice donated by millers

I am Sivay from Ban Sok, Boualapha District.

The flood came one night near the end of 2010

The flood came one night near the end of 2010

Before the flood there was a long drought

and we hadto irrigate everything.

After the drought very heavy rains came, causing flooding

that damaged our fields and killed our livestock.

The flood came very suddenly duringthe night and took away

everything. Even the upland rice we had already harvested

was damaged and we couldn't eat it any more. After the flood

I had to ask other people for rice, which I never had to do before

because I always produced enough for my family.

Our whole village flooded.

I never saw a flood like this since I was born

Nothing can compare to the loss that we suffered.

Nothing can compare to the loss that we suffered.

Everything from the smallest vegetables in our garden

to the largest cattle and buffalo were killed or washed away.

Nothing was left.

I go out to find work wherever I can, ask for help from

nearby villages, grow corn and digfor roots to eat.

Many people who didn't have money or grow enough corn to eat

were forcedto collect wild roots from the forest to survive.

I grew corn in an irrigated garden but I still did not have

enough to survive and I hadto collect wild foods from the forest.

There was nothing to eat, only the rice you brought here today.

There was nothing to eat, only the rice you brought here today.

Now everyone is happy and we feel like our lives are

much better because of this help.

Everyone is smiling and looking good

Everyone is smiling and looking good

after your belly is full.

I got some rice from my brother each time he

harvested something, but now all of this is finished.

This rice was very important to help us survive and

we are very thankful to all the people who helped.

I would like to say thank you in our local way and

we wish everyone good health and great success.

I am satisfied and appreciative to be able to help the

villages in Boualapha district that are in dire need of assistance.

As someone who produces rice, I can say we are all very happy

to help people who are suffering from this disaster

Dealing with disaster. AMade in Laos solution.

Thanks to:

Mr. Khambay Dumluth, Governor of Khammouane

Mayor of Boualapha

Mayor of Boualapha

Mr. Singphet Keosopha, Head of Agriculture Sector and Commerce of Khammouane

Mr. Khamsone Ouanthavy, Head of Agriculture and Forestry of Khammouane

Mill Representatives of Khammouane Province

People of Boualapha

Producers: Nico Hertweck and Daniel Rintz

The Description of Dealing with Disaster (ການຮັບມືກັບໄພພິບັດ)