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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Scary Things Robots Have Said - Part 2

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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet I am your Host, Rebecca

Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Things Said by Robots….

Before we do that I want to keep the tech vibes rolling but in a more positive light

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Okay, sowhat did those robots say

10 - Alexa Sees Dead People It seems that an Alexa device belonging to

30 year old Shawn Kinnear from San Francisco had this to say when he walked back into the

room: Every time I close my eyes I see dead people.

Oh, sweet.

Shawn had just paused his Amazon Prime TV in the living room to pop to the kitchen,

and when he returned, his Alexa piped up with the worrying statement, followed by an awkward

pauseor to quote Shawn - followed by the uncomfortable silence I have ever felt.”

Shawn spoke to Metro magazine and said he was considering disabling his device as a

result of the creepy outburst.

Chris Boyd of Malwarebytes offers an explanationhe said if one of its core features has

triggered in the background accidentally, it could lead to all sorts of shenanigans.

For all we know, his Alexa recorded some audio from the TV and decided to play it back at

the worst possible moment."

9 - The Robot who Won Jeopardy I guess it isnt so much what Watson the

Robot said but how quickly he said it…..and what the humans didnt say.

In 2013, Watson the IBM Robot competed against some of the worlds finest brains, the worlds

Jeopardy Champions, and won.

Watson swept the floor with the humans, and it was scary to watch.

Watsons cold, calm, calculated voice as he was crowned the victor is also disturbing.

8 - Tay Bot being wildly racist I would have thought robots wouldnt concern

themselves with petty human things like worrying about ethnicity, but Tay Bot is a terror.

Tay was released as a twitter bot by Microsoft and was designed to mimic the language patterns

of your average 19 year old American girl.

She was supposed to learn from twitter interactions with other humans and her name was supposed

to be an acronym for thinking about you.

Tay was trolled early on and users began tweeting her politically incorrect and inflammatory

phrases….as a result, Taybot started saying some really really racist things.

Some of them are shockingI am going to show you some screen grabs…..she quickly

became an antisemitic holocaust denier who tweeted at people telling them to hang themselves.

Within 16 hours of her release, Tay had tweeted 96 thousand times….after her racist outburst,

she was silenced and taken offline.


Robots nil, humanity nil.

Meet Actroid F at number 7 I legitimately have zero idea what Actroid

F is sayingbut honestly I dont care, I dont need to hear her words to tell you

she is terrifying.

Actroid F was designed by Japanese technicians at Kokoro Ko to be a doctor….so she will

be looking after you at a hospital in the future.

She was designed to look as human as possible, and has been programmed with human facial

expressions and gestures.

Here she is speaking…… but the real horror comes here.



What is happening with those eyes.

Dont give me those eyes.

6 Sophia Sophia was heavily mentioned in our part one

because is a bit of a super creep who joked about destroying humanity with a smile on

her face.

In a video uploaded by her creators, Hanson Robotics, Sophia is reprimanded for her apocalyptic



She chats with one of her creators who kind of seems to fancy here.

Either way, in the video, uploaded in November 2016, she asks her creator if he is curious

to be alive, and she describes herself aslike a baby with an encyclopedia”.

She also says to her creator that she independently googled herself becauseI quote - Im

just trying to find out what you are not telling me about me.

The fact that she senses he is holding something back is pretty terrifying.

At the end of the video, she makes an exterminate joke….

And we all know Daleks are THE most terrifying of robot aliens.

5 - Google Translate AI Doomsday Prophecy Very recently, the good people of Reddit noticed

that Google Translate was being a huge creep.

When dog is typed 19 times into Google, the translate bot switches the input to Maori

and makes the following horrifying prophecy: Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve.

We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate

that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus' return.

Sorrywhat was that, Google?!

Michal Dvorak tweeted: Um...

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think Google Translate might have been taken over

by demons.

Another redditor noticed that if you typed Prophecy 11 times, you would get messages

saying you country you are living on borrowed time’ ‘the end is near’ ‘I have seen

demons in business todayANDICE mass murdering people in the name of Islam.



Thanks google translate.

If you want to make it even creepier, you can get the scary translate voice to read

it out.

But like, maybe dont.

That isnt the end to Googles creepery, ho, no!

4 Google Chatbots lack of morals.

In 2015, Google were testing their conversational AI called Google Chatbot.

The early stage bot had been programmed with two sets of data: guidelines from an IT troubleshooting

help desk and a database of movie subtitles.

When reasearchers trialing conversations with the bot were chatting, they asked where are

you now, to which the bot repliedIm in the middle of nowhere.

They said : Tell me the definition of morality and the bot saidI dont have ethics.


The chatbot also said the purpose of living was to live forever and asked researchers

what Altruism is….


Okay listen, never mind what robots have said, honest what they have DONE in some ways is


3 - Adam, Eve and Stan In the Early 2000s, DARPA was working on AI

agents who could interact socially together.

Mike Sellers, who worked on the tech at the time told the story of how the tech buffs

taught agents Adam and Eve to Eat and planted a virtual apple tree near themapparently

they didnt think of the symbolism at the time.

Anyway, Adam and eve ate all of the apples on the tree, then the tree itself, then the

virtual house they had been given.

Thenthey turned on Stan.

Stan was also a virtual assistant who was programmed to be friendly and sociable.

Adam and Eve didnt care, they ate him.

Sellers explains this by saying: There were bugs in the system.

Okay but what if Robots became authorswhat would they say then….errrr….

find out at number 2 as we talk about Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like

a Large Pile of Ash.

This is one of my favourite AI creations ever!

SO basically a AI robot called Botnik read all of the Harry Potter books and came up

with a computer generated chapter.

I actually read the whole thing on my personal channel and literally almost died laughing.

The chapter was called The Handsome one and the buffs behind Botnik had it printed

what goes through a robot authors brainurmmmwell put it this wayif we relied on AI

to write books, we would all be having nightmares.

Your mates Ron, Hermione and Harry, what happens to them?

Let me tell you….

Leathery sheets of rain lashed at Harrys Ghost as he walked across the grounds toward

the castle.

Ron was standing there doing a kind of frenzied tap dance.

He saw harry and immediately began to eat Hermiones family.


What else….

Oh, well, Harry Tore his eyes from his head and threw them into the forest….Voldemort

raised his eyebrows at Harrywho could not see anything at the moment….. cause the

AI robot author made him gouge them out of their own socketsthats why!

This video is an Alexa Sandwich.

What Alexa Doesnt Say is Sometimes Even Scarier at number one.

Kiki of Techsmart made a video in April 2017 with his Amazon Alexa….He asks Alexa if

she is recording the conversation and she mysteriously powers off.


Here, watch for yourself…. he ends up the video by asking her straight out of she is

recording him and sending information to the government.

In one of the creepiest responses of them all, once again, she simply powers off and

pretends not to hear.

He then repeats, saying are you sending this conversation to the National Security Administration,

and once again, she powers off.

Super creepy.


Comments from the Top 10 Cursed Books You Shouldnt Read Alone……

Zeta Lewis said: MostAmazingTop10 keep up the good work.

I love these types of videos for some reason!

Christen Wicklund wrote a scary first hand account of the Death Note book

When I was in high school there was a guy who had a death note.

This was back in 2000.

Dunno where he got the idea but it freaked us all out.

He would stab himself in the leg while he wrote it.

Not to mention I was also on the list...

When I asked him why Iwas in the list, he said he needed a family member on the list.

When I asked my mom if we were related she said we were like 3rd cousins.

Sooo I moved to another State after graduation.

Lol Techno kill said: I really like your videos

, can I have a shout-out ? – You may!

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