Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Remote workers and cloud computing

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H!i I'm Adriana Baranek and you are watching the UseWise channel. I was inspired a few minutes

ago for this video because very often we get information from some people that

have interesting articles and that want to be featured on Miadria website and that

want to be included in some of our articles. I got in fact a

well-written and informative article about remote working today and I was

surprised to see that in that article there was no mention of cloud computing

because let me start so like in my former life is to be with a very large

organization and we had horrible tools at work, it was appalling really, it was

very difficult to have your job done and it was 20 and more years ago, to be fair,

but not that their ability to provide decent tools for workers has changed a

lot in that time until now. When I was working from home sometimes it was as

horrible as it was in my office so remote working in itself is not value,

remote working in itself is maybe just a way to say I am not in my office today

and I will just not care or you will just use your phone, or you will just try

to log in and you will not be able to do your job,

you will maybe not have access to your internal applications that you need so

it will be more frustrating than anything.

Cloud computing basically changed all of that,

especially for workers. Cloud computing is not only great in all those regards

that we talk all time on UseWise channel and why we love cloud, but it

is also great for workers because workers have finally, if of course cloud

is really cloud and please refer to my videos about private cloud vs hybrid

cloud, why private cloud is not really cloud and all those videos that we have in

this arena. But workers can, for instance, in G Suite or in Office 365 if they want

to have this amazing liberty to work from wherever, to be equally

efficient wherever they are because remote working is not really working if

you're not as efficient as you are in your workplace.

Remote working without cloud is really not remote working, it is remote

suffering as is your suffering on your workplace where you have to wait for

stuff to patch, for stuff to save and when you are working in the cloud, for

instance, we have been in my company using G Suite, mostly G Suite for last 10

years and it is really liberating. You might be at the airport, you might be

wherever you are and you will always have access to all your data, you will

always have access to your information whatever you need so your tools will

travel with you and mostly that is the point. The point is not that you as a

worker are working remotely the point is that your work really has to follow with

you and your ability to work, your ability to access all the tools that you

need has to follow with you so cloud computing is the game changer for remote

workers as well as it is a game changer in so many aspects. That was it from me

today. I just wanted to give you this short overview of how we see remote work

and how we see it getting better and better with cloud computing. We

definitely support remote work but we want that we want the workers to have as

much freedom, as much liberty, as much happiness at the workplace as they do

when they are working at the office. Thank you so much that, that was it from me today.

See you soon! Bye!

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