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When the moon, hits your eye, like a pizza pot-a pie. That's amore.


What up internet, Corinne here, and you're watching Corinne VS cooking!

Today I'm taking on the f***ing pizza pot pie, in celebration of marijuana being legalized in many of our fine states in this... *hesitation* ..great country of ours.

We're actually gonna make it with real pot.

Just kidding, nope.

Because then YouTube wouldn't let me monetize this video, and I need to make the money.

I need to pay for my marijuana addiction, but if you are in one of those fine states, try making this with pot, because why not.

Yea, I'm f***ing Dr. Seuss today.

Food Network did a little video on this place in Chicago that makes a pizza pot pie and it looks delicious!

Thank you Food Network, for bringing this amazing culinary masterpiece to my attention,

because otherwise, I would've just been living in darkness for the rest of my life!

Let's get started shall we?

Alright, I'm gonna kick this up a notch by making my own f***ing tomato sauce.

*sassily*That's right.

I found this recipe from Serious Eats

Better be f***ing real serious alright? Daniel Gritzer, or I'm coming for you!

Cause honestly the process of using fresh tomatoes to make a tomato sauce seems pretty daunting.

There's a lot of steps, kay, and the explanation on how to make it is really f***ing long.

But I appreciate it, Gritzer, but what I'm trying to tell you, the viewer that is watching right now.

if you want to make this sauce, you're guona have to go ahead and read that f***ing s*** because I had to do it,

so if you wanna learn how to do it you gotta do it too, sorry.

This is where you can go to find it.

Right here.

Speaking of which, have I told you my sauce joke yet?

What did the pasta say to the tomato?

Don't get saucy with me.

*laughs silently. Probably regretting life choices*

First off you need like 25 pounds of tomatoes.

I probably don't need that much tomato sauce, but I'm planning on freezing this s*** and having it all winter long like a f***ing squirrel and s***...

Yea so I came really close to 25 pounds, but I realized I was just shy of that,

and my neighbors, next door, have some tomatoes that are growing over the fence

so technically those are my tomatoes, right?

Is this wrong?

Rob: Did you get those from the neighbors?

Corrine: Shhh...

Both:Go go go go go go go go.

What they don't know won't hurt 'em.

Okay, so once I got all of my tomatoes together and god damn look at this s*** it is beautiful!

I need to Instagram this real quick, hold up.


Okay, for the first part of the sauce you gotta make your own tomato paste,

for this, I used only the Roma tomatoes and you gotta cut up all the tomatoes which takes a really long time, okay?

This is a very meditative job.

Oohh, that's a f*** ton of tomatoes.

Yea, anyway so I did all the sh**s and I cut the things and cooked 'em down until this stage happened

and then you gotta put 'em all in a food mill and food mill 'em up.

There's other ways to do this but this is what Daniel told me to do, so I'm following Daniel's instructions, okay?!

And to be honest I'm pretty f***ing excited about this s***.

It already tastes really good and it smells really good in here and I haven't even put anything in these tomatoes

It's just tomatoes.

*strained voice* It's amazing.

If you've never made your own fresh tomato sauce before you're missin' out.

While the tomato paste is working, you gotta cut up a s*** ton more tomatoes

And then cook those all down the same way you did the first batch

And again with the food mill and you know it's a lot, it's a lot of work

But it makes you feel really good.

So after 6 hours, I would say,

I had a pretty decent f***ing sauce.

It really pays off to make your own s***, ya know?

Alright, so know that I got my sauce the hard work is pretty much over

All you need to do is get yourself a ceramic, oven-safe bowl,

Yea, once you have your bowl you just gotta butter that s*** up.

Butter it up.

And then, you put a crap ton of cheese down inside the bowl.

Yes, a literal crap ton.

Alright, so in the video they show putting mushrooms in there and I don't like mushrooms.

I like the concept of mushrooms.

I think they're really cool, but unless they're gonna give me hallucinations, I ain't eating no mushrooms.

So instead of mushrooms, I'm putting some red onions in there because I'm a f***ing adult and I like onions now.


And then some black olives.


Because black olives are delicious, Rob. I know you don't like black olives or any olives for that matter but olive you that's for sure.

Okay, now it's time for the star of our show, the sauce.

The sauce goes right on top of here like that.

I was too tired after making all this f***ing sauce that I just bought some f***ing pizza dough from the pizza counter at the grocery store.

I "dough'nt" have the time.

I "dough'nt" want to do it.

Anyway, you put your dough on top of the bowl like this.

And then you just got to put it in your oven.

I recommend on top of some sort of pan or tray baking sheet whatever those things are called.

Because it's probably gonna get a little drippy

And you don't want that s*** all over your oven.

Cause then it smells like burning every time you cook something, *whispers* Rob.

Alright, I think this s*** is ready, y'all.

What the f***.

I think it looks pretty good.

Ahh it's burning my hand!

This thing sucks.

Obviously had some problems in our kitchen before.

Alright, are we ready?

I gotta get it on this camera.

Alright, here we go.

Here we go now.

This is the moment of truth.

Can we get it to dump onto the plate like they do in the video?

Fingers crossed.

Here we go.

*sings* oahhh uhhuh hahahh ooohuhhuh hahhhh

Kinda hot.

Be careful, don't burn your little mouth off.



Listen, there's definitely some things I would do differently next time

but you bet your f***ing sweet ass there will be a next time.

Cause this is delicious.



Look at that f***ing melty, gooey, deliciousness.



God damn yes.

I'm gonna have to run like 20 miles today.


Maybe if I chase it with an apple it won't be so bad.

Get all that bird poop off of there.

Well this isn't as good.

Alright, I think that's it for this week.

As always, we wanna know what you wanna see us make on this channel.

So leave your suggestions in the comments down below.

Like up this video because we like being liked.

It makes us feel better about our lives.

Otherwise, I'm just gonna go cry in a corner all day. Haha.

Don't worry, I'm gonna do that anyway.

*snip snip snip snip snip*

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