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Hey Youtubers, its Charlie and Walking Dead finally revealed Terminus and gave us

a big reunion wed been hoping for. There are still a lot of huge questions, mostly

who is going to die in the finale, but we did get to see almost all the survivors. So

what Im going to do is my top 5 moments and then talk about some of the biggest questions

for the finale with some possible solutions.

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So lets talk some Terminus. Careful for spoilers if you havent seen the episode

yet. Here we go. Number 5 - Outdoor Cat Daryl.

Joe seemed unusually cogent while he explained his brave new world to Daryl. I loved that

he just drops cat facts. Daryl never did answer as to whether or not he was a cat person.

The speech was just Joe telling Daryl that he was an outdoor cat just like them. Like

their band of marauders is the alternative to the more domesticated survivors. Who I

guess we can call indoor cats. Unless you count Michonne. No amount of play time with

Carl and candy sharing will make her an indoor cat.

The writers are just teasing that Daryl might seriously decide to split with the survivors

and start running with Joes group. Which we totally do not want. Joe himself after

all these wolfpack justice moments seems legit. Hes not a cannibal, so I think we can assume

that if there are going to be Hunters, theyll be the people who live at Terminus.

The real thing to worry about with their group though, is how is Daryl going to react when

Joes group finds Rick. That last moment before the candy wrapper let us know that

Tony, that dude who got strangled for the bed. Totally saw him. We can call this one

of the giant red flags to look of for in the finale.

Number 4 - Glenn Finds Maggies Sign

This was such a fun high point to start the episode off on. You could almost tell what

it was from the look on his face before they revealed the map. And as expected he takes

off like a crazy person to catch up to her. His commitment to people is borderline crazy

and it will definitely get him killed someday, but since this happened so early in the episode

I wasnt expecting things to get awful until they approached the Tunnel of Death.

Theres just something so awesome about the imagery of the mouth of that tunnel. LIke

they were stepping into a Walkers open mouth. Weve gotten to know Glenn so well

over the years, that I dont think this could have gone down any other way. Until

he was reunited with Maggie he was in Robo-Glenn mode. Which also kind of makes him a dick

in that hes forcing Tara to injure herself more by following.

I think if anyone has the chance to martyr themselves this season, it will be Tara. She

just wants to punish herself so bad. Ill talk about this more later, but if she really

wanted to punish herself, shed get involved with another girlfriend. Because being in

a loving relationship on the show is a recipe for disaster.

Number 3 - Glenn and Tara in The Tunnel of Death

I liked how as they moved deeper into the tunnel, they moved deeper into their awful

memories. Glenn in his time right after he was separated from his family. And Tara during

the prison battle. Did you notice how she always calls the Governor Brian, its

just because she never knew him as the Governor. Its funny, just because weve known him

as this other persona for so long.

Them running into the Walkers just implies that they chose the wrong path.

Supposedly there was a huge tribute Walker in the episode and I think it was a Ray Harryhausen

tribute with this stop motion looking walker was saw from behind. Let me know if you think

it was a different Walker. I kept looking at all the close-up shots of them to see if

I recognized them from something else.

Number 2 - Maggie and Glenns machine gun reunion.

How appropriate that it happened to the sweet music of gunfire. Theyre both sufficiently

crazy, so you couldnt get them back together in anything less than a shitballs crazy situation.

In this moment I also include Tara trying to get Glenn to bail on her and save himself.

It felt kind of hollow, because Glenn has proven himself to be the most stubborn person

on the show, next to Maggie. I dont think he would ever give up on someone. Maybe if

he was forced to choose between Maggie and someone else. That would be an interesting


After their reunion I renamed the Tunnel of Death to the tunnel of Love.

Earlier when I said loving relationships are recipies for disaster, what I meant was that

almost all the sex pairs had someone die, for instance, Lori and Lilly both slept with

the Governor and theyre dead. All of Beths boyfriends are dead. Lori slept with Shane

and shes dead.

This mean that Abraham, Rosita, Sasha, Bob, Glenn and Maggie are all on my most likely

to die list. Maggie really is still my number one pick. Just in a reversal of canon.

and my Number 1 moment - Glenn, Maggie and Abrahams group reaches Terminus.

And it looks like its full of indoor cats. It really does look like a more flowery version

of the prison. But theres a mystery Grill that makes me think that in the finale theyre

going to be revealed as the Hunters and it will be people meat on that grill. We should

call it right now, regardless of whats happening there, Terminus is a venus fly trap.

That will be shutting its jaws on a few people in the finale.

The big questions now are, who are these people at Terminus, are they the Hunters? What is

the lie of Terminus. Im a convinced there will be a huge reveal. Hunters or Not, we

still havent met that new character Gareth. The other big questions are what happened

to Beth and what will Joes group do to Rick when they catch up to him?

Theres also that new person Mary we just met, thats Denise Crosby. And she doesnt

exactly conform to anyone specifically in the comic books. She could be the female Hunter,

but in order for that to work out, the show would have to change a bunch of stuff.

I just feel like that Grill she was standing in front of is so ominous. It looks a lot

like the scene in the comics with the Hunters home base. Even though that was a very small

group of people.

As for Beth, I dont have any evidence to support it, but part of me feels like shes

still alive at Terminus somewhere. I feel like were going to end up in a situation

at Terminus, where Joes group will make a move on Rick and everyone will be too busy

to notice the evil Terminus people trying to kill everyone.

Now its your turn though. Let me know what your favorite moment was and what your biggest

question is before the finale?

Dont forget, theres still the wild card of Carol and Tyreese, theyre two very badass

people. I feel like even though they have Judith with them, theyre not any less formidable.

Cant you just see them hiking Judith back and forth to one another like a football while

they kill walkers.

What Im really hoping to see is a darkest moment situation where Tyreese comes barreling

through a wall like the Hulk and just smashes Joe and any potential Terminus Hunter characters.

Like I said, Im posting that Q&A tomorrow with the giveaway winner announcement. Click

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weeks mega WTF episode.

Thanks for watching, see you guys tomorrow. Terminus High Fives!

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