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- [Voiceover] Are you locked out of your house

and can't find a key?

We've all been there.

So let's make a snee-key pipe

and never let this happen again.

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For this project,

you'll need a straight PVC pipe,

an L pipe,

a rubber rain collar,

some type of adhesive

and a PVC cap.

First, scope out the perimeter of your house

for a good place to set up your snee-key hiding spot.

Now take some tools and dig a small hole

to place the pipe in

so that it'll be snug and secure,

but still reach a flat surface on the wall of your house.

Fill in that hole with dirt and pack it down solid.

Cover it up with some leaves or debris if you want.

Now these next two items will make this look

as one with the wall.

Take the rain collar and place it directly over the L pipe,

just like this.

As you can see when this set up

is against a flat surface,

it looks flush and natural.

This is key.

Tie your house key to some string or yarn

and you're gonna grab some sticky tack

and firmly fill the inside of the cap with it

to hold the string in place.

You could also use super glue for this if you want.

Give it a few test pulls and a hang test

to make sure that it isn't gonna fall off

once you place it inside your outdoor pipe.

Okay, now we're gonna take that sticky tack

and line the inner ring of the rain collar.

Now this isn't permanent

just in case we ever wanted to move

our setup somewhere else.

It'll hold very well if enough pressure is applied.

As you can see we've got a nice, gooey ring

that is just begging to be applied to the wall.

Now secure the L pipe directly onto the main PVC tube.

Make sure it's firm and then twist the apparatus into place

and firmly press the rain collar into the wall.

Now this is the most important step.

If the collar isn't flush,

it'll be obvious it's a decoy unit

and people might suspect something.

Now let's go ahead and add the cap bracket.

Make sure it's in there good

and grab your key on a cap

and screw it into place.

Not too tight, though.

You wanna be able to remove it in a pinch.

Now next time you lose your house key

or manage to lock yourself out,

you can just hop on over to the side of your house,

pop off the top

and turn your key to freedom and sanctuary.


Remember, put your own twist on this.

You don't want it to look exactly like ours

since it's on the internet

and people would know.

We laid the groundwork,

you lay the pipe.

Thanks for watching.

We'll see you next time.

(upbeat music)

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