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You join us here today at Moor Lane Pavilion for the UK 6aside Championships 2014. Where over 260 teams will battle it out to win this trophy.

Whereabouts have you come from today?


Dumfries, Southwest Scotland


Think you can go all the way today?

I hope so, the fitness will be a big test but we are the strongest we have been in the last 3 years.

I don't know, we have got a bit of pace. A striker that bags goals quite comfortably.

we should be sound.

Well obviously their skill level gotta be of quality but coupled with that is their attitude.

To be a team player is very important, to be that team player, to gel, to make the team happen basically.

Great opportunity, I understand that the England scouts are here today, the manager of the team. Looking for that quality.

To hopefully and potentially be invited to join the national team as an opportunity to represent their nation

Tim, how has the day been so far?

The days been fantastic so far, when I walked through the gates it just looked magnificent set out.

The quality of the event and it just looked really good fun aswell.

Very Impressive.

I havent been to anything like this before, I think its absolutely briliiant. The atmosphere is so alive and the passion around here is great.

It gives people a chance to get to a higher level so no matter where you play, no matter what pitch, no matter any day of the week your

out and about you can come to an event like this and be spotted and get to those higher levels.

Well its great to see that not only on one level you can play and enjoy yourself and compete and be in a competition.

but you can also see whats on offer and how this sport is growing and improving and the talent of international teams is there to see for all.

We still have a couple more training camps to go and I think were still working on a few more tactics but I think,

that things like this, playing together you can really beat it, there is only so much training you can do

to be put in a real match situation, each one showing what they can do is fantastic

You join us at the half-way point of the day, where we just watched England lift the home-nations

trophy, all thats left now is for 2 teams to battle it out to get their hands on this prestigious prize.

Enjoy your trip to the Algarve, you deserved it today.

Its been an excellent day of football here at the UK 6aside Championships, over 260 teams entered

and only one prevailed, Enfield, in a dramatic 1-0 victory in the final. Its been an enjoyable day

and until next time. Its goodbye from us.

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