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If youre worried some of your friends or family might be mooching off your Netflix

account, but youve forgotten who youve shared your account info with...theres

a way to see who is using your account and stop it.

Once youre signed into Netflix, head to your account from the drop down menu

under your name.

In your account settings, scroll down and click on viewing activity. Heres

where youll see a list of everything youve recently watched. From here, click on see

recent account access.

Now youll see a pop up of all the recent logins, including the date and time, the location

of access, and the device used to access your account.

So, if you look at this list and think you might have someone thats mooching off your

account, you can simply sign out of all devices by going back to your account and clicking

on sign out of all devices. Just note that it could take a few hours for the changes

to take effect.

Of course, while youre in here, you might as well change your password too, just in case.

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