Practice English Speaking&Listening with: On | Increase Your Speed: Episode 2

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- [Coach] The ON four-part

increase your speed video series

is all about helping you become a better,

more flexibly stable, and faster runner.

(upbeat music)

The visual system, a part of the central nervous system,

is required for receiving, processing,

and interpreting visual information.

Yes, a single eye movement can indeed improve motor output

like strength, power, and mobility.

Let's start by assessing flexibility with a forward fold.

Perform it passively a few times to set a baseline

of your current range and tension,

keeping your feet together while doing so.

Now, for the exercises.

Stretch your arm out in front of you,

using your thumb as a visual target.

Draw your thumb towards your nose

and stop when your vision dramatically blurs.

Repeat this five times.

For vertical smooth pursuits, stay in the same position,

moving your thumb up and down, head still

and eyes following the target.

For the last exercise,

raise one arm to the height of your forehead

and the other beneath the height of your chin.

Using your thumbs as visual targets,

allow your eyes to dart from one to the other

while your head remains still.

Ensuring the target is always clearly visible.

Activating this system ahead of a fast run

leads to improved posture and speed.

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