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Good morning!

Today I and Dominik are discovering the western fjords.

For now we are in Reykjavik, but we will get there today, right Dominik?

Somewhere in 5 hours.

In 5 hours. I'm okay with that.

To the destination where we will be sleeping.

Although we do not know where we will be sleeping.

In Iceland for sure.

In Iceland, ok. We've already made a road trip around Iceland.

We traveled around, but we missed the Westfjords and today we are making up for it, i.e. it will take us about 3 days, supposedly.

All hot springs.

We did not take this book (a guidebook*).

We did not take this book.

But you have this app.

I removed it.

Well, you will upload it again.

I have to tell you that it's warm here, and it's not normal.

It is warm? Eee, 13 degrees.

But where we're going, it's supposed to be snow and we want to sleep in a tent.

It will be interesting.

It's funny when you travel in Iceland that you have to have a swimsuit and a hat, a scarf, because you never know what's waiting for you, right?

And boots.

Yeah, boots. Good boots.

We're going to the crater (Grábrók*).

A small stop for homemade ice cream. It's very good. Dominik already has eaten all. This place is called Erpsstaðir.

Too warmly, we are relaxing outside (Guðrúnarlaug hot-tub*).

Maybe we will tan a little.

Cleaning the swimsuit. Good job!

Olafsdalur farm*

Such nice views.

And this is how we are sitting in a jacuzzi on one of the farms in the western fjords.

He inflated a toy for himself.


We are at another hot spring - Hellulaug.

It's hidden in the rocks, but pay attention what a beautiful view we have - straight to the ocean.

We can relax.

The end of the first day, we're going to sleep.

It is really cold, but I hope we won't freeze.


The second day. Were starting with the Hnjótur Museum. Lets see what is there.

Quite interesting, historical museum with a large collection, large sets.

We could also see the documentary film about volunteers from Iceland that rescued British crew in 1947.

And in front of the museum such specimens

We are on the Látrabjarg cliff. It is the highest cliff in Europe and the most western part of Europe. Beautiful.

Oh, that is a first puffin. It turned back on us. Oh, now you can see.

We're going to the Rauðasandur beach.

Look what's going on here.

The weather is terrible. It's raining all the time, but we're just on the red beach.

Another hot spring - Pollurinn. Quite nice, we are resting, and what is the view behind us, oh!

And this is my prop. ;)

joke* :P

And now another place - Hringsdalur. There are tombstones of pagans.

In 2006, human remains were found here. That's what it looks like now.

We are just in the museum of sea monsters and we are the first guests... this year.

I'm going to watch a movie.

We are leaving village Bíldudalur and the museum of sea monsters.

Honestly, nothing special, isnt?

Two rooms, many books, that's all looks nicely, these all sets, yeah but mainly you will find there stories about sea monsters.

Unfortunately such an interactive table wasn't also active.

With monsters.

Yes, with different stories. Today is the first day, so they haven't organized it yet, haven't repaired it. .

You can come, see, but its really nothing special

Its weather in mid-May.

Reykjafjarðarlaug pool*

We are at another hot spring on the Reykjafjörður peninsula.

Unfortunately the weather is so cold that Im not able to enter.

Its 15 may, Iceland, westfjords. Yeah, how are you? Also so nice and warm?;)

Yesterday we slept in a car.

And today we will sleep at home.

In some certainly.

We do not want then to be written about us in newspapers - two tourists from Poland managed to go on a trip without a happy end.

So cold.

It's -2°C.

A cyclist in front of us. Respect, really respect. The weather is terrible.

There is the Dynjandi waterfall behind me. 100 meters high. The highest waterfall ...

This is how Dynjandi looks close. It is not possible to get closer, but it is beautiful.

Sad, enslaved foxes.

Here seals are.

The place is called Hvítanes.



Unfortunately, we did not manage to see everything, so we are extending our trip. Today is the fourth day.

We're just in front of the seal museum in Hvammstangi. Well, let's see what's up there.

Dead seals. I am sorry to see that.

A lot of stuffed animals here. I do not like it. And you?

I like it.

Now we will get to know the story of one of the seals.

So sweet.

The museum already ticked off. I really like the ticketsa postcard.

This is really Interesting museum, a lot of information, I learned a lot about the seals.

I do not like stuffed animals and it was too much for me, but oh, well ... we're going on.

We're just in the Kidka wool factory. It is popular here in Iceland.

If you are here in the area, it is worth going to one of the observation points.

There are really great views, you can see seals, there are special binoculars.

We are not going to do this today because we did it last time during our trip around Iceland.

And now it's time for some hot spring.

Another hot spring - Drangsnes. Behind me is the ocean, and here is the street. And here Dominik, but it's not that interesting. ;)

I chose the middle pool. Moderate temperature is the best for me.

This one is cold and Dominik warms up in the warmest.

It's nice here.

We are in the Krossneslaug geothermal swimming pool and we are playing "Baywatch" here. ;)

But I have to tell you that it is not so warm here.

It is warm.

It's deep here.

It's not "Baywatch" but "Jaws". ;)

You can believe it or not, but it's already 23 o'clock.

We are going to the next secret hot spring. As you can see, it is not easy.

We have just reached the Hákarlavogur spring and it was not easy.

It is a secret spring, very well hidden, so we got a bit tired, but for such relaxation it was worth it.

Djúpavík village and around 50 inhabitants.

Another hot spring Gvendarlaug. Very nice, small, but warm.

It is easy to get to it, it is located next to the Laugarhóll hotel.

And that's it. And a big pool behind me, so I'm going to swim now.

A moment ago it was sunny and we returned to the Icelandic reality again.

It's time to finish our journey through the western fjords,

but we will definitely return there because we both fell in love with this region of Iceland.

It's the most beautiful, I really think it's the most beautiful.

We visited many places, we discovered many hot springs.

I know, however, that not all, so we will definitely be back sooner or later.

I hope you liked it. Maybe it will inspire you to create your own travel plan.

Discover, travel and see you!

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