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Alina Dadelus

The Wife's secret

Episode 09

Aunt Ding, make it clean


Why do you act like that?

Don't you see me here?

Or you just pretend you didn't see me

I'm going to see Lily

For what?

She is gone

Where did she go?

Why should I now?

I'm not watching her

Besides, she wants to leave

I don't see there's need to see her off

And prepare everything for her

Mom, you get her wrong

She knew nothing about Jiangs' debt

Just like you and me

She is lying

It's 50million!

How could she not knew that?

She dug a big hole for us

And watching us to jump in

Do you understand?

Lily won't do that?

Why won't she?

Why you want her back?

Everyone is working hard for our company

But now it's too late

Caocao sorry

I'm really sorry

Lily, don't blame yourself

No one see it coming, okay?

We two company just merged

Then the big debt came

Aunt Liu insists that I hide it from her

Why would you even care what did that witch say

Just pretend she farted, okay?

Lily, take it. He will keep calling

Minglang wants me back

So you have decided to hide from him like forever?

As long as he is fine

As long as I know where did he go

Know that I'm not his burden

That's enough

But if he can't find you

He will be worried

He will want to know if you're fine

Lily, listen to me

Go and be with him

Right, you do have a terrible mother-in-law

But Minglang, he loves you


Lily is not happy, and she is ignoring me

What should I do?

President Li

Give me the food

Let me do my job

Give it to me

I don't see I will have a another chance to be with Breeze

This might be the last time to feed him

President Li

You decide to leave him, really?

I have already sold this horse farm

The new owner will come in days

President Li, you...


You've been working hard

Go back to your job



Why you sold it?

Lily, you finally showed up

I've been looking for you

I'm so worried

Why did you sell the horse farm

What about Breeze

Tell me

Are you gonna sell Breeze as well?

Minglang, have you forgotten?

He is with us since we were young

He've brought us so much happiness

How can you do that

Lily, I didn't forget that

I don't want to let Breeze go

But we have no choice but to sale it to reduce the debt

I know you did this for me

But Breeze is our friend

How can I watch you to leave your friend?

I can't

I really can't

Minglang, what should I do

Okay, I know, Lily

I can't give my life for you

Let alone it's just a horse farm

For you, there's nothing I can't do

We are together, not just now and tomorrow

It's forever

I believe as long as we're together

One day, we will have Breeze with us again



It's late, she didn't go to sleep

It's late, why do you even come back?

Mom, what are you talking about

It's my home

If not here, where should I go?

It's late.

If you have something to say, leave it for tomorrow

Let's go upstairs

It's so late

Who allow you to take this jinx back home?

Fine, Lily, let's go


I didn't hide the debt from you on purpose

Don't worry

I know what should I do

We won't be Lis' burden

Minlang, I will go first

I'll come and see you tomorrow

Lily, I will go wherever you go

Li Minglang


Do whatever you want

Whatever you want.okay?

Lily, go up first


Don't cry

My bad

I am wrong

Don't cry

Minglang, you should know

I'm not doing this against you on purpose

I just can't watch you

jump into Jiang Lily's trap

Do you understand?

Lily is also a victim

She feels worse than us

I need to help her and find this out

Then what?

You still need to pay them 50million

Think about it

You can't ruin our family for Jiang Lily

There're lots of good girls

Give up on this Jiang Lily

There're thousands of Jiang Lily out there

Why you just can't listen to me

Insisting hanging yourself on this single tree?

Mom, it's not what you think

Our relationship between Lily and I are serious

I know you two are serious

But you can't give up your family for your relationship

Do you want to see Jiangs down with Lis?

Mom, calm down

Give me some confidence

Give me some time

I will take care of this

Believe me


I have no confidence

And I don't have time for you

You know what, my son

Lis is in danger now

It's like we're on the cliff

Jiang Lily could push us down any minute


Maybe tomorrow, do you understand?

Although I'm not a judge

But I can tell you, she is a devil

She is a jinx, she is a trouble

Mom enough

Lily,don't be afraid

I will stand by your side forever

They came

President Li, President Li

President Li, please tell us

President Li, can you tell us

What are you gonna do with the huge compensation

Don't push, don't push

Step back

Vice president Li, will your conpamy pay that?

About this compensation

We are still in negotiation

Thank you for your concern

What are you gonna do about this?

We will keep you in the loop

Please, excuse me

Don't push

Vice president Li, Vice president Li

Okay, okay, don't push

Okay, stop

Step back


Inform everyone

Without my word

Don't say anything to the media

Dad, you want to see me

Li Tian

Go and find out where do they get the news?


Li Tian

It's neither some social news

Nor some entertainment news

I don't know what to write

I think maybe you got it wrong?

Next time, don't call me if it's just this kind of errands


Are they really journalists?

Are they here for the news?

Looks like they are just came for making troubles

Madam, your snack

Aunt, your tea

What happened?

Wealthy son repay millions debt for his girlfriend

Who is so stupid?

It's a love story of a poor princess

and her Mr. Charming

Wealthy son....

Not only pay millions for his girl

and also buy a fancy house for his beauty

to hide her in

No, Aunt, I mean

It's ridiculous

Let me tell you

This kind of newspaper

Is not clean enough for waping food

Jiang Lily

You bitch

You dig a whole

And watching Lis jump into it

You bitch, jinx


Why I'm so stupid

And meet such a trouble maker

Kill me instantly


Come back home now

You devil

Don't ask

- Aunt is furious - It's killing me

- Get the hell out - You'll know

Get out

Garment processing foundry contract

What was your dad thinking

Is there any problem

This contract is valid

I can't find any flaw

But there's one thing I can't understand

It's one to five

It's not your dad's style

Why would he take this risk?

I think if the warehouse were not burnt

This order should be no problem

That's why I am confused

Look, it's obvious that your dad thought

He can complete this order

And they also give a high purchase price

So he is willing to take this one to five

But in fact,

It's all under their control from the first place

So do you think

This contract has some plot?

I can't say for sure

But I hope you can find this President Qin

Make some contact with him

Maybe you can find out the truth

And you need to remember

Each delay of that compensate

You need to pay them a high interest

Okay, thank you

I will find a way to raise some money

You dare to bully people just because you got money


Me, Zhao Qiansun will make you be reasonable

Are you blind?

Wait a second

You bumped into me without apologize

What do you want?

Wait, I know you

My aunt

What aunt?

My aunt, Aunt Hong

Aunt Hong?

I'm her nephew

I'm Zhao Qiansun

It's such a chaos

They are all working here?

What happened?

Listen to me, aunt is very furious

I can only wish you luck


Today is the delivery day

We are all very busy, please understand

Delivery day

Open the newspaper, see for yourself

Lily and I will find a way to pay that 50million


Find you way then

Since you won't listen to me

I'm a patient

I'll leave it to you two

I see it now

You will walk to the end with Lily

I'll go and spent some days

with your aunt in Hongkong

Ning Xia

It's so late. Why are you still here?

I came to work overtime with you

Work overtime with me?

No need, go home


It's late

No one will come

Stop acting like that

What are you talking about?

Don't you love me?

Why you keep acting with Jiang Lily?

Do you know

It make me hurt to see you like this?

I love you? Keep acting?

What the hell are you talking about?

I don't know what make you like this

Where is that innocent Ning Xia I know?


My innocent is long gone

Because you're so cruel

Ning Xia, that's it

Leave here, find a new job

This is not for you

You're forcing me to leave?


I don't want to explain

If you keep doing that

It will only make things more complex

Stop now

Am I annoying you?

What do you think I am

Some kind of snack?

That you can just throw away?

Enough, I heard enough

When are you gonna stop talking to yourself

Please stop pushing me

to see my bottom line with you

Leave here, right away


Right, men are the same

So are you


Let me tell you

I will never leave you

One day, you will regret of this

What a pity it's not you

Who is still with me in the end

Why you guys don't sing?

I can't sing it well

Come on, come on

No thank you

Fine, cut

Let's drink

You should sing

I miss you

Miss you

Miss you so much

Love is a real torture

Secretary Ning

Who hurt you feeling?

Is that President Li?


Why would I

My heart is already broken


Let me drink

You will drink to death

Give me


Give me the wine

It's good to be dead

So I won't feel the pain

Tell me, who is that man

I will make him pay


He left me for a new girl

But you know what

The company is breaking down

because of Jiang Lily

Is she worthy?

Open the door

Coming - open it

Ning Xia, what happened?

Be careful

Ning Xia, are you drunk?

Why did you drink so much

You have asthma

What? Let it come

If I have an asthma

Minglang will come and save me

You fool

Ning Xia

What are you doing?


I want to check your cross scar


I have a scare in my heart

Do you want to see that?

Ning Xia, let me see it closely, okay?

Otherwise, I can't be sure

If you are really my daughter or not

I can't let it go

You want to see that?

My body is not something

That you can see just because you want

Li Minglang, let me tell you

I love you

But it don't mean you can bully me

I am already yours

Why do you deny it?

You think I'm an idoit? A fool?

Ning Xia, Ning Xia, you okay?

You will never see it


Why you don't want me

Why you don't want me


What are you doing?

Daughter, is that hurt?

You think people who got a scar

are all your daughter?

Don't flatter yourself

You are really my daughter

I'm your daughter?

You should pretend your daughters are dead

When you decide to throw them away

No, no

An orphan's life

Will always be a tragedy

I know

Tragedy, do you understand? Understand?

Mom know

I'm not your daughter, leave

You're really my daughter

I'm not your daughter

Look, your scar

I'm not. I'm not

Daughter, listen to me

You're my daughter

Li Minglang

Do you know

In my heart, it's all you, always

But what about you

Have you even cared about me?

Have you?

She is born rich

They spoiled her when she were young

What about me

I have nothing



Minglang is still in bed?

Aunt, Minglang worked overtime last night

He didn't come back

All night?

So much pressure

It pained me to hear this

I have no appetite now

Lily, your aunt doesn't want to eat

Let her be

Go on and eat your breakfast

Uncle, I'm full

Please continue

I want to cook some breakfast for Minglang

No need, let me do it

Dahua, Lily missed Minglang, okay?

I will send Lily there

No need

I'll drive to the company,

Lily can go with me

No need, I can do that

Unless Lily doesn't feel in my car

Then you can pass

Li Tian. What are you talking about

It's okay, elder brother

Thank you then

I'll leave first and prepare his breakfast

I'm full too. Enjoy


What is Li Tian doing lately?

Who is he making contact with?

Nothing special

Just like usual

- It's here? - It's here

Nice house

Where's my money

I'm asking you

Why are you here?


Today is the delivery day

You guys don't have goods for us

Then compensation will do



I should call you president Jiang

My worker is waiting for their salary

If you don't give us

We will come and eat here

Who is there?

Who ask you to come and eat here

Did I invite you?

why you're talking like that?

smells worse than your feet

This must be president Li's wife

Since you're all here

Hurry and give me my 50million


Who owed you 50million?

Don't act like a jerk here

Dahua, call the police

Call the police

Here, use my phone

President Qin

It's just between Jiangs and you

Lis have nothing to do with it

Please leave

I will pay you the money according to the contract

You hear that?

Trouble maker owe you

Go and talk with her

Don't come to us

If you don't leave

You will have nothing


Okay, Jiang Lily

I will wait for you in your company

Let's go


Here, try it

I made it myself

See if you like it

It seems very nice

I haven't had breakfast

Do you like it?


Look at you

So can I have this every morning?

I'll think about it

I think there's thing

We should not wait anymore


Let's go and get our marriage license


Today, okay?

I'm here for the material

Leave it here

Anything else

I have something need to report to president Li

Say it

You continue your work

I'll wait you at home

Say it

Zhuang Qi and other director are discussing

about that 50million

I think you should go to the meeting room

Business is like a war

We can't let emotion control us

I think president Li is falling because of his love affair

Our company now has to pay 50million

Just because of a woman

It's too much

Besides, the company is not all Lis'

Why we should pay that for her?

Just on time

I was going to see you

Since our stock holders are here

I want to make it clear

Say it

As a stock owner

I was against the merge at the first

Our company is just doing fine

Why should we merge with Jiangs

That merge wit Jiangs

Is under the vote from all the directors

What right do you have to question that?


Since we've already merged

I will call it a pass

But about that 50million compensation

I'm definitely disagree with that

I believe none of the stock owners here

is willing to take that debt

I can understand you guys

But don't worry about it

About this compensation

Lis will pay it little by little

You won't be affected

That's easy to say

You are in charge

If you do something behind our behind

How can we find out

You have my promise

About this compensation

I will use not a single penny of our company

President Li is so man

You're willing to pay so much

Just for a girl

Presideng Zhuang

Your dad and my dad created this company together

He is also one of our old generation

And he leave his stock to you

That makes you one of us

Please behave yourself

Behave myself?


You are the newbie here

Why should I respect you?

I just understand

Why president Li make you in charge

I' m worried for the company's future

Maybe it's time for me to think about my future

If you want to leave

No one will stop you

You guys heard of that?

Li Minglang wants me to leave now

That's how Lis treat us stock owners?

Right, it hurts

Don't forget. If I go

They will go with me

All of my men will go with me

When that happended

Don't say I didn't tell you first

And one more thing to say

Once I go

Our company will be over instantly

We can always find an employee

If you really want to leave

Do as you wish

Uncle Li

Did you got a big fish today?

I'm fishing, it's not for the fish

So it's just waste of time

It's one thing

But different people want different outcome


So can you put yourself in our shoe?

Our company has gone this far

Is all because of you

But our stock holders also have worked hard for this

50million is not a little number

You can't just take it

Our company can't bear this kind of thing


My father also worked hard for our company

Although he is gone

But he give it to me

I'm not ignoring your decision

But we should discuss about it

You should also think for us

What do you think

You're right

So let's discuss about it


Let's leave the Jiangs' compensation first

I think you've grown more conservative now

That's not a problem

But we shouldn't follow the market blindly

Seeing from the size of our company

and our developing direction

we should be leading the market

Set a long term goal

We shouldn't be just confined to the Zhijiang's market

Mr. Zhuang

I have also thought about this

But our company is in its transition period

And I'm going to retire myself

Let young people take in charge

I hope you can go through all of those difficulties

It's not easy to make business

It needs your experience

But you don't it

Your are our seniors

You should let us youth have more chance to make decisions

Tell me

What kind of chance are you expecting?

In your agency's experience

My house is quite good right?

Of course, it's worthy of the name of villa


Sister, be honest

This is a nice villa

But you shouldn't sell it so soon

A nice house needs to wait for a right opportunity

Normal people can't afford a fancy house

People who want house for sell

Is going for those rough house

The nouveau are looking for the new houses

With such a short time

I'm afraid you can't get a good price

But I need money now

So if I sell this two villa

How much can I get?

25million, at most


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