Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ABA Film 25 - Using "to have" in affirmative in English

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You have a lovely house, Julia.

Thank you, Helen. I'm like my mother. We're "home-lovers".

And you have a very nice garden with a big swimming-pool!

Yes, I love flowers and green grass.

I also like to swim because it's good for my health.

For the moment, we only have a flat with a TV,

but we plan to buy a house.

Does your husband have a good job now?

Yes, he does.

At last George has a very interesting business and he earns a lot of money.

What kind of business does he have?

He manufactures fruit-machines for casinos and bars in the town.

Is it his own business?

Yes. He invents all the games and designs the machines.

He has a lot of talent.

And is it a good business?

The business isn't bad,

but we make a lot of money because I play on all the machines he sells.

I know all the tricks, so I always win.

Oh, that's clever!

No, it's simple. He's the salesman and I'm the gambler.

Oh, what a good combination!

Yes, it's perfect, but don't tell anybody.

Don't worry, I won't.

We will soon be able to buy a house like yours.

We'll invite you for dinner.

Great! I look forward to it.

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